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How To Avoid Procrastination While Studying?

Good Morning Readers!

Do you have a tendency to procrastinate? Do you leave important things such as writing an assignment, finishing the revision of a chapter, or attempting a mock test for lesser important things? Do you spend time on social media, online/offline games or daydreaming when you should have studied for your exam? If all these habits or activities match with your behavioural or habitual pattern then you have a habit of procrastination. Procrastination is a tendency to postpone important things or tasks to do until much later. In some cases, procrastination leads to missing deadlines and eventually the valuable time that you could have spent on productive activities.

The best part of a habit is that it be replaced by other habits and procrastination is no different.

Procrastination is the talent of being most productive at most unimportant tasks. Be it scrolling down social media, surfing TV channels, or binge-watching on OTT platforms ?.

So, today we will be discussing how to avoid procrastination while studying. Now that we know the problems, let’s focus on the solution or should we do that tomorrow? Oh no, that would be procrastination. So, we have to do it now. Right?

Well, there it is. You got the answer. To stop procrastinating, you have to do the work at hand immediately. Do not put it off for tomorrow. If you can do it tomorrow, then you can do it today. Because procrastination is nothing but a process of making easy things difficult and difficult things more difficult. Get started with what you need to do today, now.

Reading 10000 words on how to avoid procrastination while studying is not going to help you actually avoid procrastination until you commit to avoiding procrastination.

Get up and get going. That’s it.!!

If you rely on tomorrow to do what needs to be done today then you will lose the opportunity to build your tomorrow.

Edward Young once penned a poem “The Night-Thoughts” where he said, “Procrastination is the thief of time”. So, don’t let this thief steal your tomorrow for nothing.

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