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Study Plan for UPSC: For the last 25 Days


Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will be conducting the Civil Services exam on 10 October 2021. This means that the candidates are only left with 25 days to prepare for this exam and ensure their candidature for the mains examination. But scoring qualifying marks in any UPSC Exam is not a piece of the pie. The candidate must have a precise and efficient study plan to crack this examination. In this article, we will be discussing a 25 days study plan which the candidates can follow while preparing for the UPSC CSE 2021.


25 Days Study Plan for UPSC CSE 2021

UPSC CSE consists of majorly seven sections: Indian Polity, Indian Freedom Movement, Geography—world and India, Environment, Art and Culture, Science and Technology, Economics, and Current Affairs. Candidates will be given two hours for this examination. The examination is scheduled to be held on 10 October 2021. Below is the detailed study plan which the candidates can follow to ensure that these remaining 25 days comes out to be fruitful for them.



Date Quiz Most Scoring Section Current Affairs Concept Builder
15 September 2021 Part 1 List of Congress Presidents BOLD Initiative ">Polity-1
16 September 2021 Part 2 List of Governor Generals and Viceroys UDISE+ Report ">Polity-2
17 September 2021 Part 3 Last 15 constitutional amendments PLI scheme &list=PLcAL23e3ukIrngUqMF76fjlTaeuHNSi75">Polity-3
18 September 2021 Part 4 International Reports and Indices RoDTEP scheme &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-1
19 September 2021 Part 5 List of Fundamental Rights Financial Inclusion Index &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-2
20 September 2021 Part 6 Important Newspapers Before Independence National Hydrogen Mission &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-3
21 September 2021 Part 7 List of Committees and Commissions in India before Independence Vehicle Scrappage Policy ">Geography-1
22 September 2021 Part 8 List of Socio-Religious Movements during 19th Century Quality of Life for Elderly Index ">Geography-2
23 September 2021 Part 9 Classification of Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSPs) India Plastic Pact ">Economics-1
24 September 2021 Part 10 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976 Global Green Hydrogen Hub ">Economics-2
25 September 2021 Part 11 List of Ramsar Wetland Sites in India NUTRI GARDEN &list=PLcAL23e3ukIqoRjhiY0N7V1hQPn85v2oM">Economics-3
26 September 2021 Part 12 List of borrowed Features of the Indian Constitution and their Source Countries Euro Green Bond ">Environment-1
27 September 2021 Part 13 Important National Parks in India MSME Definition Expanded: Know Everything About MSME ">Environment-2
28 September 2021 Part 14 Deepor Beel Wetland and Wildlife Sanctuary Elderly Population Of India: Expert Committee On Longevity Finance ">S&T-1
29 September 2021 Part 15 Prelims Specific Articles Production Linked Incentive Scheme: A Complete Analysis ">S&T-2
30 September 2021 Part 16 Samagra Shiksha Scheme 2.0 SDG India Index ">Current Affairs-1
01 October 2021 Part 17 The Charter Act of 1833 National Education Policy ">Budget 
02 October 2021 Part 18 Charter Act of 1813 Dholavira: A City of Harappan Civilization ">Economic Survey
03 October 2021 Part 19 The Charter Act of 1793 Digital Rupee: India’s National Digital Currency ">Art and Culture-1
04 October 2021 Part 20 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976 Farmer Producer Organisations ">Art and Culture-2
05 October 2021 Part 21 Prelims Specific Articles NCPCR ">Polity-1 ">Polity-2 


06 October 2021 Part 22 Prelims Specific Articles Global Manufacturing Risk Index &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-1 &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-2 &list=PLcAL23e3ukIo3zRgvSKS79UbmLxLRg_Bj">Modern History-3
07 October 2021 Part 23 Prelims Specific Articles Global Youth Development Index 2020 ">Geography-2 &list=PLcAL23e3ukIqoRjhiY0N7V1hQPn85v2oM">Economics-3


08 October 2021 Part 24 Prelims Specific Articles Tightening the Net Report ">S&T-2 ">Art and Culture-2 ">Current Affairs-1
09 October 2021 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


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