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Current Affairs 4 April 2024 for UPSC And State PSC Exam

White Rabbit Collaboration

News- The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, recently initiated the White Rabbit Collaboration.


White Rabbit

  • Technology Origin: Developed by CERN, with collaboration from various institutes and companies.
  • Purpose: To achieve sub-nanosecond synchronization of devices in accelerators and ensure a unified time perception across a network.
  • Functionality: White Rabbit Switches offer sub-nanosecond synchronization, combining the precision of hard-wired timing systems with the flexibility of real-time Ethernet networks.
  • Network Capabilities: Can be used for both precise timing/synchronization and real-time data transfer in distributed electronic systems.
  • Standardization: In 2020, became part of the global Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard, overseen by the IEEE.
  • Open Source and Standard-Based: Allows for customization and integration by companies and institutes into their own products and systems.
  • Applications: Utilized in finance, research infrastructures, and potential future use in quantum internet and global time dissemination, as an alternative to satellite reliance.

White Rabbit Collaboration

  • Nature: A global, membership-driven community focused on maintaining and promoting high-performance open-source technology.
  • Goals: To support user needs, encourage industrial adoption, provide dedicated support and training, and foster R&D collaborations.
  • Testing Ecosystem: Aims to build trust in products incorporating White Rabbit technology through an established testing framework.

Khula under Islamic Law

News- Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that under Islamic law, Muslim women possess the unequivocal right to initiate a divorce on their own and outside of court procedures, through the process of Khula.


Khula in Islamic Law

  • Definition: A legal Islamic practice allowing Muslim women to initiate divorce unilaterally.
  • Basis: Directly mentioned in the Quran to protect women’s rights within Islamic law.
  • Process:
    • Requires the wife to request the divorce formally, often through court.
    • Must provide a legitimate reason for the separation, such as incompatibility, abuse, or neglect.
    • May involve the woman returning the ‘Mehr’ (dowry) or agreeing to a financial settlement.
  • Post-Divorce: The husband is responsible for the children’s education and financial support.

Talaq in Islamic Law:

  • Definition: A form of divorce initiated by the husband in Muslim law.
  • Procedure:
    • The husband’s pronouncement of ‘Talaq’ instantly dissolves the marriage.
    • No requirement for the husband to provide a reason or follow a specific procedure.
  • Financial Responsibilities: The husband must return the dowry and any property owned by the wife.

Punnett Square

News- Punnett squares serve as a tool to foresee the genetic variations of offspring resulting from the mating of two individuals with specified genotypes.


Origin: Named after the British geneticist Reginald Punnett.

How It Works

  • Setup: Lists the potential genetic traits from one parent along the top and from the other parent along the side of a grid.
  • Operation: By merging the traits from each parent into the grid, each square signifies a potential genetic trait combination the offspring may inherit.
  • Purpose: Offers a straightforward method to visualize the likelihood of various traits appearing in the offspring.


  • Educational Use: Frequently utilized in biology classes to teach inheritance patterns, including dominant and recessive genes.
  • Predictive Tool: Assists in forecasting the outcomes and likelihoods of cross-breeding.
  • Research: Used by researchers to analyze genetic traits in offspring of animals and humans, often in conjunction with Mendelian inheritance principles.

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