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Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule and Fixtures Live Updates

Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule: Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 15th Edition will start on January 13 at Bhubaneswar. International Hockey Federation (FIH) Hockey World Cup 2023 will be started on 13th January 2023. In the tournament’s first FIH Hockey World Cup match, Argentina will compete against South Africa.

In the year 2018 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup championship game, Belgium defeated the Netherlands. This tournament will continue till the 29th of January 2023. We have provided each math schedule between the country match.

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Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule

Men’s Hockey World Cup 2023 will be held in Bhubaneshwar and Rourkela as Odisha state will host the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023. India will play its first Men’s Hockey World Cup Match against Spain on 13th January 2023 at Bhubhaneshwar’s Kalinga Stadium. The Men’s Hockey match will be placed in Rourkela at the Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium.

The India Hockey Squad is all set to end at the podium at the Men’s Hockey World Cup Tournament 2023. The Indian Squad looks very promising, as had a very successful 2022 in terms of their tournament wins.

Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule Participants Team

The Participants in the FIH Hockey World Cup 2023 are divided into four groups such as Pools i.e Pool A , Pool B, Pool C & Pool D.

  • In Pool A are Argentina, Australia, France, and South Africa.
  • Pool B includes Belgium, Germany, Korea, and Japan, while
  • Pool C includes the Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Chile.
  • Pool D consists of Wales, England, Spain, and India.

Hockey World Cup Schedule 2023

Hockey World Cup Schedule 2023
Match Between Match Date Match Day Match Timings (Local)
Argentina v/s South Africa 13th January 2023 Friday 13:00
Australia v/s France 13th January 2023 Friday 15:00
England v/s Wales 13th January 2023 Friday 17:00
India v/s Spain 13th January 2023 Friday 19:00
New Zealand v/s Chile 14th January 2023 Saturday 13:00
Netherlands v/s Malaysia 14th January 2023 Saturday 15:00
Belgium v/s Korea 14th January 2023 Saturday 17:00
Germany v/s Japan 14th January 2023 Saturday 19:00
Spain v/s Wales 15th January 2023 Sunday 17:00
England v/s India 15th January 2023 Sunday 19:00
Malaysia v/s Chile 16th January 2023 Monday 13:00
New Zealand v/s Netherlands 16th January 2023 Monday 15:00
France v/s South Africa 16th January 2023 Monday 17:00
Argentina v/s Australia 16th January 2023 Monday 19:00
Korea v/s Japan 17th January 2023 Tuesday 17:00
Germany v/s Belgium 17th January 2023 Tuesday 19:00
Malaysia v/s New Zealand 19th January 2023 Thursday 13:00
Netherlands v/s Chile 19th January 2023 Thursday 15:00
Spain v/s England 19th January 2023 Thursday 17:00
India v/s Wales 19th January 2023 Thursday 19:00
Australia v/s South Africa 20th January 2023 Friday 13:00
France v/s Argentina 20th January 2023 Friday 15:00
Belgium v/s Japan 20th January 2023 Friday 17:00
Korea v/s Germany 20th January 2023 Friday 19:00
2nd Pool C v/s 3rd Pool D 22nd January 2023 Sunday 16:30
2nd Pool D v/s 3rd Pool C 22nd January 2023 Sunday 19:00
2nd Pool A v/s 3rd Pool B 23rd January 2023 Monday 16:30
2nd Pool B v/s 3rd Pool A 23rd January 2023 Monday 19:00
1st Pool A v/s Winner 25 24th January 2023 Tuesday 16:30
1st Pool B v/s Winner 26 24th January 2023 Tuesday 19:00
1st Pool C v/s Winner 27 25th January 2023 Wednesday 16:30
1st Pool D v/s Winner 28 25th January 2023 Wednesday 19:00
4th Pool A v/s Loser 25 26th January 2023 Thursday 11:30
4th Pool B v/s Loser 26 26th January 2023 Thursday 14:00
4th Pool C v/s Loser 27 26th January 2023 Thursday 16:30
4th Pool D v/s Loser 28 26th January 2023 Thursday 19:00
Winner 29 v/s Winner 32 27th January 2023 Friday 16:30
Winner 30 v/s Winner 31 27th January 2023 Friday 19:00
Loser 33 v/s Loser 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 11:30
Loser 33 v/s Loser 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 14:00
Winner 33 v/s Winner 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 16:30
Winner 33 v/s Winner 34 28th January 2023 Saturday 19:00
Loser 37 v/s Loser 38 29th January 2023 Sunday 16:30
Winner 37 v/s Winner 38 29th January 2023 Sunday 19:00


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Q: Which country has won the maximum number of Hockey World Cups?

A: Pakistan is the most successful team, having won the tournament four times.

Q: How many times has India won the men's Hockey World Cup?

A: India won the Men's Hockey World Cup just once in 1975 and since then it has struggled to go past the group stages.

Q: Will the 2023 Men's Hockey World Cup be hosted?

A: The Men's Hockey World Cup will be hosted in the Indian state of Odisha at two venues- Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha and the Birsa Munda Stadium in Rourkela- from 13th January to 29th January 2023. 

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