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AGNIPATH Scheme: Age Relaxation and Anti-Agnipath Protests

AGNIPATH Scheme- Relevance for UPSC Exam

AGNIPATH Scheme: it is temporary employment scheme launched by government to ensure that young minds serve the country in the army while acquiring various life skills during the process. AGNIPATH Scheme will come under UPSC Mains GS Paper 2- Governance, Administration and Challenges- Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors and issues arising out of their design and implementation.

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Agnipath Scheme in News

  • Thousands of youth in various States took to the streets demanding a rollback of the newly announced Agnipath scheme by the government.
  • Also, the Government has decided that a one-time waiver shall be granted for the proposed recruitment cycle for 2022 under Agnipath Scheme.
    • Accordingly, the upper age limit for the recruitment process for Agnipath scheme for 2022 is increased to 23 years.

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Concerns associated with AGNIPATH Scheme

  • Temporary Nature of Job: Protestors demanding the rollback of Agnipath Scheme as they believe it would lead to “contractualisation” of jobs in the Indian armed forces.
  • Future Insecurity: Uncertain Future of Agniveers who come out of military after four years of service, is cause of concern for the protesting youths.
  • Fear of Favouritism: After completion of four years, 25% agniveers will be inducted in the military on permanent basis. Many believe this will lead to favouritism in the Military.
  • Lack of Commitments towards Army: As agniveers are there in the army on a short term basis, it is possible that they will not have same level of commitment as a permanent member of army has.



  • About: Under the AGNIPATH scheme, the Agniveers will be enrolled in the Forces under respective Service Acts for a period of four years.
    • Youths selected under the Agnipath scheme will be known as Agniveers.
    • AGNIPATH allows patriotic and motivated youth to serve in the Armed Forces for a period of four years.
  • Agniveers: They would form a distinct rank in the Armed Forces, different from any other existing ranks.
  • Permanent Opportunity: Upon the completion of four years of service, based on organisational requirement and policies promulgated by the Armed Forces from time-to-time, Agniveers will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Armed Forces.
  • Process of Permanent Induction in Army: These applications will be considered in a centralised manner based on objective criteria including performance during their four-year engagement period.
    • Up to 25% of each specific batch of Agniveers Agneepath Scheme will be enrolled in regular cadre of the Armed Forces.


Agneepath scheme benefits

For the youths

  • Agnipath scheme will provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to don the uniform by attracting young talent from the society.
  • The scheme is for the youths who are more in tune with contemporary technological trends and plough back skilled, disciplined and motivated manpower into the society.

For the armed forces

  • The scheme will enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces and provide a fresh lease of ‘Josh’ and ‘Jazba’ whilst at the same time bring about a transformational shift towards a more tech savvy Armed Forces.

For the nation

  • The nation would immensely benefit by infusion of highly inspired youth with deeper understanding of self-discipline, diligence and focus who would be adequately skilled and will be able to contribute in other sectors.


Agneepath Scheme for the Armed Forces

Agneepath Scheme for the Armed Forces

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