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UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024, Download PDF

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024: The UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus encompasses the historical evolution and significance of the Manipuri language, along with its linguistic attributes. Candidates who have studied Manipuri at the school level or degree-level, or possess proficiency in the language, are eligible to choose Manipuri as their optional subject.

This article aims to furnish an elaborate syllabus for Manipuri literature. Moreover, we will explore effective strategies and recommend the best books to efficiently cover the syllabus. Furthermore, a direct link to download the IAS Manipuri literature syllabus PDF has been included for easy access.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024- Overview

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024: The optional subject includes two papers, Paper I and Paper II. Those with a background in Manipuri education or those who consider it their native language are encouraged to choose this subject. It is essential to note that all answers in the Civil Services Examination must be written in Manipuri. Within the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus, candidates will encounter essential literary works from ancient, medieval, and modern periods. Aspirants who have selected this optional subject should thoroughly review the syllabus and devise an effective plan to cover the topics comprehensively.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 Overview
Name of Conducting Body Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Mode Of Exam paper pen (offline mode) based examination
Name of Exam Manipuri Literature
Manipuri Literature Optional Subject Paper I & II
Total Marks 250 Marks for Each (Paper I & II)
Total Time 3 Hours Each
Official Website upsc.gov.in

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus: It is essential for aspirants to thoroughly analyze the syllabus of Manipuri Literature, an optional subject for IAS Mains. Manipuri boasts a long and vibrant literary history. The Manipuri literature optional carries a total of 500 marks, distributed evenly between two papers, each worth 250 marks, in UPSC Mains.

In addition to presenting the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus, we have outlined an effective strategy to optimize your time and achieve successful outcomes in the Manipuri optional paper. This strategy aims to maximize your preparation and yield fruitful results in the examination.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 For Optional Paper I

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus: The first paper of the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus covers the following topics mentioned below in the table.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 Optional Paper I (Answers must be written in Manipuri)
Section Topics
Section-A Language:

  • General characteristics of Manipuri Language and history of its development; importance and status among the Tibeto-Burman Languages of North-East India; recent development in the study of Manipuri Language; evolution and study of old Manipuri script.
  • Significant features of the Manipuri Language:
  1. Phonology: Phoneme vowels, consonants juncture, tone, consonant cluster and its occurrence, syllable-its structure, pattern, and types.
  2. Morphology: World class, root, and its types; affix and its types; grammatical categories-gender, number, person, case, tense and aspects, process of compounding (samas and sandhi).
  3. Syntax: Word order; types of sentences, phrases, and clause structures.
Section-B Literary History of Manipuri:

  • Early period (up to 17th Century)–Social and cultural background; Themes, diction, and style of the works.
  • Medieval period (18th and 19th Century)-Social, religious, and political background; Themes, diction, and style of the works.
  • Modern period-Growth of major literary forms; change of Themes, diction, and style.

Manipuri Folk Literature:

  • Legend, Folktale, Folksong, Ballad, Proverb and Riddle.

Aspects of Manipuri Culture:

  • Pre-Hindu Manipuri Faith; Advent of Hinduism and the process of syncretism;
  • Performing arts-Lai Haraoba, Maha Ras;
  • Indigenous games-Sagol Kangjei, Khong Kangjei, Kang.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 For Optional Paper II

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus: The Manipuri Literature Syllabus for UPSC Paper II is categorized into 2 parts. The detailed list of topics is provided in the table below for a detailed syllabus.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 Optional Paper II (Answers must be written in Manipuri)
Section Topics
Section-A Old Manipuri Literature:

  • O. Bhogeswar Singh (Ed.): Numit Kappa
  • M. Gourachandra Singh (Ed.): Thawanthaba Hiran
  • N. Khelchandra Singh (Ed.): Naothingkhong Phambal Kaba
  • M. Chandra Singh (Ed.): Panthoibi Khongul

Medieval Manipuri Literature:

  • M. Chandra Singh (Ed.): Samsok Ngamba
  • R.K. Snahal Singh (Ed.) : Ramayana Adi Kanda
  • N. Khelchandra Singh (Ed.) : Dhananjoy Laibu Ningba
  • O. Bhogeswar Singh (Ed.) : Chandrakirti Jila Changba
Section-B (Modern Manipuri Literature)

POETRY:  Manipuri Sheireng (Pub) Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, 1998 (Ed.)

  • Kh. Chaoba Singh : Pi Thadoi, Lamgi CheklaAmada, Loktak
  • Dr. L. Kamal Singh : Nirjanata, Nirab Rajani
  • A. Minaketan Singh: Kamal Da, Nonggumlalk Khoda.
  • L. Samarendra Singh: Ingagi Nong, Mamang Leikai Thambal Satle
  • E. Nilakanta Singh: Manipur, Lamangnaba
  • Shri Biren : Tangkhul Hui
  • Th. Ibopishak : Anouba Thunglaba Jiba.

Kanchi Shearing. (Pub) Manipur University 1998 (Ed.)

  • Dr. L. Kamal Singh : Biswa Prem
  • Shri Biren: Chaphadraba Laigi Yen
  • Th. Ibopishak: Norok Patal Prithivi

  • A.DorendrajitSingh:KansaBodha
  • H. Anganghal Singh : Khamba-Thoibi Sheireng(San-Senba, Lei Langba,Shamu Khonggi Bichar)

  • S. Lalit Singh : Areppa Marup
  • G.C. Tongbra : Matric Pass
  • A. Samarendra : Judge Saheb ki Imung

  • Dr. L. Kamal Singh : Madhabi
  • H. Anganghal Singh : Jahera
  • H. Guno Singh : Laman
  • Pacha Meetei : Imphal Amasung, MagiIshing, Nungsitki Phibam
SHORT STORY Kanchi Warimacha (Pub) Manipur University 1997(Ed.)

  • R.K. Shitaljit Singh : Kamala Kamala
  • M.K. Binodini : Eigi Thahoudraba HeitupLalu
  • Kh. Prakash : Wanom Shareng

Parishadki Khangatlaba Warimacha (Pub) Manipuri Sahitya Parishad 1994 (Ed.)

  • S. Nilbir Shastri : Loukhatpa
  • R.K. Elangba : Karinunggi

Anouba Manipuri Warimacha (Pub) The Cultural Forum Manipur 1992 (Ed.)

  • N. Kunjamohon Singh : Ijat Tanba
  • E. Dinamani : Nongthak Khongnang
PROSE Warenggi Saklon [Due Part] (Pub) The Cultural Forum Manipur 1992 (Ed.)

  • Kh. Chaoba Singh : Khamba-Thoibigi WariAmasung Mahakavya

Kanchi Wareng (Pub) Manipur University, 1998 (Ed.)

  • B. Manisana Shastri : Phajaba
  • Ch. Manihar Singh : Lai-Haraoba

Apunba Wareng (Pub) Manipur University, 1986 (Ed.)

  • Ch. Pishak Singh : Samaj Amasung Sanskriti
  • M.K. Binodini: Thoibidu Warouhouida
  • Eric Newton: Kalagi Mahousa (translated by I.R. Babu)

Manipuri Wareng (Pub) The Cultural Forum Manipur 1999 (Ed.)

  • S. Krishnamohan Singh: Lan

UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam Pattern 2024

UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam Pattern: According to the table, the exam pattern of each paper of the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus is assigned 250 marks, a total of 500 marks. It is crucial for candidates to aim for a high score in order to significantly impact their overall performance in the UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam. Understanding the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus is the initial step towards excelling in this subject.

Candidates who have a background in Manipuri Literature during their graduation or master’s degree may find the UPSC Manipuri Literature Optional Syllabus relevant. The syllabus consists of two papers, namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. The time duration for both exams is 3 Hours.

UPSC Manipuri Literature 2024 Exam Pattern
Topic Marks Duration
UPSC Manipuri Literature Optional Syllabus Paper 1 250 3 Hours
UPSC Manipuri Literature Optional Syllabus Paper 2 250
Total Marks 500

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 Download PDF

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 PDF: Candidates who are appearing in the UPSC Manipuri mains Exam can download the UPSC Manipuri Syllabus PDF Here. Click on the link below to Download the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024.

Download PDF: UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024 PDF

Tips and Tricks for the Preparation of UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam 2024

UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam: Preparing for the UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam requires a focused and strategic approach. Here are some tips and tricks to help you in your preparation for the UPSC Manipuri Literature Exam in 2024:

  • Understand the Syllabus: Start by thoroughly understanding the UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus for 2024. Familiarize yourself with the topics, authors, and literary works included in the syllabus.
  • Read Manipuri Literature: Read a wide range of Manipuri literary works, including novels, poetry, essays, and plays. This will not only improve your language skills but also give you insights into the literary aspects of the language.
  • Take Notes: While studying, take concise notes of important literary concepts, themes, and notable points from the texts. These notes will serve as a quick revision guide later.
  • Analyze Literary Works: Practice analyzing the literary elements, writing styles, and themes present in various Manipuri texts. This will help you in answering analytical questions in the exam.
  • Solve Previous Year Papers: Practice solving previous years’ UPSC Manipuri Literature question papers to understand the exam pattern and gain familiarity with the type of questions asked.
  • Time Management: Develop effective time management skills. Allocate specific time slots for studying different topics and practice writing answers within the given time frame.

UPSC Manipuri Literature Syllabus 2024, Download PDF_3.1

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Will UPSC syllabus change in 2024?

The exam pattern, UPSC 2024 syllabus, and selection process are expected to be the same as in previous years. UPSC 2024 notification will be released on 14th February 2024 by the Commission on its official website, and the last date to apply online will be 05 March.

Which subjects are optional in UPSC literature?

List of literature optional subjects for UPSC:
Kashmiri and more.

Is UPSC syllabus change every year?

Usually, the UPSC does not change the syllabus for IAS Prelims and Mains examination every year. UPSC has not changed the syllabus since 2013. Before that, the pattern and syllabus of the UPSC exam were untouched for many years.

How to study literature for UPSC?

Preparation Tips for English Literature Optional in UPSC Exam
An inherent interest in literature is a must.
Covering the entire syllabus should be your primary focus.
It is advisable to read through the entire text at least once.
Begin with studying the texts, followed by the history of literature.

Is it compulsory to choose literature subject in UPSC?

Aspirants can opt for a literature subject as their optional for UPSC Mains even if they had not taken that language as their graduation subject. There will be two papers. Each paper is of 250 marks. The languages prescribed here are from the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution.

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