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Last Week Strategy for MP TET Exam 2022

The MPTET Exam 2022 is scheduled for 5th March 2022. The candidates are left with limited time to prepare for the exam. It is of paramount importance for the candidates to focus and revise with all their hearts diligently. To help the candidates crack the exam with flying colors, Adda247 has come up with an effective and impactful Last Week Strategy for MP TET Exam 2022. These tips have been curated by the subjects experts who have been following the exams for years. Based on their expertise and experience, we advise you to apply these strategies for success.

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Last Week MP TET Strategy

The candidates should read and apply the following stated Last Week Strategy for MP TET Exam 2022 for a successful attempt

Revise Well

It’s the final week of your preparation for the MPTET Exam 2022. It is essential for you to complete your final revision asap. Make sure you touch all the important topics and concepts you have learned during all phases of MPTET Exam preparation. This will help you remember everything you have learned so far and use your knowledge in a better way during your exams.

MPTET Study Plan 2022

Avoid Consulting too Many Study Materials

It is essential that you avoid reading or studying from too many study materials. Reading from too many sources will lead to confusion. Our brain tends to jumble information when it is received from too many verticals. Thus it is better you study from one or two reliable sources from where you have studied earlier and do not consult any new study material during the last week of your preparation.

Rely on Handmade Notes

Studies suggest that we remember things written in our own handwriting more effectively than by studying in other’s handwriting or printed material. Moreover, our brains tend to remember things in the order and the way we originally perceived, experienced or learned them. Thus, study from your handwritten notes during the final week of MPTET preparation and you will be able to retain more things than otherwise.

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Say No to New Topics

Do not attempt to study something or anything that you haven’t touched before. Again, reading new information will confuse you and everything that you have already studied will get jumbled up. Stick to what you have already covered and revise diligently. In lure of learning something new at the last minute might result in forgetting or distorting the memories of the known things.

Strategy Tips for MP TET 2022 Exam

Solve Previous Years Questions Paper

Rather than learning something new, you should focus on brushing up on what you already know. Solve the MP TET previous year’s question paper and try to get accustomed to the question papers of the previous years. This will help you get prepared to handle and tackle the type of questions that appear in the MP TET Exam. Try to create a strategy on how you will attempt the question paper on the day of your exam. Which section are you going to attempt first or how much time are you going to devote to you each section. Try to find answers to such questions.

Attempt Mock Tests

Try to attempt as many mock tests as possible during this week. There are many online MPTET mock tests available for free on the internet. These mock tests follow the MPTET Syllabus and exam pattern. You will have to solve the mock test in a time-bound manner on your computer, exactly replicating the real MPTET exam 2022. This will help you to increase your speed, accuracy and problem-solving skills.

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Focus on Weak Points

Now that you have already attempted mock tests and previous years’ questions, you will be able to identify your strong and weak points. Thus, you should highly focus on brushing up on the topics you think you are lagging behind. This will help you strengthen your preparedness.

Prioritize your Health

Health is wealth and therefore, you should not compromise with your health in lure of a better performance. Because compromising your health and performing in your exam is a juxtaposition. An unhealthy body will not let you perform to the best of your potential. Thus, take care of your body. Eat well on time and take proper care of your healthy by taking regular breaks.

MP TET Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Stay Calm and Think Positive

Stay calm and be confident in yourself. Remember you have given your best while preparing for the MPTET exam 2022. Thus, you should show yourself some faith and trust. Keep your mind calm and composed. Your positive approach will help you find a correct solution even in unexpected situations. Suppose you do not know the correct answer to any question in your exam. If you panic and lose control over your nerves then you might end up ruining your chances in the exam. However, if you keep your cool and just move on to the next question and try to attempt the rest of the question with composure, you will able to solve more questions effectively.

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