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List Of Branches Of Biology – General Awareness Notes For DSSSB Exam

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General Awareness is one of the sections students need to prepare for DSSSB 2021 examination. It’s time for all the aspirants aiming to get selected in DSSSB to face the challenge and prepare General Awareness, as it is equally important as Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English and Computers section for these Exams.
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List of Branches of Biology

Biology: Branch of science in which living beings are studied.

Bios = Life & Logos = Study. Therefore, study of life is called Biology. The term biology was first coined by Lamarck and Treviranus in the year 1801. Biology has two main branch –

Botany: Study of different aspects of plants. Theophrastus is known as father of Botany.

Zoology: Study of various aspects of animals. Aristotle is called father of Zoology as well as Biology.

Important Terms of Biology:

Anatomy                   :   Study of internal structure of organism.

Agrology                    :   Soil science dealing specially with production of crop.

Agronomy                 :   Science of soil management and production of crop.

Agrostology              :   Study of grass.

Anthropology           :   Study of origin, development and relationship between the culture of past and present human.

Anthology                 :   Study of flower and flowering plant.

Angiology                  :   Study of blood vascular system including arteries and veins.

Andrology                 :   Study of male reproductive organ.

Bryology                    :   Study of Bryophytes.

Bacteriology             :   Study of bacteria.

Cytology                    :   Study of cell.

Cryobiology              :   It is the study of effect of low temperature on organisms and their preservation.

Cardiology                :   Study of heart.

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Demography            :   Study of population.

Diffusion                   :   Random movement of molecule/ion or gases from a region of higher concentration to lower concentration

Dermatology            :   Study of skin.

Dendrochronology :   Counting and analysing annual growth rings of tree to know its age.

Ecology                      :   Study of inter-relationship between living and their environment.

Evolution                  :   Study of origin of life, variation and formation of new species.

Embryology              :   Study of fertilization of egg, formation of zygote and development of embryo.

Eugenics                    :   Study of factors connected with the improvement of human race.

Euthenics                  :   Study of environmental condition that contribute to the improvement of human beings.

Ethnology                 :   Study of science dealing with different races of human.

Ethology                    :   Study of animal behaviour in their natured habitats.

Etiology                     :   Study of causative agent of disease.

Entomology              :   Study of insects.

Floriculture              :   Cultivation of plant for flower.

Food technology     :   Scientific processing, preservation, storage and transportation of food.

Forensic science     :   Application of science for analysis of various fact and evidence to identify the cause or the person involve in criminal act.

Fermentation          :   Process of incomplete oxidation that occur in microbes and other cells in absence of oxygen, leading to the formation of ethyl alcohol.


Genetics                    :   Study of variation and transmission of heredity character from parents to their young ones.

Gynecology               :   Study of female reproductive organ.

Gerontology             :   Study of ageing.

Gastroenterology    :   Study of alimentary canal or stomach and intestine related disorders.

Hypertonic               :   When two solution have different solute concentration. The solution which have higher concentration is called hypertonic.

Hypotonic                 :   In two solutions which have lower solute concentration is called hypotonic

Histology                   :   Study of tissue organisation and their internal structure with the help of microscope.

Hydroponics            :   Study of growing plant without soil in water which contain nutrient.

Haematology           :   Study of blood in health and disease.

Hepatology               :   Study of liver.

Ichthyology              :   Study of fishes.

Immunology             :   Study of immune system or resistance of body to disease.

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Metazoans                :   All multicellular animals are called metazoans.

Monoecious              :   Plants which have both male and female flower

Morphology              :   Study of external structure.

Microbiology            :   Study of micro-organism like virus, bacteria, algae, fungi and protozoa.

Molecular biology   :   Study of molecule found in the body of living organism.

Mammography        :   Branch of science which deal test for breast cancer.

Mycology                  :   Study of fungi.

Myrmecology           :   Study of ant is called myrmecology.

Nanotechnology      :   The study ‘Science of small’ is known as nanotechnology

Neurology                 :   Study of nervous system.

Neonatology             :   Study of new born.

Nephrology              :   Study of kidneys.

Osmosis                     :   Movement of water molecule across semipermeable membrane from the region of its higher concentration to the region of lower concentration.

Odontology               :   Study of teeth and gum.

Osteology                  :   Study of bones.

Oncology                   :   Study of cancer and tumours.

Obstetrics                 :   Science related with care of pregnant women before, during and after child birth.

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