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UGC vs BEd – Which one is Better for You?

UGC NET and BEd Both play significant roles in pursuing a career in the teaching field. UGC NET serves as an eligibility test conducted twice a year by the University Grants Commission (UGC), while BEd is a two-year professional degree program offered by various colleges and universities. For those aspiring to become school teachers, completing the BEd course is a prerequisite.

On the other hand, individuals aiming to teach as assistant professors in colleges must qualify for the UGC NET exam. It is common for candidates to feel confused about UGC NET and BEd, often pondering questions such as which one is better or which course offers government job prospects earlier. In this discussion, we will delve into the details of UGC NET and BEd to gain a better understanding of their respective merits.

What is UGC NET?

University Grants Commission National Eligibility Test (UGC NET) is a national-level exam which has been conducted to determine the eligibility of Indian nationals for ‘Assistant Professor’. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has been conducting the UGC NET exam. UGC NET-qualified candidates can apply for the Assistant Professor Post in colleges. UGC organized the NET examination 2 times in the year. The candidate who wants to become an Assistant professor has to qualify UGC NET exam. UGC NET is the main eligibility criteria for education qualifications.

What is BEd?

BEd is a professional degree course offered by various universities and institutes in India. For candidates who want to teach in government or private schools, BEd is an essential and mandatory qualification for teaching aspirants. The BEd is a 2-year professional course where the candidates are trained to teach primary and secondary school students in various subjects. Candidate can take admission in BEd course after clearing graduation degree. The BEd degree course is an eligibility training course for teaching aspirants that includes a theoretical understanding of the techniques and methodology of teaching.


UGC NET Vs BEd are eligibility exams and courses to start a career in the teaching field. As UGC is an eligibility exam, Bed is an eligibility course in the teaching field. UGC NET and BEd both have many similarities and differences which we are going to discuss here. All the teaching aspirants will get to know a detailed idea about UGC NET and BEd.

UGC Vs BEd: Major Difference
Course/Exam Eligibility Exam Professional Degree Course
Teaching Class Graduation, Post graduation Class 1-8
Teaching Place College & Universities Schools
Timeline 2 times in a year 2 yr to complete the course
Content National Eligibility Test Training Course
Teaching Level National courses held by colleges
Salary level Starting from 50,000 Approx. Starting from 20,000 Approx.
Job aspects Assistant Professor PRT TGT
Eligibility After Post Graduation After Graduation

UGC vs BEd: Which one is Better for You?

UGC NET vs Bed both are best for the candidate and depend on all their choices. Candidate who wants to pursue higher education jobs have to qualify UGC NET Exam. UGC Qualified candidates will take time to get a permanent job rather than Bed degree candidates. There are many important points to deciding UGC NET vs Bed: Which one is better for You?

  • Vacancies: As the Central and State governments release every year thousands of teaching vacancies in schools, BEd candidates will get jobs earlier than UGC-qualified candidates. In Colleges and universities, assistant professor vacancies for UGC qualified have been released in hundreds.
  • Salary Structure: UGC-qualified candidates will get a higher salary than BEd qualified. As the candidate clears UGC NET and JRF, he can join as an ad hoc assistant professor in college. The candidate will also get a stipend and also pursue PhD degree.
  • Degree: BEd candidates will only get a professional degree and to get a job they have to qualify CTET exam. Candidates with a BEd degree will not get that much salary. UGC candidates with JRF qualifications will pursue higher degrees i.e. PhD and stipend.
  • Permanent Job: Bed degree holders will get a permanent job early rather than UGC Qualified. After passing the BEd degree, a candidate will have to qualify for CTET and then he can apply in any school. As per UGC revised norms, after qualifying for UGC NET candidate should have a PhD degree to secure a job in College.


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Q. How many attempts are there for the NET exam?

A. There is no limit to attending the UGC NET entrance exam 2023.

Q. Is the NET exam compulsory for Assistant Professor?

A. Yes, It’s Mandatory And Compulsory If You Want To Be An Assistant Professor/Lecturer Across India.

Q: Is PhD compulsory to appear for UGC NET?

A: No, PhD is not compulsory to appear for the UGC NET exam.

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