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How to Apply for Assistant Professor Post from UGC CU Chayan Portal?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has active portal for Central University Recruitment i.e. Cu Chayan Portal. Cu Chayan Portal is online platform designed to streamline the faculty recruitment process, making it easier for candidates to apply for teaching positions in Central  universities and colleges across the country.

Candidate who have qualified CSIR/UGC/SET can apply here Central  universities Teaching Recruitment through the CU Chayan Portal. UGC CU Chayan Portal is centralized system tailored to complete recruitment needs. In this article, candidate can check the CU Chayan rules and details steps to apply for recruitment through UGC CU Chayan Portal.

What is UGC CU Chayan Portal?

hairman of UGC unveiled UGC CU-Chayan, a specialized recruitment portal designed specifically for faculty positions within Central Universities. This innovative platform marks a significant advancement in the recruitment process initiated by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

CU-Chayan serves as a user-friendly interface, revolutionizing the hiring procedures for professors, associate professors, and assistant professors across multiple UGC-affiliated institutions. By leveraging CU-Chayan, universities and candidates alike benefit from a streamlined, efficient, and transparent recruitment process, fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence.

UGC CU Chayan Portal: Overview

The Portal revolutionizes the recruitment process by offering a unified platform to list vacancies, advertisements, and faculty positions from all Universities. It streamlines the entire process online, from application to screening, and keeps all portal users informed with real-time alerts, creating a seamless and efficient experience for both job seekers and employers.

cu chayan
cu chayan
About UGC CU Chayan Portal
Made for Central Universities of India
Launched on 2nd May 2023
Launched by UGC (University Grant Commission)
Chairman of UGC M. Jagadesh Kumar
Website www.curec.samarth.ac.in

Universities under UGC CU Chayan Portal

Launched in May 2023, the CU-Chayan Portal streamlines faculty recruitment across all 56 Central Universities in India. This user-friendly platform eliminates the need for individual university websites, centralizing vacancy listings, applications, and the entire recruitment process. Open to both universities and aspiring faculty, it offers transparency, simplifies applications, and facilitates communication, creating a win-win scenario for attracting top talent to Central Universities. The list of Central Universities and their States who gives recruitment notification under UGC CY Chayan portal has been mentioned below.

University State
Aligarh Muslim University Uttar Pradesh
Assam University Assam
Banaras Hindu University Uttar Pradesh
Central Sanskrit University Delhi
Central University of Gujarat Gujarat
Central University of Haryana Haryana
Central University of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh
Central University of Jharkhand Jharkhand
Central University of Karnataka Karnataka
Central University of Kerala Kerala
Central University of Odisha Odisha
Central University of Punjab Punjab
Central University of Rajasthan Rajasthan
Central University of South Bihar Bihar
Dr. Harisingh Gour Vishwavidyalaya Madhya Pradesh
Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi
Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi
Mahatma Gandhi Antarrashtriya Hindi VishwaVidyalaya Maharashtra
Mahatma Gandhi Central University Bihar
Maulana Azad National Urdu University Hyderabad
Mizoram University Mizoram
Nagaland University Nagaland
National Sanskrit University Andhra Pradesh
North Eastern Hill University Meghalaya
Pondicherry University Pondicherry
Rajiv Gandhi University Arunachal Pradesh
Sikkim University Sikkim
Tezpur University Assam
The English and Foreign Languages University Telangana
The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Madhya Pradesh
Tripura University Tripura
University of Hyderabad Telangana
Visva Bharati University West Bengal

Features of the UGC CU Chayan Portal

Below are the features of the UGC CU Chayan Portal meant to provide job opportunities in the higher education sector:

  1. Stay well-informed by tracking the progress of your application in real-time, ensuring you’re always up-to-date.
  2. A personalized dashboard awaits each applicant, providing a convenient hub to oversee applications, monitor advancements, and receive valuable input.
  3. Empowering universities and departments is their individualized admin dashboard, endowing them with comprehensive authority over the entire recruitment procedure.
  4. Effortlessly maintain communication with prospective employers and stay updated on your application’s status, all facilitated by the integrated email tool.
  5. Elevate your application’s strength through online feedback and references, enhancing its overall appeal.
  6. Attain immediate insights into the application process, allowing you to refine your approach and enhance your likelihood of achieving success.

How to Register Yourself in UGC CU Chayan Portal ?

Below are the important links provided which can help you directly visit the portal and complete the required process of registration.

CU Chayan UGC Job Portal
CU Chayan Registration UGC Recruitment Portal Registration
CU Chayan Login UGC Recruitment Portal Login
CU Chayan Job Search UGC Recruitment Portal Job Search

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering on the UGC CU Chayan Portal

Step 1: Access the Official Website:

  • To initiate the registration process, launch your web browser and navigate to the official UGC Cu Chayan Portal. You can easily locate the portal by conducting a search for “UGC Cu Chayan Portal” using your preferred search engine.

Step 2: Registration:

  • On the main page of the portal, you will encounter an option labelled as “New User Registration” or a similar description. Please click on this option.
  • Subsequently, you will be directed to a registration form. Here, provide the necessary information such as your name, email address, mobile number, and other essential details.
  • Generate a robust password that combines letters, numbers, and special characters. This password will serve as your access key to log into your account.

Step 3: Email Verification:

  • Upon completing the registration form, an email will be dispatched to the email address you provided.
  • Access your email inbox and locate the verification email sent by the UGC Cu Chayan Portal.
  • Click on the verification link contained within the email. This step is of utmost importance as it verifies your email address and activates your account.

Step 4: Set Up Your Password:

  • Next, it’s essential to establish a potent and secure password for your account. Be sure to adhere to the password guidelines stipulated on the portal.
  • Formulate a password that encompasses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to enhance the security aspect.

Step 5: Logging In:

  • Return to the UGC Cu Chayan Portal’s website.
  • Employ your registered email address and the password you’ve set up to log in to your freshly created account.

Step 6: Profile Completion:

  • Upon successful login, you will be prompted to finalize your profile. Supply accurate and current information, encompassing personal particulars, educational achievements, professional experience, research publications, and any other pertinent data.
  • Always double-check the furnished information before submitting your profile. Furnishing precise and comprehensive details will bolster your profile and augment your prospects throughout the application procedure.

How to Apply for Assistant Professor Post from UGC CU Chayan Portal?

Candidate are advise to follow the below steps to Apply for Assistant Professor Post from UGC CU Chayan Portal.

Step 1: Browse Vacancies:

  • With your profile set up, you can now browse through the available vacancies posted on the UGC Cu Chayan Portal.
  • The portal often categorises vacancies based on different criteria, making it easier for you to find positions that match your qualifications and preferences.

Step 2: Select Post

  • When you find a vacancy that interests you, click on it to view the detailed job description and eligibility criteria.
  • If you meet the requirements, you can proceed to apply for the position.

Step 3: Submission of application:

  • The application process typically involves uploading your resume, cover letter, and other relevant documents.
  • Prepare all the necessary documents requested in the job advertisement.
  • Upload the required documents as per the specifications provided on the portal.
  • Write a compelling cover letter or statement of purpose, if required.

Step 4: Review before Submit:

  • Before finalizing your application, review all the provided information and attached documents.
  • Make sure there are no errors or discrepancies.
  • Once you are satisfied, click the “Submit” button to send in your application.

Step 5: Fee for Application:

  • Some job applications may require an application fee.
  • If an application fee is applicable, you will be prompted to pay it through the portal’s integrated payment gateway.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment process.

Step 6: Application Status Tracking:

  • After submitting your application, you can track its status through your account on the UGC Cu Chayan Portal.
  • The portal will provide updates regarding shortlisting, interview schedules, and other relevant information.

Step 7: Shortlisting, Interview and Selection:

  • If your application is shortlisted, you will receive further instructions regarding the interview process.
  • Prepare for the interview by reviewing your qualifications, research work, and other aspects relevant to the position.
  • Attend the interview as scheduled and showcase your expertise.

Step 8: Notification for final selection:

  • After the interview process, the UGC Cu Chayan Portal will notify you about the final selection.
  • If you are selected for the position, follow the provided instructions for further procedures.

How to Reset UGC CU Chayan Password?

In the event that a user forgets their password for CU Chayan, they have the option to initiate a password reset directly from the login page. To carry out the password reset process, kindly adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Locate and click on the “Request Password Reset” hyperlink.
  2. This action will lead users to the dedicated “Request Password Reset” page.
  3. On this page, users are required to input the email address linked to their account.
  4. Enter the aforementioned registered email address and complete the captcha to verify your identity. Subsequently, click on “Resend Email” to initiate the password reset procedure.
  5. An email containing instructions for resetting the password will be sent to the user’s registered email address.
  6. Follow the provided instructions within the email to successfully reset the password. Once the password has been reset and a successful login is achieved, users can proceed to explore job vacancies, submit job applications, and monitor the status of their applications.


The UGC Cu Chayan Portal serves as a modern and efficient platform for both higher education institutions and aspiring faculty members. The UGC Recruitment Portal serves as a medium through which Central Universities can publicize job openings, gather applications, assess candidates, conduct interviews, and ultimately select faculty members. While job listings will continue to be featured in newspapers, a supplementary link to the portal will be provided for additional information. You can access the portal via www.curec.samarth.ac.in and find comprehensive information on the official website.


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what is UGC CU Chayan Portal?

The UGC Cu Chayan Portal is a web-based platform designed to facilitate the recruitment of professors, associate professors, and assistant professors in various higher education institutions under the UGC.

what is the aim of the UGC CU Chayan Portal?

The aim of the UGC CU Chayan Portals bring transparency, efficiency, and accountability to the recruitment process by digitizing and centralizing various stages, from application submission to final selection.

What is the official website of the UGC CU Chayan Portal?

You can access the UGC CU Chayan Portal via www.curec.samarth.ac.in and find comprehensive information on the official website.

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