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How To Wake Up Early?

Good Morning Readers!

So, when did your morning begin? Early or not so early? Did you wake at the time you wanted to wake up or hit the snooze button again? If your answer is “yes” then let’s not get disheartened. It happens. But that does not mean you cannot change this scenario soon.

Yes, you can because you want it to happen.

However, first, you have to think about the purpose of this change you want to welcome in your life. Is it because the societal pressure or any moral obligation that has led you to make such changes? Or is it really you who desperately wants to walk up early and bring a beautiful change in your life. Yes, a beautiful change. Waking up early is going to become a beautiful change in your life because you are going to make it beautiful.

Don’t wake up early because others want you to do. Wake up early because you want to accomplish something in those early hours of the day.

You have to find a purpose to wake up to. That purpose will motivate you to wake up every day. Don’t wake up in the morning for nothing. Waking up early and doing nothing will be a waste of time and your energy. Therefore, find your reason and it will lead you to success.

Do you want to wake up early to study an extra hour or two? Or you want to start exercising to get fitter. Or you want to start meditating to embrace some peace for your mind. Or do you want to pursue a hobby? What is it that will compel you to wake up early?

You need to get some clarity on the reason you want to leave your cozy bed in the early hours of the morning. Without this sense of purpose, it’s easy to fall for the temptation of your cozy bed and the power of the snooze button.

Once you are sure of the objective for this drastic change in your lifestyle, it will become easier for you to get up early consistently.

Here’s a trick. Write a small note to yourself, particularly about the thing you want to get done in the morning and put it on the bedside table. Even better write your plan on a sticky note and put it over the snooze button of your clock or smartphone (basically whichever device you use to set alarm). This way you won’t be able to avoid the note even in your half-sleep and you will be reminded why you have put the alarm in the first place.

We hope you will soon find your purpose and you will be able to embrace every morning with a smile and sense of accomplishment.

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