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Haryana Judiciary Salary, HPSC Civil Judge In-Hand Salary 2024

Haryana Judiciary Salary: HPSC organizes judicial service examinations to recruit eligible candidates for various posts. This examination is conducted annually by the Haryana Public Service Commission to fill the positions of Civil Judges. This post aims to provide insights into the salary structure of the Haryana Judiciary. Candidates preparing for the Haryana Judiciary can read this article to get the details of the Haryana Judiciary salary and related information. Judges in Haryana Judicial Services receive a substantial salary along with different allowances and benefits. This information will prove valuable for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the Haryana Judiciary.

Haryana Judiciary Salary

The Haryana Public Service Commission conducts the Haryana Civil Judge exam to identify qualified candidates and determines the Haryana Judiciary salary following the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. Those aspiring to take this exam should acquaint themselves with its details, including prerequisites, format, content, and more. The Haryana Judiciary salary for an HPSC Civil Judge falls within the range of INR 27,700 to INR 44,770, depending on the post. The role of an HPSC Civil Judge includes several perks and benefits. To learn more about the Haryana Judiciary salary and benefits.

HPSC Judicial Services Salary Annually

The 7th Pay Commission decides the Haryana Judiciary salary for the Haryana Public Service Commission. The Haryana Judicial Services salary for the HPSC Civil Judge ranges from INR 27,700 to INR 44,770/-. The position of HPSC Civil Judge offers various perks and benefits of allowances. The government can revise the salary from time to time. The annual package for the HPSC Judicial Services post-2023 varies from 3.3 lahks to 5.3 lakh per annum along with some additional allowances.

Haryana Judicial Services 2023 In-Hand Salary

  • Following the 7th Pay Commission, Haryana Civil Judge Salary now varies from Rs. 27,700 to Rs. 44,700 per month.
  • In-hand Haryana District Judge Salary ranges between Rs. 51,550 and Rs. 63,070 per month after the 7th Pay Commission implementation.
  • The position of HPSC Civil Judge includes a monthly in-hand salary along with various perks, benefits, and allowances.
  • Recruits for the post may also experience periodic raises in their in-hand salary.

HPSC Civil Judge Salary Post-wise

Haryana Judiciary candidates who are interested in the Haryana Judiciary salary will also find the Haryana Judiciary exam pattern of interest. The Haryana Civil Judge exam pattern comprises the following three phases:

  • Preliminary Examination (Objective Type)
  • Written Main Examination (Subjective Type)
  • Interview

The aspirants interested in Haryana Judiciary salary can also read the Haryana Judiciary Syllabus 2023 to know the exam pattern and syllabus to boost their preparation.

HPSC Civil Judge Salary
Haryana Judiciary Post for Haryana Judiciary Salary Haryana Judiciary Salary 
Junior civil judge/ First class Magistrate 27,700- 44700
Junior civil judge/ First class Magistrate after 5 years ₹33090 – ₹45850
First-class Magistrate II ₹39530 – ₹54010
Senior civil judge ₹39530 – ₹54010
Senior civil judge raise after 5 years ₹43690 – ₹56470
Senior Civil Judge II ₹51550 – ₹63010
District Judge ₹51550 – ₹63070
District Judge Selection Grade after 5 years of Entry Grade ₹57700 – ₹70290
District Judge Super Time Scale- 3 years after Selection Grade ₹70290 – ₹76450

Haryana Judiciary Salary and Allowance

Candidates aspiring for the Haryana Judiciary salary will also find Haryana Judiciary allowances interesting. Judges receive additional benefits, such as personal bodyguards, based on their rank. In addition to a place to live, a regular salary, and other financial perks, judicial officers also get housing and a budget for maintaining their offices and staff residences. Below is the list of allowances and benefits received by the HPSC Civil Judge, in addition to the Haryana Judiciary salary:

  • Dearness allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Telephone allowance
  • Electricity and water charges
  • Medical allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Post-retirement pension
  • Specific location allowance
  • Other allowances

HPSC Judicial Services Job Profile

The position of an HPSC Civil Judge carries significant responsibilities and a variety of daily tasks to fulfil their duties. Candidates interested in this post must be familiar with the job profile along with the HPSC Judicial Services salary. The aspiring candidates must be eligible according to the official website notification of the HPSC Civil Judge. Additionally, candidates need to clear all rounds of the selection process to understand the job profile fully. The duties of an HPSC Civil Judge include handling various essential tasks, such as deciding civil cases of different values and dealing with cases involving small pecuniary stakes.

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What is the Haryana Judicial Services Salary range 2023?

The Haryana Judicial Officers are paid between the range of Rs 27700/- and 76,450/- per month depending on the post.

What are the allowances and benefits entitled to Haryana Civil Judges?

The Haryana Civil Judges are entitled to allowances and benefits besides their salaries like the medical allowance, conveyance allowance, children’s education allowance, and many more.

How many stages are under the Haryana Judiciary examination?

The Haryana Civil Judge exam pattern consists of the following three phases: Preliminary Examination (Objective Type), Written Main Examination (Subjective Type) and Interview.

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