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GPSC Syllabus 2024 Prelims and Mains Download PDF

Are you planning to appear for the Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) exam? If yes, then you must be looking for information about the GPSC Exam syllabus 2024 and exam pattern. The syllabus for the GPSC exam is set by the Gujarat Public Service Commission. The commission constitutionally modifies the GPSC exam pattern, as well as makes decisions regarding recruitment, transfer, and disciplinary matters.

In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of the GPSC syllabus 2024, the exam pattern for both Prelims and Mains and tips to crack the exam.

GPSC Syllabus 2024

The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) is responsible for conducting various recruitment examinations for the state government of Gujarat. This comprehensive exam process consists of two main stages: Prelims and Mains. The Preliminary examination encompasses two papers, while the Mains examination comprises six papers.

Securing success in the GPSC examination demands thorough preparation due to its high level of competitiveness. The GPSC examination is administered offline, with each paper allowing a duration of 3 hours. Each paper is allocated a total of 200 marks, and candidates should be cautious as there is a negative marking system, deducting 0.33 marks for every incorrect answer.

The GPSC exam is conducted in 2 stages.

Stage 1: Preliminary Exam (Objective Type)

Stage 2: Mains Exam (Written and Personal Interview)

GPSC Syllabus PDF

The GPSC Syllabus PDF contains the detailed syllabus for both the Preliminary and Mains examination.

GPSC Syllabus PDF- Click Here

GPSC Syllabus for Prelims

The GPSC Prelims exam consists of two papers: General Studies I and General Studies II. The General Studies I paper covers topics such as Indian History, Geography, Polity, Economics, Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity, and General Science. The General Studies II paper covers topics such as Comprehension, Interpersonal Skills, Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, General Mental Ability, and Basic Numeracy.

Paper I of The GPSC prelims exam has the following subjects

  • History
  • Cultural Heritage
  • Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations
  • Mental Ability

Paper II of The GPSC prelims exam has the following subjects

  • Indian Economy and Planning
  • Geography
  • Science and Technology
  • Current events of regional, national, and international importance

GPSC Syllabus for Mains

The GPSC Mains exam consists of six papers. The below table provides a quick overview of the GPSC syllabus for mains and topics covered in the GPSC Exam. Candidates can use it as a reference to ensure they have covered all the relevant topics while preparing for GPSC Syllabus.

Exam Paper Topic
Mains Paper I (Gujarati Language) Language proficiency
Paper II (English Language) Language proficiency
Paper III (Essay Writing) Writing skills
Paper IV (General Studies I) Indian and World Heritage, Culture, Society, Constitution, Governance, Polity, Social Justice, International Relations
Paper V (General Studies II) Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security
Paper VI (Optional Subject) Choose from a list of options

GPSC Exam Pattern

It is important for candidates to be familiar with the GPSC exam pattern and prepare accordingly. They should focus on building their concepts and practicing the previous year’s question papers to improve their chances of cracking the exam. Additionally, candidates should manage their time well during the exam and attempt all the questions with accuracy. The GPSC exam pattern consists of two stages Prelims and Mains.

GPSC Prelims Exam Pattern

The GPSC Prelims exam consists of two papers, each paper consisting of 200 marks. The duration of each paper is 3 hours. The Prelims exam is conducted in offline mode and consists of multiple-choice questions.

  • The GPSC Prelims paper is designed to be a qualifying exam.
  • Candidates need to score at least 33% to qualify for the next stage of the GPSC exam.
  • There is a negative marking in the GPSC Prelims paper.
  • For every wrong answer, ⅓ of the marks will be deducted as a penalty.
Stage Papers Number of Questions Total Marks Duration Mode
Prelims Paper I (General Studies I) 150 200 3 hours Offline
Prelims Paper II (General Studies II) 100 200 3 hours Offline

GPSC Mains Exam Pattern

The GPSC Mains exam consists of six papers, each paper consisting of 150 marks. The duration of each paper is 3 hours. The Mains exam is also conducted in offline mode and consists of descriptive-type questions.

  • The GPSC Mains exam comprises six papers, with each paper carrying 150 marks.
  • The exam is conducted in offline mode and consists of descriptive-type questions.
  • The duration of each paper is three hours.
  • Candidates are required to answer the questions in a descriptive manner, highlighting their analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • The six papers cover a wide range of subjects, including Gujarati language, English language, essay writing, general studies 1, general studies 2, and general studies 3.
  • Candidates must have a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in these papers to perform well in the GPSC Mains exam.
GPSC Mains Exam Pattern 
Paper Duration Marks
Gujarati 3 hrs 150
English 3 hrs 150
Essay 3 hrs 150
General Studies 1 3 hrs 150
General Studies 2 3 hrs 150
General Studies 3 3 hrs 150
Total Marks 900

GPSC Personality Test

The GPSC Personality Test, also known as the GPSC Interview, is the final stage of the GPSC selection process. It is conducted after the Mains exam, and candidates who qualify for the Mains are eligible to appear for the Interview.

The GPSC Personality Test is conducted to assess a candidate’s personality traits, communication skills, knowledge of current affairs, and suitability for the job. The Interview panel consists of senior officials and subject matter experts who ask questions related to the candidate’s educational background, work experience, and other relevant topics.

The Interview is worth 100 marks, and the final merit list is prepared based on the candidate’s performance in the Mains exam and the Interview. It is important for candidates to prepare well for the Interview by staying up-to-date with current affairs, improving their communication skills, and practicing mock interviews.

How to Prepare for  GPSC Exam

Preparing for the GPSC exam requires dedicated effort and strategic planning. Here are some points that can help you prepare effectively for the GPSC exam:

Understand the GPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Before starting your preparation, it is important to understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly. This will help you identify the topics you need to focus on and plan your study schedule accordingly.

Create a study plan: Make a study plan that includes all the topics you need to cover, along with the time required for each topic. This will help you stay organized and cover all the topics in a systematic manner.

Refer to standard study material: Use standard study material and books recommended by experts to prepare for the GPSC exam. This will ensure that you have access to accurate and relevant information.

Take mock tests: Take regular mock tests to assess your preparation level and identify your strengths and weaknesses. This will also help you get used to the exam pattern and build your confidence.

Improve your writing skills: Writing is an important part of the GPSC exam, so it is essential to improve your writing skills. Practice writing essays, reports, and summaries to improve your writing speed and accuracy.

Stay updated with current affairs: Keep yourself updated with the latest news and events by reading newspapers, magazines, and online news portals. This will help you in the General Studies section of the exam.

Revise regularly: Regular revision is essential to retain information and ensure that you don’t forget what you have learned. Set aside time for revision in your study plan.

Stay motivated: Stay motivated and focused throughout your preparation by setting realistic goals and rewarding yourself when you achieve them.

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What is the GPSC exam?

The Gujarat Public Service Commission (GPSC) exam is conducted to recruit candidates for various posts in administrative and civil services in the state of Gujarat.

What is the selection process for the GPSC exam?

The GPSC exam consists of three stages: Prelims, Mains, and Personality Test. Candidates who qualify in each stage are eligible to move to the next stage.

What is the syllabus for the GPSC exam?

The GPSC exam syllabus includes topics from General Studies, Gujarati language and literature, and English language and literature. The syllabus is available on the official website of GPSC.

How can I prepare for the GPSC exam?

To prepare for the GPSC exam, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. They should refer to standard study material, take mock tests, improve their writing skills, stay updated with current affairs, and revise regularly.

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