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India-Mauritius CECPA


India-Mauritius CECPA- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: International Relations- Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

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India-Mauritius CECPA in News

  • India and Mauritius held the 1st session of India-Mauritius High-Powered Joint Trade Committee in New Delhi.
  • India-Mauritius High-Powered Joint Trade Committee had been constituted as per the mandate of the India-Mauritius Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership agreement (CECPA).
  • India-Mauritius High Powered JTC was set up to review the general functioning and implementation of the India-Mauritius CECPA.
  • Both sides agreed to hold the next session of India- Mauritius High Powered JTC meeting in 2023.

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India-Mauritius CECPA

  • About: The India-Mauritius CECPA provides for an institutional mechanism to encourage and improve trade between the two countries.
    • India-Mauritius CECPA entered into force on 1st April, 2021.
    • CECPA is the first trade Agreement signed by India with a country in Africa.
  • Scope of Agreement: The India-Mauritius CECPA Agreement is a limited agreement, which will cover-
    • Trade in Goods,
    • Rules of Origin,
    • Trade in Services,
    • Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT),
    • Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures,
    • Dispute Settlement,
    • Movement of Natural Persons,
    • Telecom,
    • Financial services,
    • Customs Procedures and
    • Cooperation in other Areas.
  • Certificate of Origin (CoO): Indian exporters have to obtain a Certificate of Origin (CoO) from the authorised Indian agencies to avail the preferential benefits under the CECPA.
    • The online application for CoO for the India-Mauritius CECPA can be made from 01 April 2021 through the common digital platform for issuance of certificate of origin of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT).


India-Mauritius CECPA- Trade in Goods

  • From India: The CECPA between India and Mauritius covers 310 export items for India, including-
    • Food stuff and beverages (80 lines),
    • Agricultural products (25 lines),
    • Textile and textile articles (27 lines),
    • Base metals and articles thereof (32lines),
    • Electricals and electronic item (13 lines),
    • Plastics and chemicals (20 lines),
    • Wood and articles thereof (15 lines), and others.
  • From Mauritius: Mauritius will benefit from preferential market access into India for its 615 products, including-
    • Frozen fish,
    • Speciality sugar,
    • Biscuits,
    • Fresh fruits,
    • Juices,
    • Mineral water,
    • Beer,
    • Alcoholic drinks,
    • Soaps,
    • Bags,
    • Medical and surgical equipment, and
    • Apparel


India-Mauritius CECPA- Trade in Services

  • Export from India: As regards trade in services, Indian service providers will have access to around 115 sub-sectors from the 11 broad service sectors such as-
    • Professional services,
    • Computer related services,
    • Research & development,
    • Other business services,
    • Telecommunication,
    • Construction,
    • Distribution,
    • Education,
    • Environmental,
    • Financial,
    • Tourism & travel related,
    • Recreational,
    • Yoga,
    • Audio-visual services, and
    • Transport services.
  • Exports from Mauritius: India has offered around 95 sub-sectors from the 11 broad services sectors, including-
    • Professional services,
    • R&D,
    • Other business services,
    • Telecommunication,
    • Financial,
    • Distribution,
    • Higher education,
    • Environmental,
    • Health,
    • Tourism and travel related services,
    • Recreational services and
    • Transport services.

India-Mauritius Relations

India-Mauritius Relations

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