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UGC Scholarship & Fellowships, Check Details

Pursuing higher education is laborious, expensive, and time-consuming. Those who want to make a career in Research and academics or just pursue Higher education in India soon realize this. However, this is not to say there aren’t any rewards or incentives for those students following this career path.

UGC scholarships and fellowships refer to financial support programs offered by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in India. The UGC is a statutory organization responsible for coordinating, determining, and maintaining the standards of higher education in India. One of its important functions is to provide financial assistance to students, researchers, and faculty members to promote education and research in various fields.

UGC Scholarships & Fellowships: Highlights

Before we discuss the various UGC scholarships and fellowships, let’s know why it is important for you to know about them. The UGC Scholarships & Fellowships make the tedious and expensive journey of Higher Education, especially Research & Academia, easier and affordable for students who can’t afford it. Apart from this, these UGC scholarships and fellowships add brownie points to your resume giving you an edge over your peers.

It is pertinent that you are aware and up to date with the relevant information regarding all the UGC scholarships and fellowships so that you can take advantage of them to propel your career and education. Regardless of whether you can afford higher education or not, every serious candidate must strive to get the relevant advantages offered in the form of UGC scholarships and fellowships. So, let’s jump into the list.

UGC Scholarships and Fellowships

There are numerous UGC Scholarships and Fellowships offered for all levels of Higher Education and for a variety of streams, including Research & Academia. From the more popular ones which you already know, such as JRF, to the less know, which will help you advance your career.

There are fellowships just for women to advance their research careers. From dedicated fellowships for minority communities and SC/ST to scholarships for Rank holders, the opportunities are plenty. Make sure you know which one is relevant for you.

Difference between UGC Scholarships and Fellowships

Here we are explaining the difference between UGC Scholarships and Fellowships in detail.

Difference UGC Scholarships UGC Fellowships
Purpose Scholarships are primarily designed to provide financial aid to meritorious and economically disadvantaged students. These scholarships aim to help students meet the cost of education, including tuition fees, books, and other related expenses. Fellowships, on the other hand, are awarded to support postgraduate and doctoral research scholars. The main purpose of UGC fellowships is to encourage research and academic pursuits by providing financial support to scholars undertaking research projects.
Eligibility Criteria Scholarships are usually awarded based on various criteria such as academic merit, family income, and category (e.g., SC/ST/OBC/General). Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the specific scholarship scheme. Fellowships are typically granted to students pursuing research at the postgraduate (M.Phil) and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels. The eligibility criteria for fellowships often include academic excellence, research proposal, and institutional affiliation.
Beneficiaries Scholarships are open to a broader range of students, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional course students. They are intended to support students across various disciplines. Fellowships are specifically targeted at research scholars who are pursuing higher studies and actively engaged in research activities.
Amount and Duration The amount and duration of scholarships can vary depending on the specific scheme. Some scholarships may be one-time grants, while others may provide financial assistance for the entire duration of the course. Fellowships generally offer a more substantial amount of financial support compared to scholarships. They are typically provided for a specific period and may be extended based on the progress of the research work.

UGC Scholarships and Fellowships In Detail

The table below contains the highlight of the UGC Scholarships and Fellowships along with the target group for which the concerned fellowship & scholarship is targeted. The Minimum Eligibility for these UGC scholarships and fellowships is often the target group itself. However, you are still advised to check things in more detail. Refer to the following table, for more detail on UGC Scholarship and Fellowships

UGC Scholarships and Fellowships List 2023
UGC Scholarships and Fellowships Target Group
Emeritus Fellowship Highly qualified and experienced, or likely to be superannuated within 6 months, teachers or recognized universities/colleges/institutions.
Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child Girl students admitted to various non-professional PG Courses
Post Graduate Merit Scholarship Scheme for University Rank Holders in General & Honours Courses at Undergraduate levels. First and Second Rank holders in General Courses at UG level admitted in any Post Graduate Course.
Research Fellowship in Science for Meritorious Students Registered for PhD in Science Subject in Universities with Potential for Excellence/Centre with Potential for Excellence/ Centres of Advance Studies and Department of Special Assistance identified by UGC.
Dr D.S. Kothari Post-doctoral Fellowships in Science, Medical Science, & Engineering Science Either received a PhD degree or submitted their PhD thesis in the relevant subject/field of research.
Dr. S Radhakrishnan Post Doctoral Fellowship in Humanities and Special Sciences Below 35 years candidates who have either received a PhD degree or submitted their PhD thesis in the relevant subject/field of research.
Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship for SC/ST Candidates SC/ST candidates who have passed Post Graduate exam and desire to pursue a full-time PhD with JRF.
Junior Research Fellowship and Research Associate for Foreign Nationals Students and teachers from developing countries of Asia/Africa and Latin America.
Junior Research Fellowship in Engineering & Technology Less than 40-year-old candidates with a Master’s degree in Engineering/technology/Pharmacy.
Junior Research Fellowship in Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences Post Graduates/Master’s degree in concerned subjects.
Post Doctoral Fellowship to Women Candidates Unemployed women with PhD degrees and an aptitude for research.
Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students Candidates belonging to one of the Minority community with 50% in Master’s degree who desire to pursue a full time PhD without JRF.

Difference between UGC Scholarships and Fellowships

UGC, University Grants Commission, offers both scholarships and fellowships to support students at different stages of their academic journey. While both provide financial assistance, they differ in their target audience, purpose, and selection criteria.
  • Stage of education: Scholarships are more common for undergraduate studies, while fellowships focus on research at postgraduate and higher levels.
  • Purpose: Scholarships primarily address financial needs, while fellowships directly support research activities.
  • Selection criteria: Scholarships have broader criteria, including academic merit, financial need, and social background. Fellowships emphasize research potential and proposal quality.



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Why is it important to know about UGC scholarships and fellowships?

It is important to know about UGC scholarships and fellowships because they can make higher education, especially in research and academia, more accessible and affordable for students who may not be able to afford it otherwise. These scholarships and fellowships also give students an advantage over their peers.

What is the purpose of UGC scholarships and fellowships?

The purpose of UGC scholarships and fellowships is to support students in pursuing higher education, research, and academic careers by providing financial assistance and recognition for their achievements.

Are there UGC scholarships and fellowships available for various levels of higher education?

Yes, there are UGC scholarships and fellowships available for various levels of higher education, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. These scholarships cater to different target groups and academic disciplines.

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