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Does PSUs hire through UGC NET Exam?

The UGC conducts the NET Examination to assess the eligibility of Indian nationals for college and university-level lectureship and to award the Junior Research Fellowship (JRF). Being a NET qualified candidate opens up various career opportunities beyond teaching and research. Cracking the UGC NET exam unlocks a multitude of paths for success, providing candidates with diverse career options to explore. To delve deeper into these opportunities, read the article below and find out if PSUs hire through the UGC NET Exam.

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UGC NET Qualified Candidate Career Opportunities

UGC NET exam is primarily conducted to determine the eligibility of the candidates for college and university-level lectureship and for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for Indian nationals. So, the major and most popular career opportunities one can think of after clearing the exam are in the field of teaching and research. One can go for the job of assistant Professor or work as Junior Research Fellow.

  • UGC NET Lectureship:

It is mandatory for candidates to qualify UGC NET exam for applying to any college or university for the post of Assistant Professor across the nation. So, a person who qualifies UGC NET exam can apply for the post of Assistant Professor and this is the most popular and preferred job opportunity by qualified candidates. This opportunity provides a decent salary with great experience in the field of teaching and career development. Depending upon the candidates’ position, skills and knowledge, he/she may be expected to

  • Teach undergraduates
  • Educate professional students
  • Train post-doctoral fellows
  • Conduct problem-solving sessions for students.

What Is The Starting Salary Of UGC NET Qualified?

Research opportunities for qualified NET JRF

If a candidate manages to get the award of Junior Research Fellowship, tremendous opportunities are available to him/her to pursue as a career. Some of these are as follows:

  • First of all if one is passionate about doing research and discovering new things can go further studies by enrolling in any of PhD programs offered by different universities. He/she will also be entitled to get a stipend for pursuing his/her further studies.
  • Establish his/her own laboratory and hire talented and skilled employees to work with him/her.
  • Find jobs in companies/organizations offering jobs in the research field of one’s interest and in which he/she can perform research effectively.
  • Boost knowledge by training as a researcher.
  • Perform research in the field that can fetch funding for the program.
  • Select the research projects of significant impact. For Example, it has reasonable short-term goals and the potential to develop into a long-term programmatic approach.
  • Career Opportunities in Other Academic Departments

However, the career opportunities are not limited to the academic sector but also it open ways for candidates in corporate sector etc. Some of the major career opportunities are explained as follows/ Those who don’t want to work in field of teaching and research can go for the following career options after qualifying for the UGC NET Exam:

  • Program Executive;
  • Transmission Executive;
  • Author;
  • Centre Manager;
  • IP Lead;
  • Lab Trainer;
  • Guest Faculty;
  • Consultant; and many more.

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What are PSUs?

Public Sector Undertakings are those organizations which are established and owned by Government either state or central government. These are established with the sole purpose of benefiting the general public and providing them with quality services without any difficulty on their part. Some examples of PSUs are Life Insurance Corporations (LIC), State Trading Corporation (STC), etc. Here are some of the most popular PSUs in India that provide job opportunities to the UGC NET qualified candidates

  • Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL)
  • Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
  • National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC)
  • Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
  • Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL)
  • Oil and Natural Gas  Corporation (ONGC)
  • Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Oil India Limited (OIL)

Away from these, there are many other Public Sector Undertakings that offer various career opportunities to NET-qualified candidates. PSUs provide jobs to candidates in fields of Research and development, management, corporate communication, finance etc. and provide handsome salary packages.

What Is The Starting Salary Of UGC NET Qualified?

How UGC NET qualified candidates can apply to PSU?

Qualified UGC NET Candidates can directly apply for jobs on the company website if it is hiring on the basis of UGC NET Exam score. But one should check the eligibility criteria and recruitment process followed by the PSU (Public Sector Undertakings). It is important to know that all PSUs do not make use of the UGC NET Exam scores for the recruiting process.

Candidate can easily workout with those PSUs that provide job opportunities to UGC NET holders direct from the company’s site. Mostly candidates having UGC NET in management, public relations and languages get hired by the PSUs frequently.

Career After UGC NET & JRF Exam

Does PSUs hire through UGC NET Exam?

Yes, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) in India do hire through UGC NET Exam. UGC has given permission to PSUs to access the UGC NET Exam result database for hiring candidates for different positions in the organization. PSUs make use of the UGC NET Exam scores as a criterion for recruiting candidates for certain posts.

Candidates who qualify the UGC NET exam can apply for the relevant PSU recruitment notifications and follow the selection process to secure a job in a PSU. It is advisable to keep track of the PSU recruitment notifications and stay updated with the latest information.

UGC NET qualification not only opens doors in the fields of teaching and research but also offers exciting career opportunities in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). PSUs are government-owned companies that play a significant role in various sectors of the economy. Many PSUs seek UGC NET-qualified candidates for specific positions, as their expertise and knowledge are valued assets in these organizations.

Here are some of the career opportunities for UGC NET-qualified candidates in PSUs:

  • Research and Development (R&D): PSUs involved in research and development activities often require subject matter experts with a strong academic background. UGC NET-qualified candidates can find opportunities in R&D projects, contributing to the advancement of technology and innovation.
  • Education and Training: Some PSUs have educational and training divisions where they conduct workshops, training programs, and academic initiatives. UGC NET-qualified individuals can play a crucial role in designing and delivering such programs.
  • Human Resources (HR): HR departments in PSUs are responsible for talent acquisition, employee training, and development. UGC NET-qualified candidates with expertise in relevant subjects can be sought after for HR roles, particularly in industries related to their field of study.
  • Corporate Communication: PSUs often require skilled communicators to manage their corporate image and public relations. UGC NET-qualified candidates with a flair for communication can excel in these roles.
  • Legal and Compliance: Some PSUs deal with legal matters and regulatory compliance. UGC NET-qualified individuals with a background in law or related subjects can contribute significantly to such departments.
  • Technical Positions: PSUs in engineering, technology, and science-related fields frequently seek candidates with specialized knowledge. UGC NET-qualified candidates can secure technical positions in these organizations.
  • Project Management: Project management is critical for the successful execution of various initiatives in PSUs. UGC NET-qualified professionals can contribute to project planning, execution, and monitoring.
  • Environment and Sustainability: PSUs often have environmental and sustainability divisions that focus on green initiatives. UGC NET-qualified individuals with expertise in environmental sciences can find opportunities in these sectors.
  • Economics and Finance: PSUs dealing with financial matters may require UGC NET-qualified economists or finance professionals to handle economic research, analysis, and financial planning.
  • Policy and Planning: Some PSUs are involved in policy formulation and planning for their respective sectors. UGC NET-qualified candidates can actively participate in these critical areas.

To explore career opportunities in PSUs, UGC NET-qualified candidates should keep an eye on PSU recruitment notifications and job openings. Additionally, networking and staying updated with industry developments can be beneficial in identifying relevant opportunities.


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Q. Can UGC NET qualified candidates apply for PSUs?

A. Yes, UGC NET qualified candidates can apply for PSUs that recruit through the UGC NET exam. Some examples of PSUs that hire through UGC NET are IOCL, ONGC, BHEL, NTPC, and PGCIL.

Q. What are the career opportunities for UGC NET qualified candidates in PSUs?

A. UGC NET qualified candidates can explore career opportunities in various positions in PSUs like Management Trainees, Engineers, and other technical positions.

Q. What is the selection process for PSUs hiring through UGC NET?

A. The selection process may vary for different PSUs and positions. Generally, it involves a written examination followed by a personal interview, group discussion, or other selection procedures.


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