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CTET 2022 Exam Last Minute Tips And Tricks

CTET Last Minute Tips: The CTET Exam 2022 is already knocking on the doorsteps. It is high time for the candidates to pull up their socks and get ready for the CTET exam 2022. The candidates should focus on their last phase of preparation and try to stay as motivated as much possible. It is natural to feel the last-minute exam jitters. However, it is more important to have confidence in your preparation and try to revise as much as possible. In this article, we will discuss some of the most pertinent and effective last-minute tips and tricks for the CTET exam 2022.

CTET Admit Card Link

CTET Exam 2022 Preparation Tips

The CTET Exam 2022 is scheduled to be started from 28th December 2022  to 8th February 2023. The CTET Admit Card has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Eligible candidates may download the CTET 2022 Admit Card from the official website or by clicking on this link. The candidates appearing for the CTET exam 2022 need to bring the self-declaration form CTET 2022, which is attached to their admit card. The last few days are crucial, you have to be very cautious about how you distinguish preparation from stress. This thin line between excitement and anxiety can devastate you and affect your hard work. So, take a deep breath and calm down your nerves.

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Last-Minute Tips for CTET Exam 2022

Analyze and learn from the past :

Whatever you scored, and however you performed in the last exam is going to help you a lot. Aspirants think that failure is a setback when it is just one more test drive through the rough roads. You already got the hang of the type of question asked and the time taken by each type of question. So that you can manage your time better this time.

Be wise and revise:

You must be getting new information from all around you. People trying to help you by pitching new ideas and topics to ease your preparation are making it more challenging. Any new data you try to feed your brain as a booster is going to jam it. So, whatever you have learned till now, trust it and revise it thoroughly.

Health should be the priority

You should try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day to make the best use of your knowledge. Avoid pulling an all-nighter a day right before the examination for it affects your ability to concentrate during the examination. You can also try exercising for 15 minutes every day because it gets the blood flowing. It resets your brain, increases blood flow to the brain, and prepares you for critical thinking and retention.

Keep calm and give the exam:

In the end, keep your confidence high and do not stress over the exam. The only thing that can save you is your revision and accuracy. Plan a smart strategy. Read every question carefully and answer them within the allotted time. Eat well and don’t be the night owl. Rest and get enough sleep, especially in the upcoming days.

Salient Points To Remember:

Carry Printout of Admit Card:

Take a printout of your admit card and original photo identity proof, photocopy of the ID proof along with the CTET Self Declaration Form. Please be on time because sometimes organizers may be strict so try to reach on time, at least half an hour earlier before the mentioned time.

Strategize Your Moves

Follow the Strategy that you have prepared for yourself. Now, this is the time when you executed and performed in the best possible way in the exam hall.

Time Management is Essential

Time management plays a very important role in your exam. Always keep a track of your time and the number of questions attempted. Managing time will be important for the exam, so do not waste your time on any particular questions. For checking your preparation and managing your time during an exam you have to practice more & more.

Speed and Accuracy

Keep these two words in mind. For any Competitive exam, Speed and Accuracy play a very important role. You’ve to maintain both if any of it is not followed you might be caught in a blunder. You can’t afford to do a blunder of such magnitude. If you feel that a particular question is taking more time than required, better leave it and move to the next question.

100% Attempt Rate

Remember there is No Negative marking so just relax & attempt each and every question. It is of paramount importance to that you have a 100% attempt rate. Do not leave any questions unattended. However, try to be as accurate as possible from your end. Try to give your 100%.

Be confident

Be confident in the work you did to prepare for the race. Take a look at your training logs to remind yourself that you’ve done everything possible to prepare. The race is the fun part where you get to see the hard work pay off. Enjoy it.

CTET Exam Centre Important Rules

The candidates have to follow the below-mentioned Covid-19 guidelines in the examination center. By following these guidelines the candidates will ensure their safety as well as all the people around them.

  • The candidate must wear a mask all the time from entering the exam center.
  • Practice social distancing norms during the CTET Exam
  • Go through proper screening before entering the center
  • Registration on Aarogya Setu App

List of Prohibited Items in The CTET 2022 Examination Centre

The candidates are advised to go through the following list of items that are not allowed in the examination center. These items are prohibited inside the examination center, therefore, the candidates should refrain themselves from carrying such items.

  • Books, Notes, Bits Of Paper, Geometry /Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Pencil Pouch, Pencil, Scale, Log Table, Writing Pad, Eraser, Cardboard.
  • Electronics Devices, watches, Wrist Watch, Wallet, Goggles, Handbag, Mobile Phones, Earphone, Microphones, Cameras.
  • Headphones, Pen-Drives, Pager, Bluetooth Device, Calculator, Debit/Credit Card, Electronic Pen/Scanners,
  • Water Bottle, Food And Beverage (Alcoholic Or Non-Alcoholic).


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