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Indian Forest Service Salary, Job Profile, Salary Structure

The Indian Forest Service (IFS) holds significant importance within the Indian government, constituting one of the three prestigious All-India Services alongside the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS). Originating in 1864 during the British Raj as the Imperial Forest Service, it was formally restructured into its present form in 1966.

Indian Forest Service Salary

In the state forest department, Indian Forest Service (IFS) officers hold the highest positions and operate independently of district administration control. They undertake a wide array of responsibilities encompassing administrative, judicial, and financial domains within their designated jurisdiction. The salary for Junior Grade IFS officers commences at Rs. 56,100 and can escalate up to Rs. 2,25,000. Apart from an attractive salary package, they are entitled to various benefits and allowances. This article offers a comprehensive overview of the roles and responsibilities of an Indian Forest Service Officer, elucidates how their remuneration varies with rank, and delineates the diverse allowances they receive while serving the Government of India.

Indian Forest Service Salary Structure

Indian Forest Officer positions offer appealing salaries, making them highly sought after. Those selected for this role can enjoy competitive pay, ranging from Rs. 38,000 to Rs. 44,000 in the junior scale and Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 60,000 in the senior scale. Moreover, they receive various perks and allowances on top of their good salaries. Below, you’ll find information about the salary framework and additional benefits for Indian Forest Officers:

Grade Wise Monthly Salary of Forest Officials
S. No. Grade Designation in Government of India Basic Monthly Salary
Designation in State Government
1 Junior Time Scale Assistant Inspector General of Forests INR 56,100
Assistant Conservator of Forests/ Assistant Deputy Conservator of Forests
2 Senior Time Scale Assistant Inspector General of Forests INR 67,700
Deputy Conservator of Forests
3 Junior Administrative Grade Assistant Inspector General of Forests INR 78,800
Deputy Conservator of Forests
4 Selection Grade Assistant Inspector General of Forests INR 1,18,500
Deputy Conservator of Forests (Selection Grade)
5 Super Time Scale Deputy Inspector General of Forests INR I,50,000
Conservator of Forests/Chief Wildlife Warden
6 Senior Administrative Grade Inspector General of Forests INR 1,75,000
Chief Conservator of Forests
7 HAG Scale INR 2,00,000
Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests
8 HAG+ Scale Additional Director General of Forests INR 2,05,400
Principal Conservator of Forests
9 Apex Scale Director-General of Forests INR 2,25,000
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force)

Here are the Grade Pay levels for Indian Forest Officers with promotions:

Pay Grade For Indian Forest Services
S. No. Pay Scale/ Salary Level
1. Rs.56100-132000 (Pay Level 10) At Entry
2. Rs.67700-160000 (Pay Level 11) After 5 years of service
3. Rs.78800-191500 (Pay Level 12) After 12 years of service
4. Rs.118500-214100 (Pay Level 13) After 16 years of service and based on seniority
5. Rs.131100-216600 (Pay Level 13A) Completed minimum 5 years of service in previous Pay Level and also based on seniority
6. Rs.144200-218200 (Pay Level 14) Completed minimum 1 year of service in previous Pay level and also based on seniority
7. Rs.182200-224100 (Pay Level 15) Completed minimum 5 years of service in previous Pay Level and based on seniority

Indian Forest Service Job Profile

India boasts abundant forests and places great importance on its endangered animal species as a valuable cultural asset. To safeguard and enhance the beauty, history, and cultural significance of its unique plants and wildlife, a credible organization is needed. The Indian Forest Service holds this responsibility in India. Its officers sometimes face crises that threaten ecosystems and wildlife. Here are the key roles and responsibilities of these Forest Officers:

  • National Forest Policy: They implement the country’s forest policy, ensuring sustainable management and safeguarding natural resources.
  • Data Collection: Forest Officers collect and analyze data about forests, measuring information within the current framework.
  • Environmental Oversight: They oversee environmental issues in various states and regions.
  • Wildlife Protection: Their duty is to ensure animals and species can thrive in their natural environments, addressing any challenges.
  • Protected Areas Management: They manage national parks, tiger reserves, and wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Sustainability: Promoting the sustainable growth of local plants and animals is also a key responsibility.
  • Community Support: They work to enhance opportunities for rural community members, including sustainable agriculture and wildlife habitat conservation.
  • Inspections: They inspect forestry products and livestock, looking for diseases, pests, and growth rates, while also evaluating habitat conditions and treatment programs.

Indian Forest Service Salary Perks and Allowance

Indian Forest Service officers in India receive promotions at various points in their careers – after five, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty, and twenty-seven years. With each promotion, their basic salary increases. Besides their handsome salary, these officers also enjoy additional benefits and allowances, including:

  • Travel Allowance for Work: Since their job involves regular travel, the government covers all travel expenses and provides an extra travel allowance.
  • House Allowance: The Indian government provides officers with housing in the district where they are stationed, and they must reside there with their families during their assignment.
  • Dearness Allowance (DA): Officers receive a Dearness Allowance, which helps them cope with the cost of living.
  • Domestic Help: Each officer is provided with a domestic helper and a security guard for their residence.
  • Medical Allowance: The officer’s entire family is entitled to medical coverage for the duration of their service.
  • Transportation: Officers are assigned a car and a driver for their field duties.
  • Lease Allowance: In some cases, officers can choose to rent their homes, within government-set limits, depending on their location.
  • Other Allowances: The government covers expenses like telephone, electricity, newspapers, and water.
  • Study Leave: IFoS officers are also granted study leave to pursue further education.

Indian Forest Service Career Growth and Promotion

Once candidates successfully clear the IFoS exam, they must undergo a two-year training program at IGNFA (Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy). After completing this training, they are appointed as Assistant Forest Conservators (ACF) with a starting salary of INR 56,100. As they progress in their careers and work diligently, they can expect to receive promotions, which come with higher IFoS salaries. Here are the ranks that candidates can achieve as they get promoted over the years:

Indian Forest Service Salary 2023 Promotion and Ranks
S.No. Rank Duration
1 Deputy Conservator of Forests (DCF/ DFO) After 2-3 years of service
2 Conservator of Forests 14-15 years of service
3 Chief Conservator of Forests 5- 6 years as Conservator
4 Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (APCCF)
5 Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF)
6 Head of Forest Force (HoFF)

In the central department, there are various ranks and positions, and they differ from others.

Assistant Inspector General of Forests (AIGF)
Deputy Inspector General of Forests (DIGF)
Inspector General of Forests (IGF)
Additional Director General of Forests (ADGF)
Director-General of Forests (DGF)


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Who is paid the most under the Indian Forest Services?

The highest Indian Forest Services salary, which is Rs 2,25,000, goes to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Head of Forest Force) at the state level or the Director-General of Forests at the state level.

What is the starting pay for a Forest Service Officer in India?

The starting IFS salary is 56,100 INR. It is given to the Assistant Conservator of Forests or Assistant Deputy Conservator of Forests.

What is the salary for the Indian Forest Service?

The salary for an Indian Forest Service officer starts at INR 56,100 and increases to INR 2,25,000 for the position of Principal Chief Conservator of Forests. IFS officials often receive bonuses, incentives, and other advantages in addition to their salaries.

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