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Two Full-Time Degree Pursued Simultaneously: New Guideline By UGC

IGNOU has released an official notification regarding the framework of the scheme of simultaneously pursuing two Undergraduate/ Post Graduate programs in IGNOU. This scheme will be implemented with effect from July 2022. the candidates who are interested in pursuing two full-time Undergraduate/ Post Graduate courses simultaneously will be able to enrol in the course programme if they meet the required eligibility of the courses.

Guidelines Prescribed by IGNOU

Check out the following guidelines prescribed by the IGNOU for the scheme of simultaneously two Undergraduate/ Post Graduate programs in IGNOU. The candidates go through these guidelines to understand the intricacy of such a scheme.

  • The candidates can enrol in one programme in Regular/ ODL / Online mode from an institute other than IGNOU along with another program in ODL/ Online mode under IGNOU.
  • Candidates can opt for both course programmes in ODL or Online mode simultaneously under IGNOU.
  • Candidates must enrol for ODL/ Online Mode course Programs in two different academic cycles in the same academic year. In other words for one ODL/Online Mode program, they have to enrol in the January cycle and for others, they need to opt for the June cycle.

IGNOU Notification for Two Degree At the Same Time Policy

UGC Proposal Regarding Two Degree At the Same Time Policy

In April 2022, UGC proposed a plan to allow students to pursue two full-time degrees simultaneously. Now, students can pursue full-time degree/ diploma courses from the same university or different universities simultaneously. These courses can be completed in physiscal+ physical,  physical+ online mode or online+ online mode. This will enable students to complete two degrees simultaneously without wasting the precious academic years of their life.

The students who want to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, diplomas, or certificates can enrol for two courses simultaneously in the same or different universities. M.Phil and PhD courses have been exempted from this scheme. In alignment with this proposal, IGNOU has come up with guidelines for the implementation of this scheme.

Earlier, the candidates were not allowed to pursue two courses simultaneously, meaning they could enroll for the second-degree course only after completing the first one.

The time schedule for the two courses should not coincide with each other. This means if a candidate enrolls in a degree course in a day college/institute/ university then the second course must be either morning or evening shift. They can also enroll for one course in physical mode and another in online mode. Lastly, students will be able to enroll for two courses in online mode simultaneously as well.

Earlier, the National Education Policy (2020) proposed to allow students to pursue two different degree courses simultaneously from different universities. The UGC is working on it and has already come up with a proposal. The formal guidelines have been released by the UGC on their official website.

Guidelines for Pursuing Two Academic Programmes Simultaneously PDF

UGC Guidelines

1. A student can pursue two full-time academic programmes in regular/ODL/Online Mode in one institute or two different institutes.

2. A student can pursue two academic programmes, one in full-time physical mode and another in Open and Distance Learning (ODL)/Online mode; or up to two ODL/Online programmes simultaneously.
3. Degree or diploma programmes under ODL/Online mode shall be pursued with only such HEIs (Higher Education Institute) which are recognized by UGC/Statutory Council/Govt. of India for running such programmes.
4. Degree or diploma programmes under these guidelines shall be governed by the Regulations notified by the UGC and also the respective statutory/professional councils, wherever applicable.
5. These guidelines shall come into effect from the date of their notification by the UGC. No retrospective benefit can be claimed by the students who have already done two academic programmes simultaneously prior to the notification of these guidelines.

Note : The above guidelines shall be applicable only to the students pursuing academic programs other than Ph.D. program.

Recently, UGC has announced the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) on the recommendation of NEP 2022. Under CUET, students must appear for the entrance exam and the result of their entrance test will determine their eligibility to get admission to colleges across 45 universities.

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