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Was UPTET 2022 Questions Paper a Duplicate of UPTET 2017 Questions?

The UPTET exam 2021-22 was successfully conducted on 23rd January 2022. The paper was held in two shifts- Paper-I in Shift 1 and Paper-II in Shift 2. Approximately 21 lakh candidates have appeared for the UPTET exam 2021-22. The government has set up 4365 exam centres to accommodate such a huge number of candidates for the UPTET Exam. Unlike in November 2021, the UPTET exam was concluded hassle-free. However, the candidates who appeared for the UPTET exam have expressed their anger and disappointment claiming that the UPTET question paper was almost a duplicate version of the UPTET 2017 question paper. Candidates say that more than 100 questions out of 150 questions are UPTET 2017 questions repeated without any modification

UPTET 23 January 2022 Question Papers 1 & 2 With Solution PDF Download

Earlier the UPTET exam was called off due to a paper leak that was directed on the day of the exam. Amidst such negativity, the government claimed the highest level of security and claimed to come up with all the adequate measures to successfully conclude the examination. Though the examination went on without witnessing any unscrupulous activity, however, the claims of repeated questions in such a massive number have compelled candidates to raise questions.

It has been claimed that among the UPTET repeated questions there were 13 questions from Child Development and Pedagogy, 17 questions from Math, 20 questions from Environmental Studies, 23 questions (paragraph based) from Hindi, 20 questions (paragraph based) from Sanskrit, and 30 questions from Urdu. These massive numbers of UPTET repeated questions from 2017 seems like an invitation of a new dispute dragged in to the High Court between the Government and the candidates. It is speculated that UPTET aspirants might challenge this issue in the High Court, which will eventually adversely affect the future of the UPTET Exam 2021-22 aspirants.

What To Do After Clearing UPTET Exam 2021-22?

Candidates work hard at length to be able to crack the UPTET exam. But candidates claim to feel cheated and disappointed with UPTET repeated questions asked in 2022. Many candidates expressed their rage on Twitter and questioned the intention of the examination authority. Hashtags like #repeatedUPTET and #repeatedUPTET paper had been trending on Twitter since Sunday. Some candidates alleged that repeated questions from one particular previous year question paper are equivalent to paper leak.

Now that these claims have been circulating through the internet, we bring to you both the questions papers from 2022 and 2017 respectively for you to see and check for yourself the extent of the truth of these claims. Check if really UPTET all questions came from 2017 papers. In the below section, you will find the direct link to the UPTET question paper 2022 and 2017. To match the question with UPTET 2022 to UPTET 2017 download the both question papers and match them one another.

Year Paper-I Paper-II
UPTET Question Paper 2022 Click Here Click Here
UPTET Question Paper 2017 Click Here Click Here

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