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How To Improve Your CDP Score In UPTET Exam?


CDP or Child Development & Pedagogy is main subject for clearing teaching exams. UPTET is  prominent teaching exam for teaching aspirants who to teach in Uttar Pradesh schools which will be going to held on 25th July 2021. Child Development & Pedagogy comes in both papers i.e. Paper 1 & 2 of UPTET exam. This section carries a weightage of 30 marks in each paper. This subject helps teachers to understand the educational psychology of child which required for teaching and learning in the classroom. Child Pedagogy also provides a pedagogical perspective to guide a teacher in developing effective evaluation, assessment strategies, and learning experiences for their teaching.

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Highlights of CDP Section :

CDP Child Development and Pedagogy
Paper Comes in both UPTET papers
Total Questions 30 questions (in each paper)
Total Marks 30 marks (in each paper)
Marking For right answer 1 mark
Negative Marking No
Question Pattern Objective type
Language Bilingual
Difficulty level for UPTET Paper 1 Upto 8th Class
Difficulty level for UPTET Paper 2 Upto 10th Class
Examination pattern based on primary level for Paper I and upper primary level for Paper II.
Examination Content
  • The concept of development and its relationship with learning
  • The concept of Inclusive Education
  • Learning and pedagogy
  • Understanding children with special needs

Important Topic for CDP Section In UPTET Exam

S.No. Topic Mostly Asked Topics
1. Growth & Development Influencing factors, Stages of Development
2. Cognitive Theories Piaget, Kohlberg, Vygotsky
3. Intelligence & Its Theories IQ, ZPD, Other intelligence theories & Test.
4. Learning Theories Laws of Learning, Theories, Learning Curve , Learning Methods
5. Motivation Maslow Hierarchy, Reinforcement & Punishment
6. Teaching Teaching Maxim, Teaching Methods, Micro Teaching
7. Heredity & Environment Influencing Factors of Learning
8. Inclusive  Education Guidance , Counselling, Learning Disabilities, Teaching Learning Methods, Counselling Centre in UP at district and state level
9. Evaluations School-Based Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment, CCE (Scholastic & Co- Scholastic), Types Of Questions
10. Theories & their Profounder Vygotsky, Kohlberg , bronfenbrenner theory & others
11. Statement & Definition by Different Psychologist Skinner, Gestalt, Kohlberg. etc. including intelligence, personality behaviourism etc.

UPTET 2020-21: Important Topics Asked In UPTET 2021 Exam [Subject wise]

Strategy to improve your performance in Child Pedagogy & Development:

1. Prepare And Follow A Strict Time-Table:

This point is the basic strategy to begin preparing for any competitive exam as these require proper dedication and punctuality towards studies. Schedule a time-table in such a way that you are capable of following it throughout your preparation period and it includes short breaks to keep you refreshed. You must give extra time to the topics that are hard and important. The candidates should not waste their precious time on unusual things. You must learn to have time management skills to ensure less wastage of time during the preparation period.

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2. Prepare Short Notes:

You should prepare your own notes of the topics you have studied as this will be a helping hand for a go through during their revision period. You must highlight the important topics, formulae, points so that revising becomes easy during the revision period. Learning from hand-made notes is much more effective than reading from books.

CDP Study Notes For All Teaching Exams

3. Solving Previous Year Question Papers:

Solve at least last 5-year previous papers manually with a time-management just like the way you are sitting in the final exam. This would help you to learn the exam pattern of the exam and self-assessment can be done so that you can work on your weak topics of the syllabus. This would also help you to score more marks in the exam.

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4. Practicing Sample Papers And Mock Tests:

You can practice numerous mock tests which are available online on various learning websites. By daily practicing these mock tests, you can mold yourself to calculate the questions much faster and you can improve your problem-solving skills.

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5. Understand Exam Pattern And Syllabus:

This is the most effective method of starting preparation for any competitive exam as if you are aware of what will be asked it becomes much easier to manage time and topics. If you are not aware of the updated syllabus, you may waste your time learning the things which are not necessary anymore for the exam. So understanding the exam pattern and syllabus as declared by the exam conducting authority will help you to prepare in a definite manner effectively.

UP TET 2021 Syllabus and Exam Pattern

6. Refer Relevant Books And Notes:

Do not waste time on reading every book in the market, in fact, refer  to NCERT books, these books are relevant and contain concepts and theories with clear understanding. Books are a great source to learn and understand the topics. Make notes while clearing your doubts or learning the topics as this would help in your revision time and you can quickly cover up the syllabus in the last times. Make notes in a way they are easy to understand and covers all the topics with important tricks to solve the questions.

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7. Build Up Your Self-Esteem And Confidence:

To achieve any goal whether it is scoring high marks in any exam you must strengthen your confidence in your preparations. Be confident about your preparation and try to be stress-free from the fear of the exam. Keep yourself relaxed with some mediation or physical activities and keep yourself away from negative thoughts

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