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Will the UGC NET Exam Mode Change for June 2024 Cycle?

The UGC NET exam conducted in June 2024 has been cancelled due to a potential security breach. This has led to confusion among students, particularly regarding the future exam mode. While the June exam was held offline, there’s no indication of a mode change for the rescheduled exam.

What Happened with UGC NET June 2024?

The Ministry of Education, based on information from the National Testing Agency (NTA), cancelled the UGC NET exam held on June 18th, 2024. This decision came after concerns about a potential compromise in exam security. The NTA identified these discrepancies internally and no external complaints were involved.

UGC NET Offline Mode Concerns

Many candidates have raised issues regarding the UGC NET examination, leading to widespread concern about the fairness of the NTA’s OMR evaluation process. These concerns have prompted numerous candidates to take to social media to express their apprehensions.

  • No Carbon Copies: A major point of integrity is the absence of carbon or impression copies of the OMR sheets distributed during the exam. This has caused anxiety among candidates who fear potential manipulation of their answers during processing. Without these copies, candidates lack a personal record of their responses, leading to doubts about the integrity of the evaluation process.
  • Missing Fifth Option: Further adding to the confusion, the UGC NET exam did not include a fifth option for answers in some questions. This deviates from the practice followed in many state-level exams, where a fifth option is provided to minimize the possibility of OMR sheet tampering. The absence of this option has raised concerns about the standardization and fairness of the examination.

Student Concerns About Exam Mode Change

The shift from online to offline mode for the June exam has caused some students to worry about another potential change. However, there’s been no official announcement from the NTA regarding a switch back to online mode for the rescheduled exam.

What if UGC NET Exam Changed to Online Mode

If the UGC NET exam were to be conducted online (Computer Based Test – CBT) instead of offline (OMR based), there could be several benefits for students:

  • Convenience and Speed: CBT exams offer a quicker and more convenient way to answer questions. You can easily navigate between questions and potentially save time.
  • Review and Change: CBT allows you to review your answers before final submission, minimizing the risk of errors due to haste.
  • Instant Results: In some cases, CBT exams provide immediate results upon completion.

Focus on Exam Integrity and Rescheduled Date

The Education Ministry has assured students that their future is a top priority. The cancellation and investigation demonstrate their commitment to maintaining the integrity of national exams. A new date for the UGC NET exam will be announced soon.

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