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Why Adda247 Is The Best App to Prepare Teaching Exam in India?

Adda247 has been assisting and guiding teaching aspirants since its launch. The app was designed with the objective of helping teaching aspirants to prepare for their teaching competitive exams successfully. With the help of the app, candidates can receive free-of-cost study materials and daily updates on current affairs, and other notifications regarding the upcoming exams. Candidates can easily download the Adda247 official app from Playstore and enjoy the access to high-quality content and guidance. In this article, candidates will detailed information on how to access the Adda247 official app and why candidates should download the app.

Benefits of Adda247 app

The Adda247 app is a compact and comprehensive app that contains relevant information and updates on all the teaching competitive exams. Teaching aspirants will get many benefits from downloading this app. Some of the benefits of the Adda247 app are mentioned below:

  • Daily updates on upcoming exams.
  • Daily quiz on new topics and fresh questions.
  • Updates study materials on regular basis.
  • Coverage on all the important and relevant news and current affairs.
  • Separate study material and other content on each exam like DSSSB, NVS, DSE Odisha and so on.
  • Frequent Mock Tests
  • Video study material on various subjects and topics by subject experts.

Type of Content Available On Adda247 To Help Teaching Aspirants

The Adda247 app is designed to help the teaching aspirants get high-quality content to prepare for their upcoming competitive exams. The content is curated in a structured way to help understand the concepts and theories with ease and help you prepare accordingly to be able to apply your knowledge for a higher success rate in your exams.

Daily Quizzes

Daily quiz is a small capsule of 10 to 20 questions available daily on the Adda247 app. The candidates have to solve these questions in a time-bound manner to increase their efficiency and problem-solving skills. These daily quizzes are designed to help the teaching aspirants get into the habit of solving questions based on the respective exams they are preparing for.

Mock tests

Adda247 provides full-length mock tests dedicated to upcoming exams like DSSSB, NVS, and others. These mock tests are designed by following the exam pattern and syllabus prescribed by the respective boards of the examinations. These FREE mock tests help the candidates to appear for the exam in a time-bound fashion and face the challenges they are going to witness during the real exam. This will help them prepare mentally and emotionally for the exam and come up with an appropriate strategy to successfully attempt the exam.

Study Notes

The candidates will receive notes and other forms of study material for free in the Adda247 app. New content is regularly posted for various upcoming exams. The candidates interested in such competitive exams can easily go through these study materials and enhance their knowledge and understanding about the various aspects of the upcoming exams.

Daily Updates On Current Affairs

In many exams, there is a dedicated section on general awareness and current affairs. Thus, Adda247 covers all the relevant and important topics and issues in the current affairs section of the app. The candidates read through this information on a daily basis to stay updated with all that is going in and around the world.

Latest updates On Job Alert and TETs

Teaching aspirants do not have to wander around various websites or other sources of information for the latest updates on the various recruitment announcements. The candidates who have already downloaded the app will receive daily notifications on the latest updates on these announcements. Be it any State TET or any recruitment process in various states or central run schools, candidates will be notified of all that is happening in the teaching sphere.


All our Youtube Live videos are available on the home screen with their schedule timing, you can set the reminder by clicking on the video and an alert will be sent to you when the class will be live. All these classes are taken by our experts and they are completely free of cost. Though you can purchase the video course and strengthen your concept.

How To Download The Adda247 App

Candidates can download the Adda247 app from Playstore. The detailed and easy to follow instructions to download the Adda247 app is mentioned below. Candidates need to register to the Adda247 app to access the bundle of information available on the app.

  • Go to Playstore
  • Download the official App of ADDA247
  • Register yourself to the ADDA247 app with Mobile Number for free
  • Now, you can avail all the daily quizzes, notes and articles, job alerts, mock tests and all other valuable information and study material for free.


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