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How To Prepare For Teaching Exams For Working Professionals

Preparing for an teaching exam while doing a full-time job is an exhausting task. Balancing a full day job and getting time for studies is not an easy task to manage. If you are working and earning decent, so it’s not wise to quit your job and prepare for the exams.

Large number of working professionals are preparing for teaching exams and getting selected every year in various schools i.e. NVS, KVS, DSSSB etc. Working Professionals who desire to get selected in their upcoming teaching exams can fulfill their dreams with maintaining a balance between work and preparation.

As Teachersadda always supported and guided you in different forms i.e. study plans, E books, Test series, video courses, live batch etc, which helps you for preparing government teaching exams. These different kinds of material has provided you in latest exam pattern, bilingual, detailed solutions and students can also ask their doubts with expert faculties.

Teacheradda also provides you study plan for different exams.

Now, Here are some other tips to help you prepare for your Teaching exam along with full time job

  • Create a Plan and schedule: This is the very first task that you need to complete and that too efficiently. Go through your teaching exam syllabus and analyse how much time you need to devote.
  • Inform your Employer: Informing your employer is very important. This will help you manage your work schedule. Also ensure your employer that you will not let your work get hampered. Also, if you prove your dedication towards your work, your employer might agree for a more study-friendly schedule. Thus, giving you more time to study for your teaching exam.
  • Time Management: We know that time management is obvious, however, what we are referring to is managing your free time efficiently to increase your productivity. Make every second countable and remember saving your seconds can manage your hours ! For example: On your way to work, you can revise the exam topics you have already covered. Also, you can go through your notes or make plans for your next study session.
  • Use Technology: Technology may seem to be a ban in some cases. In this case, if you use it properly, it is definitely a boon. Take advantage of technology for Teacheradda study notes, previous exam analysis, question papers, etc. Apart from the above technical tips, there are some other things that you need to keep in mind throughout this process.
  • Build a Comfort Zone: Everyone has their own pace of work and study. Therefore, creating a balance between the two and finding a comfort zone to execute the plan is a personal journey. But ensure that you find this comfort zone and then stick to it.
  • Don’t Overdo it: While making your study plans for the teaching exam, be realistic. Don’t set unrealistic and utopian goals, because then, you won’t be able to manage either your work or your study plans.
  • Make sure to eat properly and get enough sleep: Do not cut back on your food and sleep. This will not help you in any manner. Moreover, don’t forget to take breaks.

These are just our insight into what might work in managing your work and studying for your teaching exam at the same time. Remember, to implement this effectively is your task.

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