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26th October 2023 Current Affairs for UPSC and STATE PSC Exams

25th October 2023 Current Affair: These current affairs updates for October 25th, 2023, provide valuable information to aid your preparation for UPSC Current Affairs 2023 and State PSC exams. The news headlines covered in the current affairs for October 25th, 2023 include One Nation One Student ID Initiative, The Legal Framework for Refugees on the International Stage, Space Junk Pollution in Earth’s Stratosphere, and The Evolving Significance and Function of Ethics Committees.

1) One Nation One Student ID Initiative

One Nation One Student
One Nation One Student
  • Academic Transformation: APAAR, the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry, is India’s ambitious initiative to modernize education.
  • Unique Lifelong ID: Each student receives a unique, lifelong APAAR ID, simplifying the tracking of their academic journey from early school years to higher education.
  • Digital Record Keeping: APAAR integrates with Digilocker, allowing students to securely store certificates, report cards, and achievements digitally.
  • Reducing Bureaucratic Hassles: The initiative streamlines education by eliminating the need for physical documents, making access to academic records more convenient for students.

2) The Legal Framework for Refugees on the International Stage

International law on refugees
International law on refugees
  • UN Chief Antonio Guterres emphasizes the importance of upholding international humanitarian law amid the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli forces are carrying out a relentless bombardment.
  • The recent violence in Gaza once again draws attention to the enduring tensions in the Middle East, highlighting the urgency of addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • The international community faces complex challenges in the region, with both historical and political factors contributing to the conflict.
  • This article explores the role of international institutions and India’s assistance to Palestinian refugees in the context of the Gaza conflict.

3) Space Junk Pollution in Earth’s Stratosphere

Space Junk Pollution in Earth's Stratosphere
Space Junk Pollution in Earth’s Stratosphere
  • Recent research by the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reveals that the Earth’s stratosphere is being silently polluted by burnt-up rockets, satellites, and space debris.
  • Scientists made a startling discovery when they found particles containing various metals in the stratosphere, which originate from vaporized satellites and rocket boosters upon re-entry.
  • Of particular intrigue are the rare elements niobium and hafnium, which are not naturally present in the stratosphere, raising questions about their source and the implications of their presence.
  • The study, led by Daniel Murphy, underscores the need for further research to comprehend the full extent of this pollution and its potential impact on the Earth’s atmosphere.

4) The Evolving Significance and Function of Ethics Committees

Function of Ethics Committees
Function of Ethics Committees
  • The Lok Sabha Ethics Committee serves a crucial role in upholding the moral and ethical conduct of members of the Indian Parliament by addressing complaints related to ethical offenses.
  • The committee’s origins can be traced back to discussions at a 1996 Presiding Officers’ Conference in Delhi, where the concept of ethics panels for both Houses of Parliament was introduced.
  • While the idea was conceived in 1996, it took several years for concrete steps to be taken to establish the Lok Sabha Ethics Committee and its counterpart in the Rajya Sabha.
  • The committee’s constitution, functions, and responsibilities are integral to maintaining the integrity of the Indian legislative process and ensuring that members adhere to ethical standards.

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