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Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 campaign- Boosting COVID-19 Vaccination

Har Ghar Dastak Campaign- Relevance for UPSC Exam

  • GS Paper 2: Governance, Administration and Challenges- Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to: Health; Education; Human Resources.

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Har Ghar Dastak Campaign in News

  • Recently, “Har Ghar Dastak campaign 2.0” was commenced to accelerate the pace and coverage of COVID19 vaccination across States and UTs.
  • Under “Har Ghar Dastak campaign 2.0”, being implemented in a ‘Mission Mode’, States and UTs have been advised to give an intensive push towards full COVID19 vaccination coverage by vaccinating all eligible beneficiaries.

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Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 Campaign

  • About: Incorporating the experience & learning from “HarGharDastak campaign”, HarGharDastak 2.0’ will be implemented from 1st June 2022 to 31st July 2022.
  • Objective: The objective of the ‘Har GharDastak2.0’ Abhiyan is to vaccinate and cover the eligible population groups for first, second and precaution doses through door-to-door campaigns.
  • Focus Groups under Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 Campaign: Major focus will also remain on-
    • Improving sub-optimal coverage of persons aged ≥ 60years with precaution dose, a
    • Along with considerably slower speed of coverage in the 12-14 years’ cohort.
  • Har Ghar Dastak 2.0 Campaign aims to achieve covid vaccination by focusing on old age homes, schools/colleges including the out-of-school children (for focussed coverage of children aged 12-18 years’ population), prisons, brick kilns, etc.
  • Role of States/UTs: They have been urged to undertake effective monitoring with respective micro-plans based on due-lists of all eligible beneficiaries.
    • They were also urged to review administration of precaution dose to 18-59 years’ age-group with the private hospitals on a regular basis.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination: So far, 193.57 Cr doses have been administered across the country.
    • 3% of all persons above 15 years of age have received at least one dose and 86.3% have received both the doses of COVID-19 vaccine.


‘HarGharDastak’ Campgain

  • About: “HarGharDastak campaign” was launched in Nov 2021 to promote covid-19 vaccination and protect individual citizens of India.
  • The ‘HarGharDastak’ Teekakaran Abhiyaan has been inspired by the successful strategy of Mission Indradhanush.
    • Mission Indradhanush included mobilization, awareness & vaccination activities for reaching out to all the missed out and dropped out eligible beneficiaries of 1st & 2nd dose through House-to-House visit from 3rd Nov 2021 onwards.
  • Significance: The HarGharDastak’ initiative contributed immensely towards the success of the programme by reaching out to the last mile beneficiaries including the old-aged, differently-abled and even the vaccine hesitant populations.

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