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UPSC CSE 2022: How to Prepare for CSAT


How to Prepare for CSAT

CSAT forms an important section in UPSC CSE Prelims. It is a qualifying paper in UPSC civil services prelims examination where candidates need to score only passing marks to clear it. However, despite it being a qualifying paper, many aspirants fail to qualify this paper. Scoring passing marks might seem to be easy but many aspirants, who clear the Paper-1, fail to qualify Paper-2 and hence could not clear the first phase of Civil Services Examination.


How to prepare for CSAT UPSC

Civil Service Aptitude Test commonly known as CSAT comprise of 75 questions, bearing 200 marks. An aspirant need to score 66 marks in this paper to qualify, which means you have to mark more than 25 questions correct to clear this paper.

As the prelims is roughly 5 months away, it is right time to start CSAT preparation to ace the UPSC CSE 2022. CSAT comprises of 3 sections. We will discuss the three sections and the means to prepare them in these 5 months.


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How to prepare CSAT for UPSC

Mental ability: This section majorly includes topics like time and distance, time and work, number system, percentage, profit and loss, permutations, and combinations among others. Aspirants can prepare this section either from online platforms or from books like R.S. Agarwal.

Logical reasoning: Reasoning is often considered as comparatively easier topic when compared with topics like Maths and English. This topic can be covered by dedicating minimum efforts on this topic. To cover this topic, you need not read any books, and can be covered from practicing questions directly.

Reading comprehension: This is one of the trickiest topics in CSAT. The options here are confusing and no matter how cautiously you attempt them, mistakes are bound to happen. In this part, we would not advise you to solve mock tests, rather you should attempt all the previous questions that were asked by UPSC since 2015. You might be very good in English, however, you should not rely fully on this section to qualify UPSC CSAT Paper 2.


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How to prepare for UPSC CSAT

CSAT paper is not difficult if you dedicate the requisite time. Undoubtedly, you have to dedicate more time to GS Paper 1 as it is ultimately going to be the cut-off in the UPSC Prelims examination. However, you need to focus on CSAT so that you clear this paper with ease.

5-months are left for prelims and even if you dedicate 8 hours in a week, you would able to clear it. Moreover, UPSC is increasing the level of CSAT every year, so you cannot risk your success by ignoring this paper.


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