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UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 for IAS Mains, Download Topic Wise PDF

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024: As candidates gear up for the UPSC Mains exam, they must diligently study the UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus. Literature has gained popularity among aspirants due to the syllabus’s stable and unchanging nature. The UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus assesses candidates based on their language fluency and comprehension skills.

Dogri, a Northern Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, also finds speakers in certain areas of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. Thus, aspiring students must thoroughly go through the UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus while preparing for the exam.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 Overview

The UPSC has issued an official notification outlining the comprehensive UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern. Among the 28 optional language literature subjects available in the UPSC exam, Dogri holds a significant place. As a highly specialized subject, candidates who have studied Dogri in their school curriculum or are proficient speakers of the language can opt for it with ease.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 Overview
Name of Conducting Body Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
Mode Of Exam paper pen (offline mode) based examination
Name of Exam Dogri Literature
Dogri Literature Optional Subject Paper I & II
Total Marks 250 Marks for Each (Paper I & II)
Total Time 3 Hours Each
Language of Question Paper English and Hindi only
Official Website upsc.gov.in

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024: The UPSC offers a broad range of 48 subjects for candidates to choose as their Optional subjects. These subjects are divided into two papers, namely Paper I and Paper II. Similarly, the IAS Dogri Literature Syllabus is also bifurcated into two parts, each designed to assess your knowledge, retention, and comprehension of the language. It’s worth noting that the UPSC Dogri Optional paper is written in the Devanagari script.

Both Paper I and Paper II carry 250 marks each, summing up to a total of 500 marks for the optional subject in the UPSC Mains. The Optional subject holds significant importance, as scoring well in this section can significantly enhance your chances of selection in the UPSC examination.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 For Optional Paper I

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus: The first paper of the UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus covers topics including Dogri Language and Literature History. The complete syllabus for Paper I is provided in the table below.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 for Optional Paper I (Answers must be written in Dogri)
Section Topics
Dogri Language and Literature Dogri language: Origin and development through different stages
Linguistic boundaries of Dogri and its dialects.
Characteristic features of Dogri Language.
Structure of Dogri Language:

  • Sound Structure: Vowels and Consonants Non-segmental: Length, Stress, Nasalization, Tone, and Juncture.
  • Morphology of Dogri: (i) Inflection Categories: Gender, Number, Case, Person, Tense, and Voice. (ii) Word Formation; use of prefixes, infixes, and suffixes. (iii) Vocabulary: tatsam, tadbhav, foreign and regional.
  • Sentence Structure in Dogri syntax.
Dogri Language and Scripts
History of Dogri Language and Literature  A brief account of Pre-independence Dogri Literature: Poetry & Prose.
Development of modern Dogri Poetry and main trends in Dogri Poetry
Development of Dogri short-story, main trends, and prominent short-story writers
Development of Dogri Novel, main trends and contribution of Dogri Novelists
Development of Dogri Drama and contribution of prominent playwrights.
Development of Dogri Prose; Essays, Memoirs, and Travelogues
An introduction to Dogri Folk Literature—Folk songs, Folk tales 7 Ballads

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 For Optional Paper II

The UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 for optional Paper II is categorized into 2 parts. The detailed list of topics is in the table below for a detailed syllabus.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 for Optional Paper II (Answers must be written in Dogri)
Section Topics
Part A- Poetry Azadi Paihle Di Dogri Kavita- Devi Ditta, Lakkhu, Ganga Ram, Ramdhan, Hardutt, Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram & Permanand Almast
Azadi Bad Di Dogri Kavita (Modern Dogri Poetry)- Kishan Smailpuri, Tara Smailpuri, Mohan Lal Sapolia, Yash Sharma, K.S. Madhukar, Padma Sachdev, Jitendra Udhampuri, Charan Singh and Prakash Premi
Sheeraza Dogri Number 102, Ghazal Ank- Ram Lal Sharma, Ved Pal Deep, N.D. Jamwal, Shiv Ram Deep, Ashwini Magotra and Virendra Kesar
Sheeraza Dogri Number 147, Ghazal Ank- R.N. Shastri, Jitendra Udhampuri, Champa Sharma and Darshan Darshi
Ramayan (Epic)- Shambhu Nath Sharma (up to Ayodhya Kand)
Veer Gulab (Khand Kavya)- Dinoo Bhai Pant
Part B- Prose Ajakani Dogri Kahani- Madan Mohan Sharma, Narendra Khajuri and B.P. Sathe
Ajakani Dogri Kahani Part-II- Ved Rahi, Narsingh Dev Jamwal, Om Goswami, Chahttrapal, Lalit Magotra, Chaman Arora and Ratan Kesar.
Khatha Kunj Bhag II- Om Vidyarthi, Champa Sharma and Krishan Sharma.
Meel Patthar (collection of short stories)- Bandhu Sharma
Kaiddi (Novel)- Desh Bandhu Dogra Nutan.
Nanga Rukkh (Novel)- O.P. Sharma Sarathi
Nayaan (Drama)- Mohan Singh.
Satrang (A collection of one-act plays)- Vishwa Nath Khajuria, Ram Nath Shastri, Jitendra Sharma, Lalit Magotra, and Madan Mohan Sharma.
Dogri Lalit Nibandh- Vishwa Nath Khajuria, Narayan Mishra, Balkrishan Shastri, Shiv Nath, Shyam Lal Sharma, Lakshmi Narayan, D.C. Prashant, Ved Ghai, Kunwar Viyogi.

UPSC Dogri Literature Exam Pattern 2024

According to the table, the exam pattern of each paper of the UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus is assigned 250 marks, a total of 500 marks. Candidates must aim for a high score to significantly impact their overall performance in the UPSC Dogri Literature Exam. Understanding the UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus is the initial step towards excelling in this subject.

Candidates who have a background in Dogri Literature during their graduation or master’s degree may find the UPSC Dogri Literature Optional Syllabus relevant. The syllabus consists of two papers, namely Paper 1 and Paper 2. The time duration for both exams is 3 Hours.

Download: UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern PDF

UPSC Dogri Literature Exam Pattern
Topic Marks Duration
UPSC Dogri Literature Optional Syllabus Paper 1 250 3 Hours
UPSC Dogri Literature Optional Syllabus Paper 2 250
Total Marks 500

How to Prepare for UPSC Dogri Literature Exam?

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024: Conquering the UPSC Dogri Literature syllabus can be an intimidating task, presenting aspiring candidates with a significant challenge. Success hinges on employing effective strategies, as UPSC preparation demands consistency and exceptional execution. Consider the following key points while preparing for your UPSC mains:

  • Mastering Time Management: The UPSC Examination emphasizes time management as a crucial skill. Allocate sufficient time to each subject and topic to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Selecting the Right Study Material: Amidst the vast sea of information on the Internet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Choose appropriate books that cover the Dogri Literature Syllabus effectively.
  • Customizing Your Timetable: Tailor your study timetable according to your availability and capacity to stay focused. Avoid blindly following schedules set by toppers as they might not suit your individual needs.
  • Embrace the Power of Notes: Given the year-long preparation process, taking notes as you progress will help you retain and revise important topics from the initial stages.
  • Utilize Previous Year Question Papers: Preparing for UPSC is best accomplished by familiarizing yourself with previous years’ exam papers. This practice enhances your readiness to face the diverse questions that UPSC can present.

In essence, cracking the UPSC Dogri Literature syllabus requires disciplined time management, careful selection of study materials, customized planning, diligent note-taking, and a thorough analysis of past question papers. By adhering to these guidelines, you can enhance your chances of success in the UPSC mains.

UPSC Dogri Literature Syllabus 2024 for IAS Mains, Download Topic Wise PDF_3.1

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What is the literature of Dogri?

Dogri has a long history of oral literature, and there is a rich collection of folk songs, folk stories, riddles, proverbs, idioms, and other cultural artefacts that represent many facets of Dogra culture.

How to prepare for literature in UPSC?

While reading texts with a variety of characters, you can make a flowchart of characters since it will enhance your understanding. Understand and use certain literary devices like euphemism, allusion, imagery, simile, metaphor, personification, etc.

When UPSC form will come 2024?

The UPSC Application Form 2024 is released on the same date as the Notification. According to the 2024 Calendar, the UPSC Prelims 2024 application form will be available on 14 February 2024, and the last date for filling will be 5th March 2024.

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