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Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims, 31 March 2023 Current Affairs For Civil Services

Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims 31 March 2023: We bring to you ”Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims” based on the principle of updating UPSC CSE aspirants with Most Important Daily Current Affairs For Civil Services. These Daily Current Affairs are prepared by our team in Bit Form/Abridged Form to save the precious time of UPSC Aspirants without compromising the quality. In Today’s Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims, 31 March 2023, we are covering below mentioned topics.

Biotransformation Technology, Transforming Plastic Waste into Biodegradable Waste

Swachhotsav 2023

Swachhotsav 2023 in News

Recently, the Union Minister Shri Hardeep Singh Puri launched Swachhotsav 2023 to further accelerate efforts towards making cities garbage-free. He also informed that government is targeting around 1000 Cities to transform them to become 3-Star Garbage Free by October 2024.

Swachhotsav 2023

The Swachhotsav 2023 campaign aims to encourage and empower women’s leadership to achieve the goal of ‘Garbage Free Cities.’

  • Starting from March 8, 2023, a range of events and initiatives have been planned across cities to celebrate and unite women from diverse backgrounds to spearhead the mission of creating ‘Garbage Free Cities.’
  • Swachhotsav campaign provided a platform for more than 400,000 women entrepreneurs to assume leadership roles in urban sanitation.
  • Through the unique Yatra and Mashaal March activities, women have taken the responsibility of urban sanitation and led from the forefront to revamp the urban landscape.

What is Swachhata?

Swachhata, a people’s movement, has gained significant traction across the nation and is now a Jan Andolan.

  • The Mission has rallied millions of citizens towards the common goal of creating clean, green, and garbage-free cities.
  • Youth and women leaders have played a vital role in mobilizing campaigns and taking positive steps towards urban swachhata.

2nd Sherpa Meeting under India’s G20 Presidency

2nd G20 Sherpa Meeting 2023 in News

An official G20 Sherpa Meeting 2023 was hosted as a side event on Green Development: Need for an Ambitious Vision for 21st Century on March 30.

  • The 2nd Sherpa Meeting 2023 was a precursor to Plenary sessions of G20 Sherpa meeting which commenced on 31st March 2023.

G20 Sherpa Meeting under India’s G20 Presidency

Amitabh Kant is the India’s G20 Sherpa for India’s G20 Presidency. Ex-NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant replaced the Piyush Goyal as India’s G20 Sherpa.

  • 1st Sherpa Meeting of India’s G20 Presidency is a four-day gathering (04-07 December 2022) of the Sherpas of G20 Members, invited countries and International Organizations.
  • G20 Sherpas: The agenda and work are coordinated by representatives of the G20 countries, known as ‘Sherpas’, who work together with the finance ministers and governors of the central banks.

2nd G20 Sherpa Meeting, Key Takeaways

To guarantee a successful green transformation, the G20 must focus on the following critical checkpoints-

  • The key objectives are to establish coherence between economic, social, and environmental goals by acknowledging the commercial value of long-term investments in human and natural capital.
  • The G20 is committed to sustaining its efforts to ensure energy accessibility for the most vulnerable communities, driving agricultural reforms, fostering sustainable cities and lifestyles, and promoting fair transitions for green development.
  • The G20 acknowledges the potential for corrective measures while also urging concerted efforts to ensure resilience and equity.
  • Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, there is a need to expedite climate and development finance flows to developing nations.
  • To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there must be a substantial increase in investments in all forms of capital, as well as making the MDBs suitable for their purpose, incentivizing private sector participation, and prioritizing debt and concessional finance for vulnerable countries.
  • It is crucial to emphasize the prospects of economic growth and job creation from additional long-term investments to achieve convergence between global policy and international finance, thereby building a compelling political and economic case for sustainable and green transformations.


AFINDEX 2023 in News

Recently, the two-week-long Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX-2023) came to an end today at the Foreign Training Node in Pune’s Aundh. The AFINDEX-2023 was the second edition of the joint military exercise between India and African Counties.

AFINDEX Exercise 2023 Details

The AFINDEX exercise has set the tone for increased collaboration and partnership between the Indian and African armies in the coming years. Other key details of the Ex AFINDEX is given below-

  • Duration: The Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX-2023) was conducted from March 16 to March 29, 2023.
  • Key Objective: The primary objective of the AFINDEX exercise was to-
    • Foster constructive military ties, share and adopt each other’s best practices, and
    • Enhance the ability to work together while carrying out Humanitarian Mine Action and Peace Keeping Operations mandated by the United Nations.
  • Venue: The 2nd Edition of the Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX-2023) was held at Foreign Training Node, Aundh, Pune.

AFINDEX Exercise 2023 Participation

The AFINDEX saw the participation of 124 members from 25 African nations and troops from the Indian SIKH, MARATHA, and MAHAR Regiments. General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff, along with African Chiefs and representatives who attended the Chiefs’ Conclave, witnessed the validation phase of the exercise.

Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims, 27 March 2023 Current Affairs For Civil Services

Daily Current Affairs For UPSC IAS Prelims, 27 March 2023 Current Affairs For Civil Services

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What does AFINDEX stand for?

AFINDEX stands for "Africa-India Field Training Exercise."

Which countries are participating in the AFINDEX Exercise 2023?

25 countries from the African continent and Indian troops from the SIKH, MARATHA and MAHAR regiments participated in the AFINDEX Exercise 2023.

What is a G20 Sherpa?

A G20 Sherpa is a high-level representative who assists and advises their respective country's head of government or head of state in the G20 meetings. They serve as the primary liaison between the G20 leaders and the respective governments they represent.

Who can become a G20 Sherpa?

Typically, a G20 Sherpa is a high-ranking official from the government or a related organization, such as a ministry or central bank. The Sherpa should have a deep understanding of the issues discussed in the G20 and the ability to coordinate and negotiate effectively with other Sherpas.

What is the role of a G20 Sherpa?

The role of a G20 Sherpa is to prepare their respective leaders for the G20 meetings and to represent their country in the meetings. They coordinate the work of various government agencies and other stakeholders to develop and implement policies that address the issues on the G20 agenda.

Who is India’s G20 Sherpa for India’s G20 Presidency?

Amitabh Kant is the India’s G20 Sherpa for India’s G20 Presidency.

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