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List of Double Centuries in ODI Cricket Men & women

Cricket is one of the world most popular sports. Although, Cricket was discovered in England, its popularity has crossed continents over the centuries. As per  the International Cricket Council (ICC), Cricket is playe dby 104 countries across the world. People often seek more infomration and trivias on cricket as a hobby, however, aspirants preparing for  Government Teaching Exams must have in depth idea about the stats and facts on Cricket. At least 1-2 questions are often witnessed in the Teaching Job Exams, hence candidates must go through the List of Double Centuries in ODI Cricket Men & Women.

What is ODI Cricket?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) defines a One Day International (ODI) as an international cricket match between two representative teams, each of whom has been granted ODI status. In contrast to Test matches, ODIs only allow for a certain amount of overs per team and permit one innings per team. Read below to gain more insights on double centuries in ODI and the list of men and women cricketers all around the world scoring the same.

A general overview of India in ODI Cricket

In the last 20 years or so, Team India has emerged as a major power in one-day international cricket, and a large part of their success can be credited to the potent batting lineup they have always had. It is thus justified that such a powerful squad would also have some of the best records to their credit.

India’s best ODI score occurred in the fourth match in a five-match series against West Indies back in 2011 at Indore. Virender Sehwag became the second Indian to reach a double century in that same game. With their fifty-run contribution, Gautam Gambhir and Suresh Raina helped India win by a humongous total of 418/5.

List of Double Centuries in ODI Cricket Men & Women

Five Indian batsmen are among the 10 cricketers who have scored a double century in ODIs to date. The only player with three double centuries in One-Day International games is Rohit Sharma. Here’s a sneak peek at the list of male and female cricketers around the globe who have swept everyone off their feet with some mammoth scores.

Men & Women Crickets with Double Centuries in ODI
Player Men/Women Cricketers Runs Scored Opponent/Year
Rohit Sharma Men 264 Sri Lanka, 2014
Martin Guptill Men 237* West Indies, 2015
Amelia Kerr Women 232* Ireland, 2018
Belinda Clark Women 229* Denmark, 1997
Virender Sehwag Men 219 West Indies, 2011
Chris Gayle Men 215 Zimbabwe, 2015
Fakhar Zaman Men 210* Zimbabwe, 2018
Ishan Kishan Men 210 Bangladesh, 2022
Rohit Sharma Men 209 Australia, 2013
Rohit Sharma Men 208* Sri Lanka, 2017
Shubham Gill Men 208 New Zealand, 2023
Sachin Tendulkar Men 200* South Africa, 2010

Double Centuries in ODI

Although a double century in a One Day International (ODI) match seem like a far-fetched dream for many, some legendary cricketers have achieved this feat in their career. In the following table, you will find some important facts related to Double Centuries in ODI.

Facts on Double Centuries in ODI
First Female Cricketer to Score Double Century Belinda Clark of Australia scored against Denmark in 1997 229* runs
First Male Cricketer to Score Double Century Sachin Tendulkar of India scored  against South Africa in 2010 200* runs
Most Number of Double Centuries Three Double Centuries by Rohit Sharma of India 264 runs, 209 runs and 208* runs
Highest Run Scored  Rohit Sharma scored highest score in ODI 264 runs

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Who was the first woman cricketer to score a double century in an ODI?

Belinda Clark of Australia was the first woman cricketer to have scored a double century in an ODI match.

Who has the most double centuries in ODI?

Rohit Sharma has the most double centuries in an ODI with the number being three.

Who is the youngest cricketer to score a double century in an ODI?

India’s Shubham Gill is the youngest cricketer to have scored a double century in the history of ODI Cricket.

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