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The teaching support system plays an important role in making teaching effective. It enables learners to utilise their knowledge efficiently to solve problems. With the growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has made education flourish globally with advanced means. The teaching method is now diverged into two different ways of thinking about education, one is traditional and the other one is ICT Method.

Teaching Support System

The teaching support system is the combination of different strategies, tools and means that help teachers enhance the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. A good teaching support system provides teachers with a set of instructional aids for the standards and skills that students are not proficient in. There are different types of teaching support systems available to teachers. These are discussed as follows:

Traditional Teaching Support System

Traditional teaching support system concerns with recitation and memorization techniques. It involves a conventional education structure where teaching used to be associated with the ‘chalk & talk method. Major features of this method are: 

  • The teacher is the sole organizer of the learning activity.
  • The teacher is responsible to control class as well as teaching with the usage of blackboard, explaining concepts, asking students to copy and making sure that students are paying attention.
  • The flow of communication is one way in which the teacher often continuously talks and students have to cram and reproduce
  • After the class, students revise their notes and memories them.
  • Instructions are totally based on study material and notes provided by the teacher based on textbooks, lectures and individual written assignments
  • The goal of this setting is to pass the examination.

Merits of traditional teaching methods-

  • These methods are easy to use.
  • The chances of technical glitches are really less.
  • No need to learn about the usage of computer-based teaching aids.

Demerits of traditional teaching methods-

  • Lack of cooperativeness and collaboration
  • More emphasis on results and exams.
  •  Lack of collaboration and group learning
  • There is measlier involvement of learners.
  • Less emphasis on the understanding of concepts.
  • Weak learners suffer the most as they don’t feel motivated.
  • Evaluation of learners can be faulty based on traditional teaching methods.

Modern and ICT Based Teaching Methods

The teaching support system has faced a new shift in this globalised era with the introduction of modern teaching support systems. This includes instruments like computers, internet surfing, electronic notebooks, online dictionaries, e-readers, laptops, computer educational games, online encyclopedias, picture dictionaries, PowerPoint slides and games; flash educational games etc. 

Merits of modern teaching support system-

  • It makes teaching more learner-centred.
  • Student-friendly teaching and active participation of learners.
  • Knowledge is created rather than delivered.
  • Have more scope for flexibility, originality, and reliability.
  • They are collaborative and need initiative.

Demerits of modern teaching support system-

  • It requires huge investments of money, time and effort.
  • It is more dynamic and hence, teachers need to learn and relearn new skills.
  •  There is too much dependence on technology which reduces the authority of teachers.

ICT Based teaching support system

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support system in education is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to assist, improve, and optimize the delivery of information. E-learning and mobile learning are synonyms of ICT based teaching-learning process. Here, education has outreached the boundaries of the classroom with advanced technologies.

Features of ICT teaching support system-

  • Smart interactive boards with the aid of PowerPoint presentations and interactive sessions.
  • Delivering lectures using microphones 
  • Computers or laptops & Technology-driven settings are required in the classrooms

Merits of ICT-based teaching methods-

  • Audio-visual recording and online content assist the students to understand the subject better and also helps students to remember and learn the concept for a longer time
  • It promotes the student’s interest by making the teaching-learning process more interactive and interesting.
  • Teachers can cover more syllabi in lesser time by using a Modern teaching support system.

Demerits of ICT-based teaching methods-

  • Using ICT-based aids in teaching can adversely affect the learner’s health like a strain on eyes and back pain etc. Modern teaching methods can adversely affect the eyes of the students.
  • Reduced face-to-face interaction with teachers

Download Teaching Support System Study Notes PDF

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Enlist major modern teaching support tools.

modern teaching support system includes tools like projectors, Laptops, Computers, CDs/ DVDs and smartboards etc.

In which method teacher is solely responsible to manage everything?

As per the traditional approach the teacher is solely responsible to manage the class.

What is the major limitation of the traditional teaching support system?

Less emphasis on the understanding of concepts and promotes craming. 

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