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Important KVS Interview Questions & Answers PDF for TGT PGT and PRT Post

The KVS interview for the PGT/TGT/PRT post is an integral part of the KVS recruitment process. The candidates who are able to secure the cut-off marks in their write test become eligible for KVS interviews. The candidates are required to present themselves in a positive way to create a good impression on their interviewers.

The interview will evaluate candidates on the basis of their knowledge and understanding of the subjects they are required to teach as well as their understanding of teaching methods and their individual teaching skills. Thus, it is very important for the candidates to prepare themselves properly for the KVS interview. In this article, the candidates will find various tips for interview preparation and commonly asked questions in the interview. Candidates can follow the tips and tricks about KVS teacher interview related questions.

KVS Recruitment 2022

KVS Selection Process

The candidates who apply for the KVS recruitment process will have to appear for the written exam following an interview. The candidates appearing for the PRT/TGT/PGT exam will have to answer 150 objective-type Multiple-choice questions in 150 minutes for the written test. The candidates will have to secure the minimum cut-off marks published by the KVS after the exams are over. Based on the marks obtained in the KVS written exam the candidates will be able to apply for the PRT/TGT/PGT posts respectively in their local or nearby KVS schools.

There they will have to give an interview taken by a panel of interviewers. Various questions will be asked in the interview session related to their educational qualifications, professional experience, teaching approach and skills, the subject concerned and so on. The interview session carries 100 marks. The candidates will to be prepared for the interview properly to be able to crack it successfully.

In the selection process, 80% weightage is given to the written exam and 20% weightage is given to the interview session. Thus, the marks obtained in the written exam and interview will have an 80:20 ratio of weightage, which eventually will be reflected in your final score.

KVS Vacancy 2022

KVS Interview Process

As mentioned above, the interview process will carry 100 marks. The candidates will have to appear in front of an interviewer panel. The objective of the interview session is to determine the understanding and knowledge of the candidate in-depth in general and their teaching skills. The candidates will be asked a variety of questions on their educational qualifications, the subjects they have in your

KVS Interview questions and answers  for PRT/TGT/PGT

Some of the Commonly Asked Questions asked for the PRT/TGT/PGT post in KVS Interviews are:

Following are some of the most important questions asked in the interview session for KVS recruitment. The candidates must prepare for such questions beforehand properly. During the interview session, the candidates should sound and look confident. To make the best first impression, candidates should look and sound sure of what they are replying. This can only be achieved through practice. If the candidates prepare a proper answer to all these questions mentioned below then they will be prepared to answer the questions asked by the interviewer confidently. Some of the most important and repeated questions asked in KVS interviews are:

  1. Tell us something about yourself?
    • Prepare a comprehensive introduction that starts with your name, family background, city you belong, your date of birth, educational background, professional experience (if any). Talk about the subjects you are passionate about. Mention your hobbies as well.
  2. What is your SWOT?
    • Full form of SWOT is Strength, weakness, Opportunity and Threat. You should mainly focus on your strengths. It can be your affection for kids, passion for teaching, punctuality, hard work, positive approach, and so on. When it comes to weakness, you have to be very carefully weigh your options.
    • Make sure these weaknesses are not directly contradicting your professional capabilities or responsibility. So, your weakness can be your lack of teaching experience or maybe a not knowing a local which can be easily substituted with English or Hindi.
  3. Why do you want to join the Teaching Profession?
    • Try to given your point of view about teaching and teaching method. You can mention what was the driving force for you to become a teacher. Moreover, mention how teachers can influence future generations and how you wish to do the same. One of the most significant ways to contribute in Nation Building is to teach and nurture the children.
  4. Explain the responsibilities of a teacher
    • Providing quality education to children. Helping them understand the basic concepts of what is taught in the class in detail.
    • Prepare study material to teach in classroom in alignment with the syllabus and curriculum.
    • Evaluate and Grade the performance of the students.
  5. Describe a difficult work situation how you overcame it?
  6. What is your teaching philosophy?
  7.  How do you evaluate students?
  8.  How would you prepare your classroom if it was the first day of school?
  9. How do you prepare your lesson plan and what do you include?
  10. How do you handle classroom discipline?
  11. If a student in your class has a serious behavior problem, how will you manage it?
  12. What is your approach towards interaction with parents?
  13.  How would you deal with an angry parent?
  14. What do you consider unique about your teaching?
  15. How you will maintain discipline in your class?
  16. How will you manage a lazy student?
  17. Do you have knowledge of computers?
  18. Explain what will be your approach when a lesson does not work well?
  19. Why did you decide to become a teacher?
  20. Why do you want to teach at this school?
  21. What can you bring to our school that makes you unique?
  22. What frustrates you the most in the classroom?
  23. Explain what will be your approach when a lesson does not work well?
  24. Explain the duties of a teacher?
  25. How will you prepare students for standardized examinations?
  26. How do you evaluate students?
  27. Why did you choose to become a teacher?
  28. What are your strengths as a teacher?
  29. What is your fav subject and why?
  30. Which class would you like to teach and why?

Preparation tips for KVS Interview

Candidates should keep these below-mentioned pointers in mind to be able to prepare for their KVS interview. The candidates should behave with decorum and dignity. Mugging up answers will not help if your personality is not conducive to the interviewer.

KVS Eligibility Criteria

Dress Appropriately

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. Thus, it is of paramount importance to dress appropriately for the occasion. A formal shirt with formal trouser (tie is optional) is the best option for male candidates. As for female candidates, formal shirt and trousers are good. If they are not a comfortable shirt and trouser then the simple cotton suit will suffice in the occasion.

Punctuality is Essential

Candidates must reach their interview centre way before the scheduled time. This will allow them some time to relax and compose themselves. This will boost their confidence and help them create a good impression on their interviewer.

KVS Syllabus 2022

Be Confident

Confidence is the key to success in any interview. The candidates must look and behave confident through their facial expressions and body language. Even the candidates are jittery they need to adapt some techniques to conceal their nervousness and anxiety.

Be Prepared

The candidates must be prepared to answer some commonly asked questions such as tell us something about yourself. These questions are asked widely in any interview across the world. Similarly, there are many questions asked typically in the KVS interview and the candidates must be aware of these questions. Some of the commonly asked questions are mentioned in the article. Candidates must prepare a properly structured answer for each of them.

No-one Can know Everything

It’s ok if you don’t know the answer to a particular question. Don’t show away from you nervousness. Rather confidently tell the interviewers that you are unable to recall the answer to this question and add that you will definitely read about it later. This shows your positive outlook and confidence.

Keep your facts ready

Make sure you are prepared to answer all the questions that might come up from your resume. The interviewer can ask questions about your educational qualification, professional experience, or your hometown. You should know what your hometown is famous for or the basic history of your hometown. These questions are not part of any syllabus but it is very important to be able to answer such questions in an interview.

KVS Exam 2022
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