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KVS Normalization Process 2023, New Guidelines of KVS Authority

KVS Normalisation 2023: The KVS Normalisation 2023 is expected to be implemented in the KVS Exam 2023. The KVS Exam 2023 is scheduled from 7th February to 6th March. The candidates who are all set to appear for the KVS Exam 2023 must remember that this time they have to appear in Online Mode i.e., Computer Based Test.

Therefore, the KVS Exam 2023 will be conducted in different shifts on different days. Hence, it is expected that the KVS Normalisation 2023 will be implemented on the KVS Result 2023. For more information on KVS Normalisation 2023, candidates must go through the following article thoroughly.

KVS Memory Based Papers

What is KVS Normalisation 2023?

KVS Normalization Process includes a process where the values that are measured on different scales are adjusted or manipulated to derive rational or standardised results. In the case of KVS Normalization, it is used because KVS Exam 2023 will be conducted on various days in two shifts. The purpose of KVS Normalization is to derive rationalised results for all candidates who have appeared in these different shifts on various days.

KVS Selection Process

KVS Normalisation 2023 Process

The following KVS Normalisation 2023 has been approved by  KVS for the KVS LDC Exam 2018. Therefore, it can be expected that KVS will implement the same KVS Normalization Process 2023 for the KVS Exam 2023 for the PRT, TGT and PGT posts as well.

KVS Exam Date

Inputs required to fetch the score for the KVS normalization process

  1. Raw score report of the candidates who appeared for a particular post, across all shifts.
  2. The actual number of valid questions to be considered, post the objection

Score Normalization logic

The following has to be calculated across all shifts for all the candidates who have appeared for the KVS exam 2023 for the same post.

Total Number of Questions (A)

It is Defined as the number of questions available in the question paper. (e.g. 120 questions)

As an example, let’s assume the question paper has 120 questions

Total Number of Correct Questions (B)

It is Defined as the number of valid questions which have to be considered for score evaluation and score normalization, post the finalization of questions after the candidates have raised objections (if any)

B = A – # questions which are removed post-candidate objections

ASSUME there are 3 invalid questions in (A)

Then B = 120-3 = 117

Example: ASSUME a candidate has attempted 103 out of 117 questions, of which 98 are correct responses and 5 are wrong responses. 14 un-attempted questions will be Blanks.

KVS Exam Analysis 2023 For TGT PGT PRT & Principal Posts

Total Correct Responses (C)

Defined as the number of responses which are answered correctly by the candidate for the total number of valid questions (B)

In the example C = 98

Candidate Score (D)

Total Correct responses (D)

In the example D = 98

Candidate Score to be considered for Normalization (E)

Consider the case where scores will be based on 120. So, the score (D) of every candidate is to be prorated i.e. it has to be multiplied by the factor: 120/B

In the example E = (D/B)*100 = (98/117)*120 = 120 = 100.5128205

Now we need to calculate the Average and Standard Deviation for each Shift

KVS 2023

Calculation of Standard Deviation Example: 9 candidates attended a shift

Xav is the average which are total marks divided by no. of candidates

D or X

(raw score for 120)

X = (X-Xav)
1 31 -34 1156
2 46 -19 361
3 40 -25 625
4 71 6 36
5 65 0 0
6 90 25 625
7 59 -6 36
8 84 19 361
9 99 34 1156
N = 9 Total = L = ∑X = 585 ∑ x² = 4356

Xav =: L /No. of candidates present for that particular shift = 585 / 9 = 65

Standard Deviation = square root of ∑x²/N = square root of 4356/9 = square root of 484 = 22

Total Raw Scores for all candidates in a shift (L)

Sum of Raw candidate’s raw scores (X) for all candidates in a shift

L = ∑X

In the SD example L = 585

Simple Average (Xav)

Total Raw score for all candidates in a shift (L) / Total candidate (Present) count for a shift

= L /N

Standard Deviation (S)

Calculated at a shift level based on the candidate’s scores

To be calculated as explained in the example

Normalized Score for each candidate (Xn)

Xn = (S2/S1) * (X-Xav) + Yav

Value Explanation
S2 Is the SD of the shift with the Highest Average

Score taken as base for normalization

S1 Standard Deviation for the corresponding shift (to

be scaled to S2)

x Raw score of a candidate
Xav Simple average of the Shift
Yav Average corresponding to shift with highest Average

(taken as the base for normalization)

KVS Cut-Off 2023

Why KVS Normalisation 2023 is expected?

As the KVS Exam 2023 will be conducted online in different shifts and on different days, it is now expected that the KVS will introduce KVS Normalisation 2023 to fetch fair KVS Results 2023 for the candidates who appear for the KVS Exam 2023.

With the KVS normalization process 2023, it becomes easier to evaluate the performance of the candidates appearing for the KVS exam 2023 on a similar basis on a balanced parameter. The difficulty level of each shift of the KVS exam 2023 is considered and then a formula is applied to calculate the KVS Results 2023 for the same. The normalization is already adopted by other government exams like SSC for the same purpose.

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How to convert the KVS percentile into marks?

The formula to convert the KVS percentile into marks is given in the above article. Read the article carefully for a better understanding of the KVS Normalization process 2023.

Do marks increase in Normalisation?

The normalization process might affect the final marks obtained by the candidates either by increasing or decreasing them based on the different sessions they have appeared in.

Is there normalization in KVS ?

There is no confirmation from KVS regarding the implementation of the KVS Normalization Process 2023 for the KVS PRT, TGT, PGT Exam 2023.

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