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67th BPSC CCE Topper List, Check there Ranking and Score

67th BPSC CCE Topper List

The 67th Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) Topper List highlights the candidates who achieved the highest ranks in this competitive civil services exam. These toppers are celebrated for their outstanding performance in the preliminary, mains, and interview rounds and serve as role models for aspiring civil servants. Their recognition comes with rewards and benefits from the government and underscores the importance of dedication and excellence in public service. The BPSC CCE Topper List is a testament to the talent within Bihar and the opportunities that await those who excel in the field of civil services.

BPSC 67th CCE Toppers 2023

According to the result PDF, the examination’s top position has been clinched by Aman Anand, with the distinction of being one of the six female toppers. The top three positions in the Bihar Administrative Service are occupied by Aman Anand, Nikita Kumari, and Ankita Choudhary, securing the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions, respectively. A total of 137 candidates have been successfully selected as Sub-Divisional Backward Class and Extremely Backward Class Officers through this examination.

67th BPSC CCE Final Result PDF

The 67th Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) Final Result PDF is a document of immense significance for aspirants and the administration alike. This PDF file contains the names and roll numbers of successful candidates who have emerged victorious in the highly competitive BPSC CCE, spanning preliminary, mains, and interview rounds. It represents the culmination of their hard work, dedication, and expertise in diverse subjects and administrative skills.

This PDF is eagerly awaited, not only as a record of achievement for the candidates but also as a critical reference for government authorities in selecting individuals who will play pivotal roles in shaping Bihar’s governance and administration. It signifies the transition of aspiring civil servants into accomplished officers, embarking on a path of public service that contributes significantly to the state’s development and welfare.

67th BPSC CCE Final Result PDF

67th BPSC Top 10 Topper with Rank

Check out the top 10 toppers selected in BPSC 67th Recruitment. Below you will find the rank wise top 10 selected candidates in the table.

Rank wise Top 10BPSC 67th List
Sr. No. Name Rank
1. Aman Anand 1st
2. Nikita Kumari 2nd
3. Ankita Chaudhary 3rd
4. Khanlid Hayat 4th
5. Rishav Anand 5th
6. Priyanshu Kumar 6th
7. Apeksha Modi 7th
8. Sonal Singh 8th
9. Mukesh Kumar Yadav 9th
10. Tarun Kumar Pandey 10th

BPSC 67th Final Result 2023

67th BPSC CCE Topper List, Check there Ranking and Score_3.1

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Who get the first rank in BPSC 67th Examination?

the Aman Anand is the one who get the first position in BPSC 67th Examination.

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