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Delhi Sultanate: History, Location & Rulers

Social Studies is an important section for REETMPTET , State TET, and other teaching exams as well. Social studies is the main subject in the REETexam Paper II. In REET, UTET Exam, the Social Studies section comprises a total 60 questions of 60 marks, in which 40 questions come from the content section i.e. History, Geography and Political Science and the rest 20 questions from Social Studies Pedagogy section. At least 10-15 questions are asked from the History section in the REET, UTET Social studies section. Here we are providing important notes related to the Delhi Sultanate

Delhi Sultanate

The period from 1206 to 1526 in India history is known as Sultanate period.

Slave Dynasty

In 1206 Qutubuddin Aibak made India free of Ghazni’s control. Rulers who ruled over India and conquered new territories during the period 1206-1290 AD. are known as belonging to Slave dynasty.

Qutubuddin Aibak

He came from the region of Turkistan and he was a slave of Mohammad Ghori. He ruled as a Sultan from 1206 to 1210. While playing Polo, he fell from the horse and died in 1210.

Aram Shah

After Aibak’s death, his son Aram Shah was enthroned at Lahore. In the conflict between Iltutmish and Aram Shah, Iltutmish was victorious.


He was slave of Aibak. He belonged to the Ilbari Turk clan of Turkistan. In 1211 Iltutmish occupied the throne of Delhi after killing Aram Shah and successfully ruled upto 1236.

Construction of Qutub Minar

He completed the unfinished construction of Qutub Minar, which was started by Qutubuddin Aibak. He built the Dhai Din ka Jhopra at Ajmer.

Razia Sultan

She was the first lady Sultan who ruled for three years, six months and six days. From 1236 to 1240. She appointed Jamaluddin Yakut as highest officer of cavalry. In 1240, the feudal lord (Subedar) of Bhatinda, Ikhtiyaruddin nobles he imprisoned Razia and killed Yakut. To counter her enemies Razia married Altunia and once again attempted to regain power. On 13th October, 1240, near Kaithal when Razia and Altunia were resting under a tree, some dacoits killed them.


Set on the throne of Delhi in 1266 and he adopted the name of Ghiyasuddin Balban. For the defence from Mongols Balban reorganized the Military department – known as Diwan – i – Ariz.

Khalji Dynasty

After the Slave dynasty, the Khalji became the rulers of India.

Jalaluddin Feroz Khalji

He was the founder of this dynasty. He became ruler in 1290.

Alauddin Khalji

Alauddin extended the boundaries of his empire and reorganized his administration. He adopted the title of Yasni – ul – Khalifat – Nasiri – Amir al Mu’minin and crushed the uprisings in his dominion.

Conquest of Chittor

In January 1303 Alauddin invaded Chittor and after 7 months, he captured it. Rani Padmini and others committed Jauhar.

Tughlaq Dynasty

Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

His name was Ghazi Malik or Ghazi Beg Tuglaq. After defeating Khusrau khan he ascended the throne of Delhi in 1320. He became the founder of the new dynasty known as Tughlaq dynasty. He ruled upto 1325.

Tughlaq Shah

He sat on the throne with the title of Ghyasuddin II in 1388. But he ruled for only 5 months. Abu Bakr was made the king of Delhi.

Sayyid Dynasty

Khizr Khan whom Taimur appointed his Governor was the first ruler of Sayyid dynasty. in 141 Khizr Khan captured Delhi. He ruled upto 1421.

His son Mubarak Khan ascended the throne of Delhi in 1421 after his father’s death and adopted the title of Mubarak Shah. He ruled for 13 years from 1421 to 1434. His time was spent in struggling against the foreign enemies and internal conspirators.

Khalji Dynasty
Jalaluddin Khalji 1290 – 1296
Alauddin Khalji 1296 – 13 16
Qutubuddin Mubarak 1316 – 1320
Tughlaq Dynasty
Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq Shah 1320 – 1325
Mohammad – bin – Tughlaq 1325 – 1351
Feroz Tughlaq 1351 – 1388
Later Tughlaq 1388 – 14 14
Sayyid Dynasty
Khizr Khan 1414 – 1421
Mubarak Shah 1421 – 1434
Muhammad Shah 1434 – 1445
Aluaddin Alam Shah 1445 – 1450
Lodhi Dynasty
Bahlol Lodhi 1451 – 1489
Sikandar Lodhi 1489 – 1517
Ibrahim Lodhi 1517 – 1526

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