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List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat & Their Service Periods

Aspirants preparing for Government Teaching Jobs are required to have a deep knowledge of various subjects to be able to crack the government recruitment exams. One such vital subject is General Knowledge and General Awareness.

The candidates must read and learn various topics on General Knowledge and General Awareness as it is uncertain what type of questions they will have to encounter in the Exam. To help them prepare, Adda247 has come up with yet another essential topic- The list of Chief Ministers of Gujarat & Their Service Periods.

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List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat

A Chief Minister of a state is the executive head of the state. Therefore, the chief minister of Gujarat is the executive head of the state of Gujarat. The Chief Minister of Gujarat is appointed by the Governor of Gujarat. The term of the chief minister of Gujarat is 5 years. Since the creation of the state of Gujarat in 1960 which was composed of Gujarati-speaking people has witnessed 17 Chief Ministers. The Current Chief Minister of India is Bhupendrabhai Patel.

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List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat & Their Service Periods

In the following table, the candidates will find a detailed list of Chief Ministers of Gujarat. They will find other essential information such as their term of office as well. Check out the following table carefully.

No Name Term of office Assembly


1 Jivraj Narayan Mehta 1st May 1960 3rd March 1962 1st/Interim

(1957 election)

3rd March 1962 25th February 1963 2nd

(1962 election)

2 Balwantrai Mehta 25th February 1963 19th September 1965
3 Hitendra Kanaiyalal Desai 19th September 1965 3rd April 1967
3rd April 1967 12th May 1971 3rd

(1967 election)


(President’s rule)

13th May 1971 17th March 1972 Dissolved
4 Ghanshyam Oza 17th March 1972 17th July 1973 4th

(1972 election)

5 Chimanbhai Patel 17th July 1973 9th February 1974

(President’s rule)

9th February 1974 18th June 1975 Dissolved
6 Babubhai Patel 18th June 1975 12th March 1976 5th

(1975 election)


(President’s rule)

12th March 1976 24th December 1976
7 Madhav Singh Solanki 24th December 1976 10th April 1977
(6) Babbhai Patel 11th April 1977 17th February 1980

(President’s rule)

17th February 1980 6th June 1980
(7) Madhav Singh Solanki 7th June 1980 10th March 1985 6th

(1980 election)

11th March 1985 6th July 1985 7th

(1985 election)

8 Amarsinh Chaudhary 6th July 1985 9th December 1989
(7) Madhav Singh Solanki 10th December 1989 3rd March 1990
(5) Chimanbhai Patel 4th March 1990 25th October 1990 8th

(1990 election)

25th October 1990 17th February 1994
9 Chhabildas Mehta 17th February 1994 13th March 1995
10 Keshubhai Patel 14th March 1995 21st October 1995 9th

(1995 election)

11 Suresh Mehta 21st October 1995 19th September 1996

(President’s rule)

19th September 1996 23rd October 1996
12 Shankersinh Vaghela 23rd October 1996 27th October 1997
13 Dilip Parikh 28th October 1997 4th March 1998
(10) Keshubhai Patel 4th March 1998 6th October 2001 10th

(1998 election)

14 Narendra Modi 7th October 2001 22nd December 2002
22nd December 2002 22nd December 2007 11th

(2002 election)

23rd December 2007 20th December 2012 12th

(2007 election)

20th December 2012 22nd May 2014 13th

(2012 election)

15 Anandiben Patel 22nd May 2014 7th August 2016
16 Vijay Rupani 7th August 2016 26th December 2017
26th December 2017 13th September 2021 14th

(2017 election)

17 Bhupendrabhai Patel 13th September 2021 Incumbent

List of Chief Ministers of Gujarat- Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the Chief Ministers of Gujarat.

  • Narendra Modi is the longest-serving chief minister for twelve and a half years from 7th October 2001 to 22nd May 2014.
  • Suresh Mehta served the shortest term of 334 days from 21st October 1995 to 19 September 1996.
  • Anandiben Patel was the first Women Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • Jivraj Narayan Mehta was the first Chief Minister of Gujarat and his term lasted from 1 May 1960 to 25 February 1963.

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Q: Who is the first woman chief minister of Gujarat?

A: Anandiben Mafatbhai Patel (born 21st November 1941) is the first women Chief Minister of Gujarat (from 22nd May 2014 to 7th August 2016)

Q: Who is the longest chief minister in Gujarat?

A: Narendra Modi is the longest-serving and the continuously longest-serving Chief Minister of Gujarat (7th October 2001 to 22nd May 2014).

Q: Who is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat?

A: Bhupendrabhai Patel is the current Chief Minister of Gujarat. He took charge of his office on 13th September 2021.

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