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KVS Selection Process For TGT PGT PRT and Principal Posts

KVS Selection Process: The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) had issued a recruitment notification, advertising a total of 13,404 job openings for the positions of PRT, TGT, and PGT. The KVS examination, encompassing both teaching and non-teaching positions, took place nationwide on March 11th, 2023.  The selection procedure for PRT, TGT, and PGT roles has been updated and will now comprise three distinct stages. These stages include a written examination, a practical demonstration of teaching skills, and a final interview.

KVS Result  2023

KVS Selection Process for PRT TGT PGT Posts

KVS Selection Process for PRT TGT PGT Posts will be defined by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. The revised selection process for KVS Teaching posts has been done in 3 steps i.e. written test, demo teaching and interview.

Candidates who are preparing for KVS Teaching Exam may clear the Written test first then he/she is eligible to appear for the interview round. The weightage of written tests, demo teaching and interviews will be 70 : 30 for the post of PGT, TGT & PRT. The detailed KVS selection process for the Teaching Posts is given below.

The KVS final merit list will be prepared on the basis of written exam scores and demo teaching, and interview marks. The details has been given below:

  • Written Exam – 70%
  • Demo Teaching – 15%
  • Interview – 15%

KVS Selection Process Written Exam

The KVS Selection process will start from the written exam for PRT TGT PGT Posts. KVS Written exam will be held for 180 marks for 180 questions and will be done in 180 minutes. KVS has released a revised examination pattern and syllabus for all teaching and non-teaching recruitment examinations. KVS written exam has 70 % weightage in the merit list.

KVS Selection Process Demo Teaching

The Demo Teaching is 2nd round in the KVS Selection process for all teaching and no teaching posts. The candidate who will qualify test exam will be called for demo teaching under KVS Selection Process. Demo Teaching is an activity performed by the interviewee in front of the interview committee to assess your teaching abilities and skills. The interviewer will judge the candidate’s teaching process and interaction with them. Demo Teaching will have 30 marks for 15 % weightage in the merit list.

KVS Selection Process Interview 2023

The KVS recruitment process is divided into 70:30. In the KVS recruitment, 70% weightage to a written exam, 15% weightage is to demo teaching and 15% weightage of Interviews. The interview is of a total of 30 marks which will cover the candidate’s performance in the interview. Candidates need to know that the KVS Interview Questions for TGT PGT and PRT play a significant role in the final selection process. The final merit list will be prepared after the interview process is over.
The final merit list for the KVS selection process is prepared on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the written exam, demo teaching session, and interview.

KVS Cut-Off Marks

Here you can see the category-wise KVS cut-off 2018 which will give you an idea of the overall difficulty level of the KVS exams. Category wise cut off marks of selected candidates to the posts of PGTs, TGTs, PRT & PRT(Music)

S.No. Post/Subject UR OBC SC ST OH VH
1. PGT – English 66.742 58.379 63.803 57.374 62.591
2. PGT – Hindi 71.247 65.33 63.986 60.559 64.309 61.059
3. PGT – Physics 61.64 59.688 48.147 45.901
4. PGT – Chemistry 72.019 68.968 64.865 53.006
5. PGT – Economics 64.225 59.978 60.119 53.845 50.393
6. PGT – Commerce 61.455 55.402 48.704 49.859 56.526
7. PGT – Maths 70.23 61.76 61.709 51.852 66.474
8. PGT – Biology 74.184 69.566 67.73 65.041
9. PGT – History 66.313 61.775 63.912 59.591
10. PGT – Geography 70.362 64.725 62.865 62.523
11. PGT – Computer Sc. 71.714 62.588 62.021 57.887
12. TGT – English 67.917 58.588 61.369 56.697 58.354
13. TGT – Hindi 65.995 60.104 56.369 59.634 64.056
14. TGT – Social Studies 66.682 60.354 56.932 57.541 62.682 58.384
15. TGT – Science 68.573 65.573 61.947 61.556
16. TGT – Sanskrit 64.291 56.291 53.806 54.821 57.9 54.15
17. TGT – Maths 70.823 66.588 60.417 60.963 63.119
18. TGT – P & HE 68.132 58.673 60.496 57.058
19. TGT – AE 70.726 60.59 64.736 54.611 56.746
20. TGT – WE 69.435 63.122 58.819 54.475 58.329 67.819
21. Primary Teacher 71.547 65.258 65.406 59.124 64.688 54.522
22. PRT (Music) 70.474 58.202 60.76 41.745 46.327


Tips for the KVS Demo teaching session:

The demo teaching session is an important part of the KVS selection process. Here are some tips on how to perform well in the demo teaching session:

  • Choose a topic that you are confident in: Choose a topic for your demo teaching session that you are confident in and that you can teach effectively.
  • Prepare a lesson plan: Prepare a detailed lesson plan for your demo teaching session. The lesson plan should include the learning objectives, activities, and assessment methods.
  • Practice your lesson: Practice your demo teaching session thoroughly before the day of the exam. This will help you deliver your lesson smoothly and confidently.
  • Be interactive: Engage with the students during your demo teaching session. Ask them questions and encourage them to participate.
  • Be enthusiastic: Show your enthusiasm for teaching during your demo teaching session. This will help you make a good impression on the judges.

Preparation Tips for KVS Interview

1. Dress up yourself properly – The first impression is the last impression. Your body language plays a significant role during the interview. Dressing is the most important part of the interview because it reflects your personality.

  • For Males – A shirt and Trousers with a Tie (optional) will be the best way to present yourself.
  • For Females – A female can go with a saree and suits salwar which will give a good impression to the panel

2. Be Punctual – Reach your interview centre before the given time so that you can relax and avoid rushing until the last minute. It will also boost your confidence & give a positive outlook to the interviewee.

3. Be Confident – Confidence is the key to cracking or handling any situation. Confidence in your personality shows by your gestures and your facial expressions. Do not show that you are nervous.

4 Learn To Accept- “NO”-It is possible that you may not know the answer to a few questions. So don’t be nervous about it. You can make a smart move or accept that you don’t recall the answer at that time or you don’t know the answer but you will definitely read about it.

5. Revise Commonly Asked Questions: Always pay attention to the questions that an interviewer mostly asked in all interviews. Instead of giving the same replies make your own answer, as it will be more impressive for him/her. Giving your answers with confidence is the main element of the situation.

6. Prepare yourself to give the answer about your home town, and be prepared for the question which might be asked by the interviewer about your native place like “What is your hometown famous for?” or “Name the famous personality who hails from the city you belong to? As well there might be some possibility that they may ask questions related to where you want to join and tell me about your preference.

7. Just Be Yourself – Lastly, the most important tip is that ‘Just Be Yourself’. Do not try to copy another person.

All the best aspirants. You have made this journey so far, just one step more and your dream job is just there. Keep practising with Adda247.

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Is there any negative marking in the KVS teaching exam?

As per the official notification released by the KVS, there will be no negative marking in the exam.

Is the KVS exam conducted online or offline?

The KVS exam is conducted in online mode.

What will be the selection process of KVS PGT/TGT/PRT 2023?

The selection process for KVS 2023 consists of three phases for all teaching posts :

Written examination
Demo Teaching

Is CTET necessary for KVS?

CTET is not mandatory for the PGTs posts but CTET Paper-2 is required for the TGTs posts and CTET Paper 1 for PRT posts.

Is there any Interview Session Included in KVS Selection Process 2023?

Yes, Interview Session is an integral part of the KVS Selection process 2023.

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