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Assistant Professor Salary in Degree Colleges and Universities

The position of an Assistant Professor serves as an entry-level role in higher educational institutions. A minimum requirement for eligibility is a Master’s degree in the relevant subject. Assistant professors are responsible for instructing undergraduate and graduate courses, engaging in research activities, and contributing service to either the university or their professional community.

The Assistant Professor salary is contingent upon factors such as the institution, location, and level of experience. Interested individuals can review the comprehensive details of Assistant Professor salaries in degree colleges and universities, including associated benefits and allowances.

Assistant Professor Salary Highlights

The major highlights of the salary structure provided to an Assistant Professor are as follows:

  • DA has been hiked as per UGC official Notice and the new Dearness Allowance is 50 %.
  • The funds for the payment of salaries are to be released by the University Grant Commission after they receive them from the Department of Finance.
  • The job profile of the Professor of Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) will get  Rs 1.82 Lacs as the entry pay scale.
  • According to the UGC 7th Pay Commission, there are three designations named Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor at every University and College. The Principals of Post Graduate Colleges shall be paid equivalent to the pay scale of Professor Jobs, and the special allowance would be INR 3000 per month
  • There is a huge difference between the average salary of an assistant professor on an ad-hoc basis and the one who is working on a regular basis. The ad-hoc member is getting on an average salary of Rs. 25000 in contrast to Rs. 57700 by the regular assistant professor.
  • The Рrinсiраls/Viсe Рrinсiрle оf the Undergrаduаte Соlleges are paid an amount equivalent to the раy sсаle оf Аssосiаte Рrоfessоr. The Sрeсiаl Аllоwаnсe of Rs 2000 рer mоnth are also рrоvided to the Рrinсiраls.
  • The Vice-chancellor will be paid Rs 2.10 lakhs.
  • An estimated annual or quarterly increment of 22% to 28% is provided for Assistant Professor Salary, Associate Professor Salary, Professor Salary, and Vice-chancellor.

Assistant Professor Salary as per 7th Pay Commission

The Revised pay scales for Assistant Professor as per 7th pay commission has been given below :

Teaching Job Positions New Pay Scale Grade Pay
Assistant Professor Grade II Rs. 57700 INR 6000
Assistant Professor Grade I Rs. 68900 INR 7000

Assistant Professor Salary in Hand 

Calculation of the salary of the Assistant professor will be made as the criterion stated below:

  • Basic salary-  57700-182400
  • Pay Level – Level 10
  • Dearness allowance  -50% 
  • Special allowance-  2500
  • House rent allowance

a) X category of cities  30%

b) Y category of cities. 20%

c) Z category of cities.   10%

By adding basic salary and allowances, the gross salary of the Assistant Professor can be calculated. Out of this gross salary employees’ PF contribution, Professional tax, Income tax,  PF loan interest and different other items are deducted and the taxable salary is calculated.

UGC 7th Pay Commission – Annual Increment & Promotion Rules

The University Grants Commission has decided to provide two annual increments, The first increment will be given in January, whereas the second increment will be given in July to all employees under teaching jobs. The promotion rules provided by UGC are as follows:

  • There are 5 advance increments provided to the candidates holding a PhD degree corresponding to the 4 increments provided in the past.
  • The candidates who have completed their M. Tech, M.D, M.S, and LLM degrees will be provided 3 advance increments likened to the 2 Increments provided in the past.
  • The candidates who have соmрleted their masters in social sciences and commerce would be рrоvided with 2 advanced increments.
  • The candidate who joins the university as an Associate Professor under CAS or through open selection will be given 2 advance increments per year.
  • The employees working with high merit, better publications, and high working experience were getting 5 increments. But now, it has risen to 7 advance increments recommended by the UGC committee.

Assistant Professor Salaries in Degree Colleges and Universities

A huge difference could be seen in the salary of degree colleges and Universities earlier. The major reasons behind these differences are the factors like private and government institutions and types of service.

  • Salary of Assistant Professor working on part-time or Ad Hoc basis in Universities: An employee working on ad-hoc/part-time or lecture bases will get an average salary of 30,000 to 40,000. This is a fixed amount and does not include any allowance or benefit like Dearness or House rent allowance etc.
  • Salary of an Assistant Professor working on a part-time or Ad Hoc basis in Colleges: The lecturer serving in colleges, especially in private colleges gets an average salary of 20,000 to 30,000. In most of the colleges, the starting pay of 21,600 is provided to the new joiners. If the person is working on a lecture basis then an average of 500 to 700 per lecture is paid with a maximum amount of 25,000 per month approximately.
  • Salary of Assistant Professor working on a regular basis in degree colleges: Employees joining on a regular basis or on a permanent basis in colleges will get a better salary than advoc or part-time employees working in the college they get fixed basic salary and different allowances such as dearness, special purpose allowance, travelling allowance and house rent allowance. the basic level is fixed at 57,700 to 1,82,400.
  • Salary of Assistant professors working in universities: The salary of an employee working in a university depends on whether he is working in a state university/ Central University or private University. if an employee is working in a state university then the provisions related to the respective state are applicable to it. Moreover, private universities have their own set of rules.

Assistant Professor Salary

Working in universities as Assistant Professor provide different another benefit like the Wider scope of research and learning. Moreover, residential uses are provided like houses in residential areas of the campus. Hence, with the introduction of 7CPC, the salary scale of assistant professors has improved. With that, there can be seen a difference between the salary of an ad-hoc teacher and the one working on a regular basis. These difference also emerges since there are institutional differences in pay policies. 


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Assistant Professor Salary: FAQs

What is the basic salary of the initial level of assistant professor?

The basic salary of the initial level of assistant professor is 21,600.

What is the minimum qualification required for working as an Assistant Professor?

The minimum qualification required for working as an Assistant Professor is Masters in the respective subject.

What is the job profile of the Professor?

The job profile of the Professor of Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) with Rs 1.82 Lacs as the entry pay scale.

What is the Dearness allowance approved for the post of Assistant Professor as per the 7th Pay Commission?

The Dearness allowance approved for the post of Assistant Professor as per the 7th Pay Commission is 50%.

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