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Is B.Ed From IGNOU Valid for Govt. Job?

BEd is one of the most sought-after courses in India for candidates wishing to become teachers in Government Schools. However, students often wonder if they have to pursue a BEd regular course or if they should opt for IGNOU. Moreover, they enquire if BEd From IGNOU is Valid for Govt. Job or not. To help candidates understand the finer details of BEd From IGNOU Valid for Govt. Job or not, read the article below thoroughly and get to know all the answers.

Career Options After BEd Qualifying

Is B.Ed From IGNOU Valid for Govt. Job?

Yes, BEd From IGNOU is Valid for Government Jobs. The candidates who have completed their BEd Course of 2 years from IGNOU can easily apply for various Government Jobs if they meet other eligibility criteria prescribed by the particular Government Teaching Job.

Is B.Ed Degree Necessary For Appearing In CTET?

It is important to understand that any degree course pursued in India must have recognition from the University Grants Commission (UGC) to be considered valid. Similarly, for teaching courses like BEd or DEIEd, colleges or universities must have approval from the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). It is worth mentioning that IGNOU is a UGC-recognized open university, and thus any degree pursued from this institution is valid for Government Jobs.

What is IGNOU?

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the largest distance education universities in the world and is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). IGNOU Offers BEd Courses to eligible candidates through online and/or distance learning modes which allow students to study from remote places without migrating to other cities or states than theirs.

IGNOU BED Syllabus

What is BEd?

Bachelor of Education or BEd is an undergraduate academic degree program designed for aspiring teachers to train them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and training required to become effective educators. In India, teaching aspirants are required to become BEd Degree holders to become eligible for various Government Teaching Jobs across the country.

The program covers various aspects of teaching, including educational psychology, teaching methodology, curriculum design, and classroom management. It aims to prepare students to become qualified and competent teachers who can impart knowledge and skills to students in a variety of educational settings. BEd is a popular course in India and is offered by many universities and colleges across the country.


The pursuit of a BEd degree from IGNOU is a valid and viable option for those aspiring to secure government teaching jobs in India. As we have mentioned above, IGNOU is a UGC-recognized institution, ensuring that degrees obtained from it hold the necessary credibility for government Job aspirants. The BEd program not only equips candidates with essential teaching skills and knowledge but also provides the flexibility of distance education.

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Is B.Ed From IGNOU Valid for Govt. Job?

Yes, B.Ed From IGNOU is Valid for Government Jobs.

What kind of job roles can I expect in the government sector after completing my B.Ed?

There are several job roles available in the government sector for B.Ed graduates, such as teachers in government schools (TGT, PGT), lecturers in colleges and universities, education counsellors in rural and urban education centres, syllabus framers in various government organizations, and education researchers.

What skills do I need to have to be successful in a career after completing a B.Ed degree?

Some of the essential skills that B.Ed graduates need to have to be successful in their career include excellent communication and interpersonal skills, patience, problem-solving skills, adaptability, and a deep understanding of different teaching methodologies.

Does IGNOU offer BED Courses?

Yes, IGNOU offer BED Courses to eligible candidates.

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