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KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary in Hand & Promotions

KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary: KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary has been released by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. KVS has released Balvatika Teacher and Caregiver vacancies for 50 KVs for Balvatika. Balvatika is classes introduced to teach children of 3-6 yr age. KVS has released 450 Balvatika vacancies all over India. All the candidate has started to apply for their KVs through direct recruitment Mode. The candidate has many questions as Balvatika is a new project of KV. Here the candidate has the main question about Balvatika Teacher which we are going to explain.

KVS Balvatika Recruitment 2023 Vacancy PDF 

KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary Highlights

The KVS Balvatika Recruitment 2023 is conducted by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan on a contractual basis. Check out the following table for more information on the KVS Balvatika Recuritment 2023 at a glance.

KVS Balvatika Selection Process 2023
Overview KVS Balvatika Selection Process
Name of Recruitment KVS Balvatika Recruitment 2023
Recruitment Body Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan
Selection Process Written, Interview, and Document Verification
Number of Schools 50 KVs
Vacancies 450 vacancies
Job Status Contractual
Work Mode On Daily Basis

KVS Balvatika Selection Process 2023

KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary

KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary will be released by KVS. The candidate will receive a monthly basis consolidated salary. KVS Balvatika Teacher is a contractual basis post that will be appointed by the concerned KV. Candidates have to fill out eligibility criteria and have to clear the recruitment process to become Balvatika Teachers. As Balvatike Teacher, the candidate has to teach in 3 classes i.e. Balvatika I teacher will teach nursery class to 3-4 yr age children. Balvatika II teacher will teach LKG class to 4-5 yr age children. Balvatika III teacher will teach UKG class to 5-6 yr age children. The details of KVS Balvatika Teacher Salary have been given below:

  • The candidate will get Rs. 26,250 on a monthly basis as Balvatika Teacher for all classes
  • Salary will be the same for Balvatika I, Balvatika II and Balvatika III
  • The candidate will get a salary for a Contractual job by KVS
  • KV will recruit 6 Balvatika Teachers (2 for each Balvatika) + 3 Caregivers (1 for each Balvatika) =9 (For each KV)
  • The candidate will not be entitled to any vacation pay
  • Balvatika Teacher will not be entitled to pay on absence on a working day
  • Balvatika Teacher will have to teach 40 children in each class
  • Class Duration will be 3 hr per day on a 5-week basis
  • Balvatika teachers will not get any benefits or promotions.

KVS Balvatika Caregiver Teacher Salary 

KVS Balvatika Caregiver Teacher Salary has been released by KVS. Candidates who will apply for KVS Balvatika Caregiver Teacher will be selected by the KV authority of the concerned school. The caregiver will have to work with Balvatika Teacher and will be recruited 1 caregiver for each Balvatika. KV will take help in the recruitment of caretaking through outsourced mode. KVS Balvatika Caregiver Teacher Salary will be given on a monthly basis and the job will be contractual.

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What is the salary for KVS Balvatika Teachers?

The KVS Balvatika Teachers will receive a monthly consolidated salary of Rs. 26,250 for all classes.

Is the salary the same for all Balvatika teachers?

Yes, the salary for Balvatika I, Balvatika II, and Balvatika III teachers is the same, i.e., Rs. 26,250 per month.

Is the Balvatika Teacher position a contractual job?

Yes, the Balvatika Teacher position is on a contractual basis, and candidates need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and clear the recruitment process to become Balvatika Teachers.

Will Balvatika Teachers receive pay for absence on a working day?

No, Balvatika Teachers will not receive pay for absence on a working day.

Will Balvatika Teachers receive vacation pay?

No, Balvatika Teachers are not entitled to any vacation pay.

Do Balvatika teachers receive benefits or promotions?

No, Balvatika teachers will not receive any benefits or promotions.

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