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UGC Introduces Mandatory Internships for UG Students in Line with NEP 2020

University Grants Commission (UGC) has introduced draft guidelines that make internships mandatory for undergraduate students pursuing various degree programs under NEP 2020. According to the “Guidelines for Internship and Research Internship for Undergraduate Students,” students will be awarded credits for their internship experiences in their UG Courses.

UGC Internship

Under these UGC draft guidelines, a minimum of two to four credits, out of the required minimum of 120/160 credits for a three-year UG degree, four-year UG degree (Honours), or four-year UG degree (Honours with Research), can be assigned for internships. This move aims to emphasize the inclusion of research and internships in the undergraduate curriculum, providing students with opportunities for active engagement in on-site experiential learning.

UGC Guidelines for UG Internship

Internship Guidelines for UG Courses

The UGC states that an internship of 60 to 120 hours will be mandatory for students enrolled in UG degree programs, and the guidelines specify that three-year UG degrees, four-year UG degrees (Honours), and four-year degrees (Honours with Research) programs must strictly adhere to NEP-2020, the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (NHEQF), and the Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programs (CCFUP) provisions.

Courses Schedule Duration Suggested Activities
  • 3-year UG degree
  • 4-year UG degree (Honours)
  • 4-year UG degree (Honours with Research)
After (4th) Semester 60 -120 hours
  • Hands-on Training/Short Research Project
  • Seminar attendance
  • Read assigned journals to prepare for seminars
  • Study certain entrepreneurs
  • Social projects
4-year UG Degree (Honours with Research) After (8th) Semester 1 Semester
  • HEI may adopt Research Methodology, Research Tools and Techniques, Research Ability Enhancement and Policy Framework Courses
  • Dissertation/Thesis/Project Work/Research project

UGC guidelines also emphasize the need for students to attain competencies with a research orientation through the Research Ability Enhancement Courses (RAEC) and by undertaking research internship projects based on the higher education qualification level descriptors for level-5.5 and level-6.

For students pursuing a three-year UG degree, an internship of 60 to 120 hours will be mandatory after the fourth semester. Those opting for a four-year degree will be required to complete a research internship during the eighth semester.

UG Internship Place

UGC draft guidelines clarify that while normal internships can be undertaken with government or private organizations, non-government organizations, enterprises, business organizations, local industries, artists, craftspeople, and similar entities, research internship experiences can be gained by working with faculty, scientists, mentors in higher education institutions (HEIs), research institutions, universities, industrial research labs, nationally and internationally reputed organizations, farmers, and entrepreneurs.

Evaluation of interns will be conducted by the research internship supervisor based on their efforts and research output, or through seminar presentations or viva-voce at the HEI, according to the draft guidelines.

What is CCFUP

In light of the NEP-2020, the UGC has introduced a new student-centric “Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programs” (CCFUP), which incorporates a flexible choice-based credit system, multiple entry and exit options, and a multidisciplinary approach. Under the new framework, students will participate in work experience, professional activities, or cooperative education activities with external entities, all supervised by experts from these organizations.


These new guidelines signify a commitment to promoting practical experience and research opportunities for undergraduate students, aiming to produce more well-rounded and job-ready graduates who can contribute effectively to the workforce and research community. The UGC’s move is seen as a progressive step towards aligning higher education in India with global standards and the evolving demands of the job market.

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