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How To Overcome Frustration Barriers?

Difficulties, obstacles, and challenges are part and parcel of life.

Every day we need to strive and struggle to achieve our goals. From learning a new skill, losing weight, switching jobs, starting a new habit to acquiring new taste; life throws challenges at us in the pursuit of these goals at every step. It is very difficult to take up these challenges every time while maintaining the same level of enthusiasm and overcoming the obstacle. Moreover, these things take time, and mostly the progress is slow and gradual. All these factors manifest into a frustration barrier.

Frustration Barrier is a phenomenon that people experience when things don’t go their way and they start feeling frustrated because they might not be able to achieve their goals on time easily based on the difficulty level of the tasks. This happens when people go out of their comfort zone with the expectation to achieve results immediately however, in reality they don’t. This creates a barrier in mind, and they give up too early.

Suppose you are trying to lose weight and you start working out at a gym. Going to gym and working out for the first time is difficult. Your body starts aching, you feel fatigue, and maybe cranky. The question is why is that so? Why do you feel fatigue and pain when working out should eventually get rid of all these problems along with losing your weight. On top of that if you measure yourself every day for a week and notice no change in your weight, it is but natural to get frustrated. After all, those hours of sweating and training could not fetch you any results. This is the time people give up on their goals in frustration and this is the frustration barrier you must break down to be able to achieve your goals.

First of all, you have to be calm and patient with your dreams, aims and goals. Try to focus on the results you want to achieve and convince your mind that you are doing the needful. Moreover, you should set small achievable goals for yourself and gradually try to push your boundaries. Try to stretch for 15 mins a day along with breathing exercise for 15 mins a day for the first week. Let your muscles get aquatinted with the change you want to bring in. Increase your time for exercise and add new forms of work out into your workout schedule.

Getting frustrated and quitting today is easy but living with the frustration of not trying enough to achieve your goals later is even more frustrating.

Try to identify and address the problems that leads you to frustration. Call for help if need be. Ask your friends to join gym with you or hire a professional instructor so that somebody will help you get past the frustration barriers. Once you get past the initial phase of hard work without results to the phase of hard work and gradual progress, you will realize you have broken the shackle of frustration barrier. You will get used to hard work and start enjoying it.

Remember, everybody gets frustrated even the ones who are cool, calm and composed on the surface and getting frustrated at times is as natural as feeling other emotions like happy, affection, sad, anger and so on. However, the key to successfully overcoming the frustration barrier is to identify the problem, patiently deal with and not quitting it easily. Try to think clearly beyond the immediate effects of your hard work. Think about the long-term results and keep tracking your current hard work to keep your current path in alignment with your future goals.

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