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Teachers Made Test vs Standardized Tests

DSSSB PRT Study Notes: Delhi Subordinate Staff Selection Board (DSSSB) is going to conduct the most prestigious exam in the field of government teaching jobs this year 2022. As DSSSB released more than 12000 teaching vacancies i.e. TGT, PRT post, students had already started preparing hard for this exam. Teaching Aptitude & methodology is a big topic for the DSSSB PRT exam which contains 100 questions for 100 marks. This topic contains teaching strategy, teaching methodology, learning principles, application-based questions and classroom management, etc. Here we are going to learn with Teaching Study notes for better preparation.

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Teachers Made Test vs Standardized Tests

These tests are designed by the teachers for the purpose of conducting classroom tests. These teacher made tests can be in the form of oral tests and written tests. These tests have a limited area of application and are prepared almost by all teachers according to their requirements.

A teacher is more concerned with the teacher-made tests as she is directly involved in their construction. Moreover, the teacher made tests have an advantage over standardized tests because they can be constructed to measure outcomes directly related to classroom specific objectives and particular class situations. These tests are within the means of every teacher and most economical. The teacher made oral tests are designed to measure the performance of students skills like listening and speaking in language learning. Written tests are designed to test the abilities of students’ knowledge comprehension and written expression.

Standardized Tests

A Standardized test is one in which norms have been established. The test has been given to a large number of students. A norm is an average score that measures achievement. So, every standardized test has norms. It is intended for general use and covers a wider scope of material than is covered in an ordinary teacher-made test. A standardized test is one in which the procedure, apparatus and scoring have been fixed so that precisely the same test can be given at the different times and places. A standardized test is one that has been given to so many people that the test makers have been able to determine fairly accurately how well a typical person of a particular age or grade in school will succeed in it.

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Role of Standardized Test: –

  • Information becomes easier to convince the guardians of students
  • Information in much less time than provided by other devices.
  • Information for all guidance workers.
  • Aspects of the behaviour which otherwise could not be obtained.
  • Objectives and impartial information about an individual.

Steps Involved in Standardized Test: –

A standardized test is tried out and administered on a number of subjects for the expressed purpose of refining the items by subjecting the performances of the standard decision to pertinent statistical analysis. The steps for the standardized test is constructed by test specialists or experts who are

  • Proper planning
  • Adequate preparations
  • Try – out of the test
  • Preparation of proper, norms
  • Preparation of a manual containing instruction of administering a tool or test.
  • Item analysis

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The teacher made Test vs. Standardized Tests: –

The standardized test is based on the general content and objectives common to many schools all over the country whereas the teacher made test can be adapted to content and objectives specific to his own situation. The standardized test deals with large segments of knowledge or skill whereas the teacher made test can be prepared in relation to any specific limited topic. The standardized test is developed with the help of professional writers, reviewers and editors of tests items whereas the teacher made test usually relies upon the skill of one or two teachers. The standardized test provides norms for various groups that are broadly representative of performance throughout the country whereas the teacher made test lack this external point of reference.

Characteristics of a Standardized Test: –

  • Standardized tests are based on the content and objectives of teaching common to many schools.
  • Not just one, but a team of experts are involved in the writing of test items.
  • Items analysis is done on the basis of a pilot study, unlike in the case of a classroom test.
  • Norms are calculated for the purpose of comparison between grades, schools, age levels and sexes.
  • They cover large segments of knowledge and skills.
  • Test manuals are prepared.
  • Fairly a large same, not just one class is involved in the standardization of a test.

The teacher needs to test student performance. Test results are critical, not only because they affect careers but because of the influence they exercise on motivation to learn. The teacher must be aware of different testing techniques because they give useful information to both the teacher and the students. Testing techniques are often similar to the teaching techniques, but with a different purpose.

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