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New India Literacy Programme (NILP) Objectives, Challenges and Steps Taken by Government

New India Literacy Programme (NILP) UPSC Relevance

New India Literacy Programme (NILP): It is an initiative of the Union Government to ensure 21st century meaning of literacy among Indian people. New India Literacy Programme (NILP) is also important for UPSC Prelims 2023 and UPSC Mains Exam (GS Paper 2: Various governance initiatives taken by the government for promotion and development of education in India.)


New India Literacy Programme (NILP) in News

  • Recently, Minister of State for Education, Smt. Annpurna Devi in a written reply in the Lok Sabha provided various important information about New India Literacy Program (NILP).

Government Schemes

New India Literacy Programme (NILP) 

  • About: Government has announced a Centrally Sponsored Scheme namely, “New India Literacy Programme” (NILP) for implementation during five years from 2022-23 to 2026-27.
  • Mandate: The NLIP Scheme aims to cover a target of 5.00 crore learners during the five years under Foundational Literacy and Numeracy component.
  • Key Objectives: The New India Literacy Programme (NILP) has following five objectives-
    • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy,
    • Critical Life Skills,
    • Vocational Skills Development,
    • Basic Education and
    • Continuing Education.
  • Parent Ministry: New India Literacy Programme (NILP) is being implemented under overall supervision and guidance of Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • NILP financial outlay: The estimated total outlay of “New India Literacy Programme” is around Rs.1038 crore which includes Central share of Rs.700 crore and State share of Rs.338 crore respectively for the FYs 2022 -27.
  • Significance: The NLIP scheme will align with National Education Policy 2020 and Budget Announcements 2021-22.
    • The National Education Policy 2020 has recommendations for Adult Education and Lifelong Learning.

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Key Objectives of NLIP Scheme

NLIP Scheme aims to impart not only ‘Foundational Literacy and Numeracy’ but also to cover other components which are necessary for a citizen of 21st century such as

  • Critical Life Skills (including financial literacy, digital literacy, commercial skills, health care and awareness, child care and education, and family welfare);
  • Vocational Skills Development (with a view towards obtaining local employment);
  • Basic Education (including preparatory, middle, and secondary stage equivalency); and
  • Continuing Education (including engaging holistic adult education courses in arts, sciences, technology, culture, sports, and recreation, as well as other topics of interest or use to local learners, such as more advanced material on critical life skills).

Cost Sharing under NLIP Scheme

  • New India Literacy Programme (NILP) is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme which means both Central and State Governments are going to contribute financially. Details of their contribution are given below-
  • The Central and State shares are in the ratio of 60:40 for all States other than North Eastern Region (NER) and Himalayan States where the sharing pattern between the Centre and the State is in the ratio of 90:10.
  • For UTs with legislature the ratio is 60:40, except in the UT of Jammu & Kashmir where the ratio is 90:10, and for all other UTs without legislature the Central share is 100%.
  • The fund flow is through Public Financial Management System (PFMS) and State treasuries.

Key Challenges in New India Literacy Programme (NILP) 

  • The major challenge faced by the Government while implementing the NILP presently is the opening and mapping of all Bank Accounts of Single Nodal Agencies (SNAs) and Implementing Agencies (IAs) in all States with Public Financial Management System (PFMS).
  • This is a pre-requisite for release of funds as per revised procedure guidelines of Ministry of Finance.
  • The challenge exists because this is the first year of implementation.

New India Literacy Programme (NILP)- Steps Taken by Government

  • Various steps are being taken by the Government for effective implementation of the programme in the country and encouraging users to join the programme including Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
  • Effective Identification: The first step is to identify the beneficiaries and Volunteer Teachers. Survey of beneficiaries and Volunteer Teachers (VTs) are being conducted by States/UTs using schools as the base.
  • Quality Training: The volunteer teachers are trained to carry out the learning modules in online mode. Various workshops are being conducted by States/UTs.
  • Quality Content: At national level, the content is driven by the Cell for National Centre for Literacy (CNCL) at National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT).
    • The teaching and learning material is available on DIKSHA portal developed by NCERT.
    • The sample assessment modules have also been made available on DIKSHA.
  • Awareness Generation and Sensitization: All States/UTs have been sensitized along with a roadmap for implementation of the programme for conducting, among others-
    • Environment building activities by the involvement and use of social media platforms including Print/Electronic/Folk Media and Interpersonal Media to reach across the country including all rural areas and
    • To create an atmosphere so as to motivate and spur potential literacy volunteers and learners and also to adopt multiple strategies, keeping in view the local conditions, with active participation of community leaders, PRI functionaries, Mahila Mandals, Civil Society Organisation and educational institutions.


New India Literacy Programme (NILP) FAQs

  1. What is New India Literacy Programme (NILP)?

Ans. New India Literacy Programme (NILP) is a centrally sponsored scheme that aims to inculcate 21st century relevant education and skills among Indian People.

  1. What are the objectives of New India Literacy Programme (NILP)?

Ans. The New India Literacy Programme (NILP) has following five objectives-

    • Foundational Literacy and Numeracy,
    • Critical Life Skills,
    • Vocational Skills Development,
    • Basic Education and
    • Continuing Education.
  1. What is the total financial outlay of NLIP Scheme?

Ans. The estimated total outlay of “New India Literacy Programme” is around Rs.1038 crore.

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SAKSHAM Centres- Centre for Financial Literacy & Service Delivery

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