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Mysuru Dasara Dussehra Glory and Intangible Cultural Heritage Award

Mysuru Dasara Dussehra: Mysuru Dasara, also known as Mysore Dussehra. Mysuru Dasara Dussehra is a big and exciting festival in the city of Mysore located in the southern state of Karnataka in India. It lasts for ten days and ends on Dussehra day. This festival is all about celebrating our culture and traditions. There’s a grand parade, lots of cultural performances, and the Mysore Palace is lit up beautifully. It’s one of the most famous and important festivals in India, and it’s a great way to enjoy our rich heritage and have fun with friends and family.

What is Mysuru Dasara?

  • Mysuru Dasara, also known as Mysuru Dussehra, is a famous festival celebrated in the city of Mysore, Karnataka, India. It is a ten-day celebration that usually ends on Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra. This festival is a vibrant and colorful display of Karnataka’s rich culture and heritage.
  • The main attraction of Mysuru Dasara is the grand procession where the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari, the city’s patron deity, is carried on a beautifully decorated elephant. The parade features cultural performances, music, dance, and various floats showcasing the state’s traditions.
  • Mysore Palace, one of India’s most stunning royal residences, is illuminated with thousands of lights during the festival. This lighting ceremony is a symbol of good triumphing over evil and is a breathtaking sight. The festival also includes a wide range of cultural events, exhibitions, and sports competitions.
  • Mysuru Dasara is not just a religious festival but a celebration of Karnataka’s diverse culture, bringing people of all backgrounds together. It is a time when the city is filled with joy, and the spirit of festivity envelops the region. Mysuru Dasara is a vibrant reflection of India’s rich heritage and unity in diversity.

Mysuru Dasara Dussehra Festival

This festival lasts for ten days and ends on a day called Vijayadashami. It’s like a big celebration that finishes after nine days of festivities. These nine days are known as “Navratri” or “Nine Nights,” and each day is all about a different form of the goddess Durga. Here’s a list of those days and who they’re dedicated to provided below in the table:

Day Goddess Name
First Shailputri
Second Brahmacharini
Third Chandraghanta
Fourth Kushmanda
Fifth Skandmata
Sixth Katyayani
Seventh Kaalratri
Eighth Mahagauri
Ninth Siddhidatri

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  • On the tenth day, there’s a huge, impressive procession that starts at the Mysore Palace and ends at Bannimantap. Mysuru Dasara is also known as Nadahabba or Nada Habba and is a big deal in Karnataka. The royal family of Mysore plays a big role in organizing the major celebrations. The entire city gets all dressed up and lit up during Mysore Dasara.
  • During this festival, you can enjoy various cultural events, including wrestling, poetry gatherings, food festivals, sports, and film festivals. There are also fairs and exhibitions that can last for several months, with the peak of the celebration happening on Dasara day. The Karnataka Exhibition Authority is in charge of this festival, and it’s a chance for businesses, government departments, and private companies to set up booths and promote their work.
  • Mysore Dasara is just one way to celebrate this Hindu festival, which is observed throughout the country in slightly different ways. Gujarat has Navratri, and West Bengal celebrates Durga Puja, which are other famous versions of this festival.

Mysuru Dasara Dussehra 2023

  • Mysuru Dasara Dussehra 2023 is a 10-day festival which celebrate from October 15 to October 24, 2023. It is one of the most popular and spectacular festivals in India, and it is known for its grand processions, cultural events, and religious ceremonies.
  • The festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil, and it is dedicated to the goddess Chamundeshwari, who is the patron deity of Mysore. The festival begins with the Navaratri celebrations, which are nine days of devotion to the goddess Chamundeshwari.
  • On the tenth day of the festival, Vijayadashami, the famous Jamboo Savari procession takes place. The Jamboo Savari is a grand procession that features a golden howdah mounted on a decorated elephant. The howdah carries the idol of the goddess Chamundeshwari, and it is led by a procession of musicians, dancers, and floats.
  • The Jamboo Savari procession travels through the main streets of Mysore, and it is witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people. The procession is a truly spectacular sight, and it is a must-see for anyone who is visiting Mysore during the Dasara festival.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Award

Following the recognition of Kolkata’s Durga Puja as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage on December 15, 2021, the government of Karnataka is now actively working to secure the same prestigious status for its distinctive Mysuru Dasara festival. They are making new and determined efforts to obtain the UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage designation for Mysore Dasara. If the government achieves this goal, the festival is likely to attract even more tourist activities, building on its already significant popularity.

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