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UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2024, Download GS Paper 2 Answer Key PDF

The Union Public Service Commission (USPC) will not release the official CSAT Answer Key 2024 until the entire UPSC recruitment process is complete. However, you can access the unofficial answer keys prepared by our expert content team at Adda247. Lakhs of candidates took the CSAT 2024 exam on Sunday June 16th, 2024, at thousands of examination centres across the country.

UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2024

The UPSC exam is known for being the toughest exam in the country, and passing the CSAT paper is like jumping a big hurdle. Unlike another section (GS Paper-1) where your score matters a lot for the final ranking, CSAT is just a pass/fail test. You need to get at least 33% (which is 66 out of 200 marks) to move on to the next round of Mains paper.

Note: Even if you score well in General Studies Paper 1, and if you don’t pass the CSAT exam, you won’t even be considered for the final ranking. Below we have provided an Overview table of CSAT Exam 2024.

CSAT (Paper-II)
UPSC Prelims Exam Date (2024) June 16, 2024
CSAT Exam  Qualifying Exam
Marking Scheme Pass/Fail (Minimum 33%)
Focus Reasoning, Problem-solving, Data Interpretation

CSAT Answer Key 2024 PDF

Candidates who appeared for the UPSC Prelims 2024 Exam can refer to the table below to check the UPSC CSAT 2024 Answer key. This will help them evaluate their answers. The CSAT 2024 Question paper was provided in various sets, and our content team has solved all the sets for the candidates. The questions asked in CSAT can be quite challenging, and the best way to tackle them is by practising with previous years’ question papers.

CSAT Answer Key 2024 PDF
CSAT Answer Key 2024 Download PDF
UPSC Prelims CSAT 2024 Answer Key Set- A
Q Answer Q Answer Q Answer Q Answer
1 B 21 B 41 B 61 A
2 C 22 C 42 D 62 B
3 B 23 B 43 A 63 C
4 D 24 C 44 A 64 C
5 B 25 A 45 B 65 C
6 D 26 B 46 B 66 D
7 C 27 D 47 D 67 C
8 C 28 B 48 A 68 C
9 B 29 A 49 A 69 D
10 B 30 D 50 B 70 B
11 A 31 D 51 B 71 D
12 A 32 B 52 C 72 A
13 B 33 C 53 B 73 D
14 C 34 A 54 C 74 C
15 B 35 D 55 B 75 D
16 A 36 B 56 D 76 A
17 D 37 A 57 D 77 A
18 B 38 C 58 D 78 D
19 B 39 D 59 A 79 B
20 A 40 C 60 C 80 D

How to Check UPSC CSAT Answer Key 2024

Candidates should follow the steps provided below to check the CSAT Answer Key 2024:

  • Step-1. Visit the UPSC official website at upsc.gov.in.
  • Step-2. Navigate to the “Examinations” section and click on “Answer Keys.”
  • Step-3. Select “UPSC 2024 Answer Key” from the list.
  • Step-4. Download the PDF of the answer key.
  • Step-5. Compare your answers with the key to estimate your score.
  • Step-6. Submit objections if any discrepancies are found, following the instructions on the website.

How to Calculate Marks With CSAT Answer Key?

To determine your CSAT score accurately, follow these step-by-step processes. Begin by comparing each question in the UPSC Prelims answer key with your responses recorded on the Civil Services Aptitude Test 2024 answer sheet.

Step Description
Compare your answers
  • Go through each question in the answer key and compare it to your answer on the answer sheet.
Mark for correct answers
  • For each question you answered correctly according to the answer key, award yourself 2.5 marks.
Penalty for incorrect answers
  • There’s a negative marking in CSAT. For each question you answered incorrectly, deduct 0.83 marks from your total.
Calculate your final score
  • Add up the marks you received for all the correct answers.
  • Subtract the total penalty for incorrect answers.
  • This will be your final CSAT score.

UPSC CSAT Qualifying Marks

The Union Public Service Commission requires as a minimum requirement for candidates to pass the UPSC CSAT paper that they achieve a minimum of 33%. It is worth 200 marks, and to qualify for the exam, candidates must score at least 66 marks out of 200 to get UPSC CSAT qualifying marks.

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Last 5-Year UPSC CSAT Answer Key PDF

Even if you took the CSAT exam this year, the answer key won’t change your score. But for future test-takers, it’s a secret weapon! The official answer key shows how the examiner sets up the questions and answer choices. It’s like getting a peek into the examiner’s mind. This helps you understand how they think and choose the right answers.

By seeing things from the examiner’s point of view, you can practice answering questions the way they like. This will give you a big advantage when you take the Civil Services Aptitude Test 2024 yourself. The table below comprises the Last 5 Years CSAT Answer key PDF.

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What is 66 marks in CSAT exam?

The CSAT qualifying marks for the general category are 66 out of 200, which is 33% of the total marks. Are the CSAT qualifying marks different for OBC and SC categories? No, the CSAT qualifying marks are the same for all categories, including OBC and SC, which is 66 out of 200.

Does UPSC release the CSAT answer key?

Usually, UPSC releases the answer key after completion of the UPSC examination cycle.

What happens if you fail in CSAT exam?

Qualifying the CSAT is a mandatory requirement to proceed to the mains examination. Even if candidates excel in other papers, such as General Studies, if they fail to meet the minimum qualifying marks in CSAT, they will not be eligible to appear in the mains examination.

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