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CTET Normalization Process 2023 : Read CBSE New Rules

CTET Normalization Process 2023: CTET Normalization process will be implemented by the CBSE board while preparing the CTET Result. CTET Exams 2023 went online and was conducted for over a month, the CBSE had announced before the commencement of CTET Exams 2023 in their notice that the CTET score may be calculated by the normalization process. However, since the day CTET results will be released soon, candidates have been enquiring if the normalization process was actually implemented or not.

CTET Cut Off 2023

CTET Result 2023

The CTET Exam Result 2021-22 has been released by CBSE on 9th March 2022. Out of 24,05,145 candidates who appeared in the CTET Exam 2021-2022, only 5,42,285 candidates have qualified in the examination. In this article, we will discuss all the pertinent information and issues related to the CTET Result 2023 and the normalization process

CTET Normalization 2023

This year CBSE has plan to implement the normalization process for CTET score calculation. The Board said this step was taken to ensure fairness in the score calculation process as this is also the first time CBSE has adopted CBT mode (online) to conduct the CTET exam. The CTET exam 2023  had begun on 31st October 2022 and had continued till 24th November 2022.

As the CTET test was held on different dates, many factors like the difficulty of the CTET Exam, the number of candidates appearing had to be taken into account. Thus, to ensure fair checking, CTET results are calculated via Normalized mode. Now the time has come to check the normalization of the CTET exam 2023.

What is normalization?

Normalization is a process where values that are measured on different scales are adjusted to fetch rationalized results. This process is supposed to be adopted by the CBSE to fetch normalized results for the candidates appearing in CTET Exam.

With the normalization process, it becomes easier and more adequate to evaluate the performance of the candidates appearing for the exam on a similar basis on a balanced parameter. The difficulty level of each shift of the exam is considered and then a formula is applied to calculate the results for the same. The normalization is already adopted by other government exams like SSC for the same purpose.

CTET Exam Analysis 2023 All Shift & All Paper

Why is normalization expected in CTET Exam 2023?

This year, the CTET exam was conducted from 28th December 2022 to 7th February 2023. Every day, there were different sets of questions presented to the candidates. Thus, it could be said that the difficulty level of every question paper could have been invariably different from the other. Though CBSE had stated in their official notice that the difficulty level and the coverage of the syllabus for questions of CTET exam paper 2023 would be comparative same. However, to further ensure the fairness of the CTET exam the normalization of scores proposed to be introduced.

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How can the Normalization affect the score of the candidates?

The normalization process ensures that the candidates are evaluated on a balanced parameter to ensure fairness towards the candidates. However, the questions remain, how can the normalization process affect the scores of the candidates?

Suppose, the difficulty level of Paper-II on a day is moderate to difficult (Let’s call it Set-A), whereas, the difficulty level of Paper-II on another day is easy to moderate (let’s call it Set-B). Let’s say the average score of candidates appearing for Set-A was 105 out of 150 total marks and the for Set-B it was 125 out of 150 total marks. This huge gap in scores is the result of different difficulty levels. Under the normalization process, a formula will be used to calculate the scores. In the formula, the marks scored by the candidates and the actual number of valid questions in the various sets are taken as inputs.

This way the candidates do not have to rely on their fate of appearing for a hard or an easy question paper set. Hence, the score of the candidates will not be affected by the difficulty level of a particular set.

CTET 2023 Important Topics

CTET Result 2023

The CTET Result 2023 will be released soon by CBSE. The CTET Result 2023 will be published on the official website of CBSE. The candidates can easily check theirs by logging into their accounts through their Roll Number. All the details will be mentioned on the screen once you log in.

CTET Result 2023 Out Download

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Is there normalisation in CTET?

The minimum qualifying score for General candidates in CTET is 90 out of 150, i.e. 60% marks. As the CTET test was held on different dates, many factors like the difficulty of the CTET Exam. Thus, to ensure fair checking, CTET results are calculated via Normalized mode

Who implements the normalisation process for CTET?

CBSE implements the normalisation process for CTET.

What is a good score in CTET?

Candidates will be considered qualified if they obtain a score of 60% on the test. Since the CTET exam 2023 is 150 marks, all candidates who earn a score of 90 or higher will be considered eligible for a lifetime certificate.

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