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JKSET Syllabus 2024 Subject Wise with New Exam Pattern

The syllabus for JKSET has been released on either the official website of JKSET or the University of Jammu. It encompasses 41 subjects, aligning with the Jammu & Kashmir State Eligibility Test Exam 2024 scheduled for 20 October 2024. Aspirants gearing up for the JKSET Exam 2024 are encouraged to review both the General Paper (Paper I) syllabus and the specific Jammu & Kashmir State Eligibility Test syllabus for their chosen subjects (Paper II). This article comprehensively covers all pertinent details concerning the JKSET Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

JKSET Syllabus

The University of Jammu conducts JKSET Exam 2024 on 20 October 2024. The JKSET Syllabus is released on the official website of the University of Jammu for 41 subjects. The candidates must refer to the following table for detailed information on the Jammu & Kashmir State Eligibility Test Syllabus.

JKSET Syllabus 2024
Name of Exam JKSET/LASET -2024
Conducting Body University of Jammu
Mode of Exam Offline
Category Syllabus and Exam Pattern
Official website https://www.jujkset.in/

JKSET Exam Pattern

Explore the JKSET Exam Pattern, Marks distribution, and marking scheme to grasp the nuances of the JKSET Exam 2024. As part of the examination, candidates will tackle 150 questions totaling 300 marks within a 3-hour timeframe, with a scheduled break. A half-hour intermission is allocated between the two papers. For a more comprehensive understanding of the Jammu & Kashmir State Eligibility Test Exam Pattern, please consult the table below.

JKSET Exam Pattern 
Mode of Exam Offline (OMR sheet)
Total Number of Questions Paper I -50 + Paper II 100 = 150 Questions
Total Marks Paper I -100 + Paper II 200= 300 Marks
Marking Scheme 2 marks are awarded for each correct answer
Negative Marking No negative marking
Type of Questions Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions
Duration of Exam Paper I 1 hour (10 am to 11 am)
Duration of Exam Paper II 2 Hours (11:30 am to 1:30 pm)

JKSET Marks Distribution

Candidates should meticulously review the JKSET Syllabus to grasp its subtleties and complexities. It’s imperative for candidates to acquire and download the JK State Eligibility Test Syllabus for their chosen subjects. The Jammu & Kashmir State Eligibility Test Exam 2024 will encompass 41 subjects, and a comprehensive syllabus PDF for each subject is provided in the article below. Paper I constitutes a General Paper, while Paper II focuses on Subject Concerns.

JKSET Exam Date 20 October 2024
Particle Paper 1 Paper 2 
Total Question 50 100
Total Marks 100 200
Type of Paper General Subject Concerned
Total Time 1 hr 2 Hr
Exam Time 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
Language of Paper English And Hindi English except for the subjects of Languages
Negative Marking No
Making Scheme 2 Marks for Right Answer
Exam Mode Offline

JKSET Syllabus PDF

The JKSET Syllabus PDF Link for all subjects is given below. Candidates need to click on the links adjacent to the name of the subject written in the table below.

JKSET Syllabus PDF Links
JKSET Syllabus PDF Links
JKSET Syllabus General Paper (Paper I) Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Arab Culture and Islamic Studies Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Arabic Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Buddhist, jaina, Gandhian & Peace Studies Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Commerce Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Computer Science & Applications Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Chemical Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Dogri Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Earth Science Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Economics Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Education Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Electronic Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus English Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Environmental Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Geography Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Hindi Click Here
JKSET Syllabus History Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Home Science Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Kashmiri Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Library & Information Science Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Life Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Linguistics Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Law Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Mathematical Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Management Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Mass Communication and Journalism Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Music Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Persian Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Physical Sciences Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Philosophy Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Physical Education Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Political Science Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Psychology Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Public Administration Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Punjabi Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Sanskrit Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Social Work Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Sociology Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Tourism Administration & Management Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Urdu Click Here
JKSET Syllabus Anthropology Click Here (New Update)
JKSET Syllabus Women Studies Click Here (New Update)

Importance of reading the JKSET Syllabus?

Reviewing the JKSET syllabus is crucial for candidates preparing for the JKSET Exam 2024, as outlined in the subsequent section. Delve into the following segment to gain a comprehensive understanding of its significance.

  • Content Coverage: The JKSET syllabus provides a detailed outline of the topics and subjects that will be covered in the exam. By familiarizing yourself with the JKSET syllabus, you can ensure that you have studied all the relevant concepts and areas that will be tested in the exam. It helps you focus your preparation and avoid wasting time on irrelevant topics.
  • Focus and Direction: The JKSET  syllabus acts as a roadmap for your preparation for JKSET Exam 2024. It helps you understand the scope and depth of each subject, allowing you to prioritize your study materials and allocate your time effectively. It provides clarity and direction, helping you avoid getting overwhelmed or lost during your preparation.
  • Targeted Preparation: By knowing the JKSET  syllabus, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses in different areas. You can allocate more time and effort to topics that you find challenging while dedicating less time to areas where you are already strong. This targeted preparation enhances your overall performance in the exam.
  • Resource Selection: The JKSET syllabus guides you in selecting the appropriate study materials and resources. With a clear understanding of the topics to be covered, you can choose the right textbooks, reference materials, and online resources that align with the syllabus. This ensures that you are using relevant and reliable resources for your JKSET preparation.
  • Exam Strategy: The JKSET  syllabus provides insights into the exam structure and pattern. It helps you understand the types of questions that can be expected, the marking scheme, and any specific guidelines or instructions for the exam. This information allows you to develop an effective JKSET exam strategy, such as time management techniques and question-solving approaches, tailored to the specific exam.
  • Confidence and Motivation: Having a thorough understanding of the JKSET  syllabus gives you a sense of confidence and control over your preparation. It helps you track your progress and milestones, allowing you to stay motivated throughout the JKSET preparation period. By knowing what to expect in the exam, you can approach it with a positive mindset.

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JKSET Syllabus 2024: FAQs

Where can I find the JKSET Syllabus PDF for free?

The candidates can easily access and download the JKSET Syllabus PDF for free for all the subjects.

Is there any negative marking in JKSET Exam 2024?

No, there is no negative marking in JKSET Exam 2024.

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