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How to Prepare for MPPSC Exam 2024?

MPPSC Exam 2024 Preparation: The official website has published the MPPSC announcement for 2024. What should the approach that candidates take to do well on the next MPPSC exam 2024?

First of all, you should be aware of your weak and stronger parts and then make a strategy and work on it seriously. Here are the preparation tips for the MPPSC exam 2024 to be followed by the aspirants going to ace the MPPSC Exam 2024.

MPPSC Exam Pattern 2024

In the below section, MPPSC Exam Pattern 2024 is given. Candidates can check their exam type, marks and time duration

Exam Name Type of the Exam/Duration Marks
MPPSC Prelims Exam 2024 General Studies-Objective (2 Hours)

General Aptitude Test- Objective (2 Hours)



MPPSC Mains Exam 2024 General Studies-I (3 hours)

General Studies-II (3 hours)

General Studies-III (3 hours)

General Studies-IV (3 hours)

Hindi (3 Hours)

Hindi Essay (2 hours)







MPPSC Interview 2024 Personality Test 175

Under the MPPSC Prelims exam 2024, there will be two papers, namely:

  1. General Studies and General Aptitude Test. Both will have Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
  2. Both the papers consist of 200 marks each, and the time allotted is 120 minutes or 2 hours for each paper.
  3. There will be no negative marking in MPPSC (State Service Exam) Prelims exam 2024 for wrong answers.

Under the MPPSC Mains examination 2024, there will be five main papers, namely:

  1. General Studies I
  2. General Studies II
  3. General Studies III
  4. General Studies IV
  5. Hindi
  6. Hindi Essay

MPPSC Mains Exam Pattern 2024

In the MPPSC Mains Exam 2024 question paper is prepared with the first three general studies which are worth 300 marks and the 4th General Studies paper has 200 marks. The Hindi paper carries 200 marks, and the Hindi essay paper is allocated a maximum of 100 marks. All papers except the Hindi Essay are to be completed within 180 minutes (3 hours). Candidates have 120 minutes (2 hours) specifically for the Hindi Essay paper.

General Tips for MPPSC Exam 2024

1. Revision
It is necessary to revise. While having confidence is admirable, having too much confidence can be harmful. Thoroughly go over each concept once again after it has been prepared. Twice before the exam, go over your weakest subjects.

• Revise whatever you study
• Make short notes so that they can be helpful in quick revision.
• Divide your strong, weak, and moderate sections and work on them accordingly.

2. Accuracy
Though there is no negative marking, you still need to make check your accuracy because accuracy boosts the scores.

• If do not know the answer then quit that question.
• Try to solve accurately.
• Full concentration is needed to make your attempts accurate.

3. Time Management
Time management is very crucial.  Do not waste your crucial time on one lengthy question.  If you know that question would take your time then it is advisable to leave that question and move to the next question. Try to attempt lengthy questions at the last.

• Full mocks are helpful.
• Manage your time.
• Skip those questions which are time-consuming and lengthy.
• Concentrate on every question.

4. Speed
Speed is very important to attempt the exam on time. Both speed and accuracy are crucial. So try to work on speed.

• Practice makes the speed
• Attempt more and more questions to enhance your speed.
• Practice daily.
• Try to work on mind calculations because it saves time.

6. Attempt Mock And Previous Year’s Papers
“Practice makes the man perfect”. Attempt mocks and solves previous year’s papers. To boost your speed, accuracy, and knowledge.

• Previous year papers and Mocks are very helpful.
• It is helpful to diagnose your level of preparation.
• Check your mistakes and work on them to improve them.

A positive attitude keeps you confident during preparations and you do not waste time with unnecessary thoughts regarding the outcome of exams. Take good care of your health, because a fit body hosts a healthy mind. We hope that this will help you in sailing through MPPSC Exam 2024.

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How many times MPPSC exam is conducted in a year?

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) is a state-level exam that is conducted once a year by the agency of Madhya Pradesh State.

What is the time duration for MPPSC Prelims Exam 2024?

The time duration for MPPSC Prelims Exam is 4 hours (2 for each subject).

What are the stages for MPPSC Exam 2024?

There are 3 stages for MPPSC Exam- Prelims, Mains and Interview.

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