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English Quiz: (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016

English Quiz: (Pedagogy) for CTET Exam 2016_30.1

1.A child studying in class III says: “ I dranked the water.” It indicates that the child
A.Has overgeneralized the rule for marking past tense verbs, showing that learning is taking place
B.Is careless and needs to be told that she should be conscious of such errors.
C.Has not learnt grammar rules properly
D.Should memories the correct sentence

2.Ritu often makes errors in subject – verb concord.
The teacher can help her by-
A.Asking Ritu to learn the rules and scolding her
B.Asking Ritu to write the rules ten times in her notebook
C.Taking up many examples for the entire class and paying special attention to Ritu
D.Explaining to her the rules of grammar

3.Anita, while teaching paragraph construction, should draw attention to-
A.A large variety of ideas
B.Originality of ideas
C.Topic sentence, supporting details and connector
D.A range of vocabulary

4.Using a word bank and brainstorming helps to build-
C.Writing skill
D.Reading comprehension

5.A ‘sign word’ is a vocabulary item-
A.That help in judging the effectiveness of the author’s style
B.That the reader recognizes and find meaningful on sight without a complicated analysis
C.That needs proper visual understanding of the context 
D.That is to be learned by heart

6.We use real object to teach young learners new words because-
A.Young leaners are not capable of abstract thinking
B.It helps learner associate words with object they see in real life
C.It helps in teaching the correct spelling of words
D.We can teach vocabulary only through objects

7.Substitute table drill helps teachers in-
A.Evaluating the listening skills
B.Giving controlled language practice
C.Developing free writing skills
D.Improving the fluency of learners

8.Conventions of writing include-
A.Story ideas
B.Proper punctuation
D.Good vocabulary

9.Notes can be made using a flowchart or a web diagram. The study skill involved is-

10.The homonym of ‘bier’ is-